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    + fresh fresh juice tastes better once you sip that OJ straight out the blumenthal you will never touch a tropicana carton again in your entire life I'm walking past the juice section in sainsburys like this since i copped a juicer
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    My weekend was shit too
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    You man are simple tbh Bitches are cooking their numbers regardless Dont matter what extra caveats we add At the end of the day in all likelihood the number she tells you today and the number she told a guy 6 months ago before the new legislation came into effect are the same Neither are her actual bodycount
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    there is no shortage of water in this country, please feel free to flush , you should treat yourself to a extra flush when the piss is gone, just for no reason
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    Think you'd actually need to win the Prem to be considered the greatest spine you know
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    All that bass in his voice and bossman barely flinched
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    Is it possible to never BB and to not call yourself a virgin? Coz technically you have never had sex
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    *reactivates profile*
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    lfmddsfmlkmdsfldsmldfsfds fsd fsd fds'sdf s took man for han solo frozen in carbonite
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    snake just wanted to tell them about God's good news smh
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    lol @ that long arse caption. Just upload pictures and shush nuh
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    Ye he should of dragged us to victory when we were 10 men down against messi, eto and dinho. Probably should've stopped a couple of wars and foreseen the banking crisis, all while finding a renewable energy source that can replace fossil fuel.
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    Why? This makes no sense If marriage isn't for you then why would you get married? How is man scared of something in his direct control Guys are just out here fulfilling other people's ambitions
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    Mission completed.
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    this fetish you have for how much money people spend is cringe.
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    Truss will straight the ting
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    Just tell her the truth She catfished you so your bringing this evening to a halt.
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    Giggs is the godfather of uk rap single handily killed grime and changed the face of the uk street scene need to put some respek on his name
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    That poet guy isnt remotely funny
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    Why is the uk in a strong position? Because we buy German cars? If the EU doesn't give us what is asked for... people will then buy Skodas and Tata cars instead? Or perhaps we'll be driving chevys. Maybe, we will make importation of cars made in the Euro to be so high well start driving our own made in Britain UKIP cars then? Apart from london being a top financial centre... our strongest position is as consumers. You make it sound like the country has a home grown alternative to all things EU.
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    Teresa May looks like a Komodo Dragon or some sort of Iguana. Like she takes off her Teresa skin every night before she goes to bed in the hive Creepy bitch. Can have the country being run by a salamander.
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    we need to do this every time?
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    LOL I'm asleep but even I would say it's far from a reach They directly designed a marketing campaign to profit from a struggle they do not contribute positively to at orrr This is perhaps the most blatant example of a culture vulture at work I've seen in life
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    how on earth can she be possible wifey when you dont even know the basics about her
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    tinder is foul. believe the most average 5/10 has in excess of 100 guys in her dms, all wanting to buy her drinks and take her out. online dating is shit unless you wanna beat fat baby mums or girls with severe mental problems.
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    Wc winner cl winner premier league winner liga winner euro winner
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    Madness... Wish I could see Arsenal fan tv if that happened... Survived longer then this guy... Disappointed tbh... Premier League is overrated but surely its better then the bulgarian league ? WOW... Di Oracle... 2 PL titles vs ? Yh? Madness... At least we know his dead opinions are consistent... lol should have kept that c/s quiet 😭 Amazing quotables
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    Hov did that so hopefully you wouldn't have to go through that.
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    When you find someone you can talk road with at work >>>>> >>>>When you find they can't switch it off when dealing with others 😅
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    Is TF really in here hyping when we're 7th with man city to play tomorrow
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    You really are stupid. Imagine a northern working class guy making a case for the Tories because he thinks it will be in line with his immigration ideals. pmsl
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    the media have almost successfuly finished off Corbyn.. will the sheeple complete the story and prove to themselves that they are useless to complain about stuff yet do nothing about it? i hear people say "im a traditional labour voter, but ill vote May in because corbyn cant win or is rubbish (of which they cant really define)" thats pure sheep for you. although ive also heard a number of brexiters say they will vote for labour. if the majority vote for the cons then like trump i hope they (the winning party) be as nasty as they want to be because its the same people who hold the balance in power that will suffer the most under such people so suffer you shall since you want to vote for a woman who publicly said 6 times even up to 8 days ago that there will be no GE before 2020...but she will keep her promise to fight for you...
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    Bare overthinking find a suitable event ask if she wants to go bell her if you need to move on if she doesn't reply assume external factors were at play and it wasn't your creepy rape vibes at play the world turns
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    A bullshit fan is one who is happy with no progression
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    She's a proper make up monster init.
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    If imcumbent understood these beliefs of his he would be able to summarise in his own words