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  1. Newsflash - white mother quotes a racial insult her son was called.
  2. ILL
  3. Didn't want to be the first to come out with this but yeah... Still vile though. What happens when these dons are away from their dolls and they have the urge. On another note, if zorn stars traded off their image rights for look alike dolls, it could be a lucrative hustle in a declining industry.
  4. Dubz > ________ Ahead of his time.
  5. They are all puppets, they will change tune once they are in power
  6. Thought the topic was about this.
  7. No he really doesn't.
  8. Noda to be benched fit the final Take a look at @footbalIfights's Tweet: Pmsl, these Jakes man. Donny in the blue was the most active and still slid out clean.
  9. Yeah that's similar to Halifax. I don't think he will get anyone fixing it for less than £75 on the high street. The screen alone is around that price.
  10. Enjoyed the interview. Music is meh. Aystar > Tremz
  11. Boy, A plot was foiled involving two me with weapons a couple days back and all. Election D-day this weekend? Peak
  12. This. I have got to say Corbeezys speech today was his best delivery yet. Labour as a lot of work to do though
  13. its mad with accent
  14. Take a look at @linkuptv's Tweet: Sony or relentless?
  15. Need that instru tribez was on. Actually need an mp3 of the freestyle