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  1. Should he know who that is?
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 just out looks lovely. LG G6 also looks pretty good.
  3. Perfect
  4. Adidas don't sell yeezy's on their normal site, all done via the confirmed app. TBH you'll be hard pushed to find many if any retailers selling yeezy's not via a raffle. Its too much stress for their servers otherwise.
  5. It's nasty but you can get it when the person you have sex with shows no symptoms and you are strapped so it's not really something you can prevent.
  6. Pretty much all Yeezy drops are done by raffle now, either in store or online.
  7. Show should of been solely around Mike tbh, with Jimmy as a side character.
  8. First play through it's good so far, need a few days to consume it properly. Doesn't seem the have the cohesion that GKMC and TPAB had, bit random at times. Rumours and theories he will drop another album on Sunday.
  9. Song is complete trash, what was Push thinking.
  10. Favelas Medellin Cringe
  11. Haven's look clean af
  12. Wouldn't say theres 1 shoe in particular. Just design cues from a few, especially NMD XR1 and the sole is a bit like a tubular at the back, and just the general direction adidas been going in for a min.
  13. Adidas rebores
  14. Shows mad underated. Monica >>
  15. Still stick around. I'm guessing the Y50's are the successor