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  1. lol at East Village not being at least top 3
  2. Built like a stallion
  3. cool bruddah Fux the h8tors b
  4. Heard the chicks look like dogs though
  5. Rah Spain gets it in still
  6. The earth may not be flat but this clearly highlights that there is a subjective world out there I appreciate the notion of this thread tbh As preposterous as this thread seems, we have a personal duty to critically think about the facts we have blindly adopted and consider all possibilities Who knows, this might have been a ploy to get us to engage our critical thinking mechanisms so that we can expose other fake facts that the powers that be have forced upon us Terrorism, banking, the false economy, the social elite etc
  7. PMSL you lot are fucked People have died today due to this senseless attack RIP to the innocent victims
  8. R1 the 18 yr old
  9. Why is she putting capitals in every word? Pls explain Lens