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    Take a look at @linkuptv's Tweet: 😂😂😂 Diddy>
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    should've made that a thread and asked people to drop album titles / http://i.imgur.com/61jW69S.gifv /
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    my clique realer we get fresher Balmain jackets, Rick Owen leathers - Jay Z aged 41
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    top tier trolling fucking creasing
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    I've been zoned a couple times are giving a lazy first beat. One ting I'd known for a few years but never got round to linking, eventually linked her but we ended up drinking too much and I couldn't get hard she didn't even say goodbye in the morning
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    Would be going to jail.
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    sorry but if my mums best friend needs life saving surgery for a 100k and im a multimillionaire then thats a no brainer probably grew up with the woman, from childhood but cant spare that? joke ting
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    no thread is safe from this nonsense huh? Never get why people don't argue about off topic things privately.
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    When is it any different regardless who's in power? thats the system left or or right wing.... Same beast it belongs too. UK brexit or not, is bitch to USA and Israel bombing shit in the name of "Freedom" Fighting global terrorism they create. Keeping private military industries rich and recruiting patriotic fools to die for megalomaniac personal wealth goals of old crusty peado greybacks in office.
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    Blacks smh need to stop following their oppressors religions and gods. We were in the Arab and Caucasian slave trades for over 1000 years. We have ended up adopting these peoples religion and it has got us nowhere as it is not our religions and we need to reject this Christianity and Islam they have brainwashed us. Its got to the point where blacks are the most devout to these people’s bullshit. Faith is a beautiful thing (do not get me wrong) So look at the wickedness these people done to us and the only good thing they gave us was their religion? Wake up people
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    I feel if he came back he'd fall back into old habbits. The environment is primed to bring the fuckboy out in players. Can't fuck around in italy like that, Totti will clap you in your face, and nobody will say shit.
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    them ones as a kid where you thought arsenal was named after arsene and then you grow up to realise its true. guy is never leaving
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    Splashing it all on spice
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    ^^^^dead at those names listed wow
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    You could literally mash all them players into one and Alves would still be twice as good 🤣🤣🤣
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    I think he just likes to feel like he's part of something Poor lad gets sucked in every time
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    Only people who should be voting Tory are those on 8 figures and shit load of employees. No offence Gambino but you are a poor working class single male from the north being a Theresa May voter is the ultimate cutting nose off to spite face scenario
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    Lol at having your tings in anything mechanical Catch an update mid suck and snap your d*ck clean off And why these robots always look young as fuck , twisted.
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    not gonna lie everytime i used to hear Europa music, would come like i was about to play some pro evo master league cup game
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    Bellamy just said he'd rather lose than play like you lot are right now had to do a quick wiki on his honours to understand where he was coming from
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    38 games a season. You finish where you deserve . When you're having to rely on some already relegated Brexit side to help you out, you're in bad shape.
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    You man actually watch this fraff? First time I've ever attempted to watch it it is absolute dogshit.
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    Man cropped them out of the picture then dropped the hashtag #Blackexcellence Diddy>>>
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    lmao the force that must have been behind that
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    Been doing that on android ever since the blue ticks got introduced.
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    Nah I slept on this one still... BRB...
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    Not even a proper slice of cheese
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    Such a disrespectful box of food.
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    nothing wrong with any of those things embracing other cultures shouldnt mean losing urself skeptas lost in the sauce
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