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    Some great predictions there Nostradamus
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    Brilliant marketing to have people working in adidas stores wearing... adidas?
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    adidas shut down the forum and brought it back online in time for the album release #merky
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    seedorf looks like a proud dad watchin his only son who made it there how i imagine my pops lookin at me wherever he is *weeps*
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    Took me a minute g
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    No not this guy But his twin brother is an industry plant
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    Just went back into that corporate environment today after spending the last 3 years freelancing. 60 employees and I'm the ONLY minority in the office, no asians, blacks or other ethnics. Im getting bombarded with nothing but cat gifs in the work slack chat. Been sitting at my desk with this expression all day....
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    I literally just wrote off tge idea of looking for pum for a few months and focused on what I wanted to improve in my life. Got back into football, gym, and just relaxing in general . Come new year decided to get back on the wagon. Main thing is if gyal can't fit around my schedule I'm not wasting my time and effort for them.
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    That nearly happened for me but my cousin cock blocked Man was ready to use them Serie A hand gestures on her.
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    its a double edged sword tbh i dont believe in this "diversify your crowd" shit. Your bredrins are your bredrins....i aint gonna go get set man because it might benefit me in certain situations. First off...the clubs dont want black people because people are shook of black people....facts...and as much as people try sugarcoat it, thats all it is. People think black men and women are more aggressive and more likely to kick off. More time its the white don whos coked up i see do a madness....but the kinda crowd that go them places dont like "rudeboys" etc...and you get a lot of foreign people with money who don't know any better who also think this about black people. End of the day. The club wants money. If you turn up at the door expecting to get in without booking a table then its a myth. To them, as a black person, you are a liability, more likely to spend less and more likely to get into trouble...your table booking is basically a deposit to say "we keep your money and if this goes down we can kick you out, so be on your best behaviour". Harsh reality, personally I wouldn't even waste my time. But man are too busy wanting these instagram bits and fame seekers.. It's all for face, i seriously dont get it. The music is usually dead, the dj is dead...man are actually doing all this for the gyal dem but still grabbing a kebab from bossman on the way home empty handed. Think smart Can't say an establishment turned you away on racial grounds if you dont go there.
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    Im not going to sleep... just going to go to the bedroom to lay down in my bed for a bit Im not going to sleep... just going to draw the curtains Im not going to sleep... just going to switch off the tv Im not going to sleep... just going to put my phone down for a bit Im not going to sleep... just going to close my eyes for a bit
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    I dunno why people say it's hating He's undeserved and makes mediocre grime talking about the imaginary don he's got a problem with with a major brand backing him. Never heard him on radio...Never heard his name mentioned ...He skipped everything, had bare views on videos... His fans are the type that would be scared of him by looking at him but he's got that smiley happy vibe outside the music that makes him acceptable. These dons like to feel a bit road listening to stormzy. People forget this guy was in the promo video for the biggest transfer Signing in football ever. That's no mistake. Adidas have got this on smash. His management team has some kinda partnership with Adidas (you can Google) What I'm waiting on is what happens next after this album. He will win Brit awards and mobos *lulz*. But then which direction does he go. I just want good music to win. That's all
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    Yo can we get the Nicki plain face in gif form for the board lads
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    They have thrown all sorts of fertiliser on this plant but it aint happening
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    Last two links I've had, I beat on the first meet. Actually had one this past Wednesday. Slim, gym fit 25 yr old Canadian Chinese chick from Montreal, very sexy. Matched on tinder on the 6th started chatting, quickly got her onto Watsapp. A bit of flirting but nothing explicit. She suggested we meet for a drink. Had our first meetup on the 8th in the evening for a drink. Hit it off in person. 3 hours later walked her home as it was nearing 11.30pm. Asked to use her bathroom (always works, without fail) and she invited me up. She was talking about how she planned to go to bed quickly. Used her bathroom, came out, we were comparing our heights in her mirror, kissed her and felt her ass. She jumped up on me and I carried her off to her bedroom and we got down to it. She looks like a winner, she works at a policy research place. Is not looking for a man as she's probably going to go back to Montreal at the end of this year, works a lot, but wants good sex occasionally and she lives in a nice apartment a 12 min walk from me. Perfect for visits.
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    Uni and Island holidays days ive seen calvin klein model looking motherfuckers walking holding hands with girls that make Sonia from eastenders look like 90s Mariah No Shame when its a womans market <<<<< Got to put in your ground work early otherwise your in a situation where the deadline approaches and your either like this.... or worse.....
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    Look as far as stormzy goes as an individual best of luck to him But if you're someone that has any real understanding of grime culture you would never say it's good for plants to get pushed to the front like this guy has been How can the industry controlling whats hot and whats not be good for the culture? That has never been what grime is about
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    for real lol ? man like stormzin rothschild
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    You already know how the script goes by now....
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    Gambinos Trump rally drop
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    The Plantation Of Domination
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    It's mad when a captain save a plant flings out all types of cards and talks about everything except the plant's music Instead of quoting punchlines and metaphors that I may have missed guys are talking about him growing up from the same environment as 90% of the forum and slavery
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    Only a plant would say that.
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    Getting head from a hijabi (without her taking it off before doing it smh) soon come though, just signed up on muzzmatch
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    Arsenal Fan TV >>>>>>>______ Will be getting much bigger ratings soon! Traditional media getting shook. / Ty can't afford a trim due to ticket prices, that's what I heard.
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    I deal with real life Not here to make you laugh If you want to laugh listen to a podcast.
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    Guys are actually calling you boy & son 😂 No ratings
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    Linkup with Baker at Vitesse would be a madness
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    How can she look like viscera though and think anyone cares about what she has to say?
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    Loooooool if I had to put money on a member of this board being on there it would have been Mike.
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    saw thread title and thought it was some new business venture
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    your normal everyday white american's are just like our every day english ppl who voted for brexit both had no idea what they were really voting for