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  1. Saying that it's the players that wanted him out. Ungrateful cunts
  2. I dunno, 5 tracks with the same content about imaginary beef is a bit much for me. singing tracks were sheg. Most of production is solid tho
  3. New Gen album. Has any other uk rap compilation (nevermind one full of original tracks) ever been released by a major?
  4. boxing

    Khan in talks with manny after ducking brook
  5. Nonsense team. hope they get relegated. Big pards or warburton?
  6. Swear man are saying anyone could do what sees doing yet giving reasons why the next man can't do it 😂
  7. ^^ trust me / adidas went in with the brit award adverts, that pogback template came in useful again
  8. A bank card. A stress free mortgage.
  9. But have they attached their brand to an influencer or invested in him to make him an influencer?
  10. That mad, always knew Ashley was a goon. I take it they will own the building they use then. Nice investment from big mike.
  11. I raise you
  12. There was a vid with posty where he was propa bigging her up for what she was doing behind the scenes at grmdaily and taking it to the next level
  13. Tbh nines albums wasnt one to waste p on trying to pre promote, first week sales were always gonna be about fan loyalty and word of mouth, challenge now is to keep his name on the playlists and in contention for awards and focus on longevity sales and streams.