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  1. 16/52 Above average.... don't know aanything about football
  2. Yeah the police officer has quit her role to compaign against the police force fighting to make others aware hundreds of girls are being let down by them -god bless ssuch a refreshing thing to see ....there is some good left In people including you porchy the sex god
  3. Bout 3 months it was 3 years back now when we had that scorching summer hopefully weather is nice this summer but I might be living in a flat by then
  4. I complelty forgot about this Indian bus driver pervert who me and my bredrin used to abuse just used to walk on his bus and not pay he would be trying to get us off for ages but just used to drive off in the time when we got on his bus didn't pay as usual but when he dropped everyone off he took us to some deserted carpark somewhere he came to the back of the bus and started to feel up my bredrins leg I jumped out the fire escape ran to the driver seat and grabbed the bag of cash they have........ He held my mate up now so we traded Everytime we see him now he would drive straight past not stopping to let other passengers off we used to wait at the terminus and let everyone on his bus no he was a pevert spitting in his face all sorts this went on everytime we seen him MMy parents weren't strict my mother never knew what I got up to lol
  5. I've grown northern lights outside in the summer before the plant went huge massive nugs as well Definatly easy to grow all i did was use filterd water and a bit of nutrients i brought from the pound shop The smell wernt bad at all Buy a few seeds and a litlr plant pot and put in in ur garden so easy to grow
  6. I've had a rave before had mc's an everything someone put it on fb n everyone turned up i wouldn't have another one place got trashed
  7. Fuck off and be left with nothing in it
  8. I'm not I am going to sell my house which fell through last year after I was paying grands just so a solicitor would post a godam letter ffs Wastnt my fault i lost my job As soon as I move or get a job I'm renting somewhere what you watching me for you d*ckhead I couldsay the same about you
  9. sleeping far too much now been asleep all day
  10. We did the same to our music teacher who allways locked the females in at break We did used to take the piss out of him though we found ways of escaping I can remember slapping him across the face a few times for being rude but he was an actual pervert We reported him but nothing happened, the school got closed down anyway not related though But it's the same circle of reporting and noone listening its a big joke
  11. Rochdale peodos are all old dirty Muslim man who I bet go to mosque in a Friday to pray kmt In that girl chelseas case yeah all syrian migrants
  12. I've just thought this is apart of the elites agenda fill Europe with all the 3rd world country people let them do what they want...grow resentments Who remembers the migrant rapes in Germany where the Muslim man got away with it as the judge ruled that he believed it's apart of the Muslim culture and the man in question didn't know the difference between rape and sex
  13. dirty fuckin pakis How can the police ignore the key witness in chelseas case though, because the police force is still is ran by perverts #glad i dont have kids
  14. rehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rolling with the nines comes to mind Fuck the police