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    adidas shut down the forum and brought it back online in time for the album release #merky
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    can u imagine loool david beckham circa cainroll doing promo spots on carrington/winstanley with megaman and asher
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    Nobody wants any attacks But let's face it. If the terrorist is white it will not increase racial hatred towards white people, he will be judged as an individual If he is black or Muslim, there will be backlash towards innocent people because of one person's actions
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    Football>>>> You can deceive and plant your way in other walks of life, but not football.
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    they won the league in 2007, show them some respect
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    Fergie would NEVER have allowed this
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    any black person who still wants to go to this club deserves everything the management throws at them i don't understand the logic someone dislikes/hates/doesn't want you around them but you still go? not only that you pay good money for the privilege? d*ckhead ting
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    remember being in year 10 and getting onto the 183 and seeing him driving the bus. bag of kids pestering him/recording him, telling him to spit bars.. beautiful to see the transition. nothing but respect
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    Not really But back in '05, I was Harlem shaking in Soho, whilst my boy was smoking up some mad weed, from this guy we picked it up from, who was from NW. It was a mad hot day as well, we were blasting "Drug Ballad" by Eminem constantly on them small Samsung Phones. Too many gal were clocking us as well, I was wearing Ecko Unltd and my boy was wearing some oversized Sean John polo top, not these tight tops people wear nowadays Mad day
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    When we were fully black>>>>>>> Pires, Freddie & DB10 honorary blacks
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    igk hgksgs gsgos gsghsdos ghsg sghs ghsdghisdkgskjgsg PAIGE IS FUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD opened the pic, had me like
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    Don't ever want a light hearted stab tbh even if they do exist.
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    just imagine any other grime mc doing that D Double "you you...you you...cant come against" BBC Breakfast Anchors " I...I..........I..I"
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    U wish u were a plant don't u
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    Wenger went from the Wu-Tang Clan to the Blazin' Squad #MakeArsenalBlackAgain
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    sutton & own didn't have the answers "you can't get into that party bruv" ian>>>>>>>____
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    I heard Lens chopped already.
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    Yeh last one was when that Mp got killed But, it wasn't labelled terrorism Plus, you missed the memo, whites can't be terrorists, only lonely and mentally ill
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    as a white man you would not understand and its definitely not a d*ck measuring contest
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    yeah its easy for a grey yout like yourself to say it aint easy being black out here ttkk
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    You're acting like the only potential manager that could get more out of Arsenal is someone that has been more successful than him in the last few years. Like it's impossible that someone from a smaller club with less resources could improve Arsenal more than Wenger. These times your GOAT manager came from Grampus Eight...
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    If ? If ya kna Ain no true fan. Bout 'if'
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    He's not playing against the media though. He's working with them to sell tickets and PPV. United don't play against Sky and Floyd didn't fight Showtime/HBO. People who jump to attack or jump to defend after every bit of news are the ones being played here.
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    if gal make u spend money to go somewhere you are not wanted then don't complain about the consequences i don't know about you but I don't care how high these chick's levels are, she ain't making me spend good p for this kind of treatment
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    The nerve of this underachieving potato smiley c*nt Like he's not one of the posterboys of our problems If the club had the required ambition he would have been turfed TIME ago. Where does this fuckboy think he's even gonna go? Mark Hughes Stokealona is him.