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  1. So anything he's done whilst in power has zero effect on how well the debt goes? He gets no ratings for that post then lol.
  2. But I'm guessing his movements as President have had some effect on that debt in his first month in charge would it not? If it was as simple as you put it why is nobody taking shots at him with that like CNN who clearly are out to get him. Business Insider questioned it but they put it like this. First, it is true that the debt has probably ticked down but as noted by the Atlantic's David Frum, this is mostly due to the federal government rebalancing its intra-governmental holdings. Debt outstanding to the public has barely budged since Inauguration Day. Additionally, the federal government is still operating under the budget passed before Trump came into office, so even if the overall debt decreased, his administration had little to do with it. Finally, and most importantly, the economic circumstances during his and Obama's first month in office are vastly different and make the comparison totally off base.
  3. @FA23 What makes these alternative facts? Won't pretend to personally know much about this stuff. And I certainly wouldn't hate on Obama as different situations in different times. But.... The information is from the Treasury Trumps first month Obamas first month
  4. >>> Self Styled Liberals >>> CNN Employees In reply to "What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn't want to see a penis in the locker room?"
  5. FFS....... Let me break this down at primary school level if I can for you. His speech was actually on Saturday, the Fox article was the night before. So when Trump mentioned Sweden having problems he was referring to the Fox article and not claiming a "Terrorist attack" like the Media and retards spoke of. Immediately after Trump mentioned Sweden, he was hit with abuse and the MSM and Swedish Government claiming Sweden had no problems with Migrants..... Queue a Riot then erupting in Sweden shortly after making them look like fucking idiots and reinforcing what Trump said. Now does that make sense.... No time travel needed.
  6. It's a decent game from what I have played. Can definitely be fun and tactical if you have some friends online with you. Can't remember who from VIP2 was online with me but we had a good set attacking some prison camp on there. It's a positive how easy it is to get killed on normal setting, makes you have to pay attention rather than going gung ho. I'd probably play it on the hardest setting if I owned the game. Negatives for me are driving. Cars handle pretty shit, think they could of put some more effort into that.
  7. Ghost Recon is currently open beta for anyone who wants to try it.
  8. As usual after the replies and negs it turns out it was exactly what we thought it was. This is what happens when you use your noggin and see things for what they are rather than pushing what you wish them to be. Hilarious that the Swedish Government try to hide the problems and downright lie that problems don't exist and a riot breaks out the day after Trumps speech. @dub He was referring to this which he watched the night before his speech.
  9. He could of meant that but my 'guess' would be he was referring to that Fox News segment on Sweden like Seydou posted..... What is a FACT is that no words came out of his mouth claiming there was a "Terrorist Attack" last night in Sweden. But the Media have chose that as their headline because they are FAKE news, there to rile up the dimwits, some of which obviously are posting in here. Can you prove Trump pushed fake news and claimed there was a Terrorist Attack?. @Heero Yuy @Mame Biram Diouf @DRC
  10. Let's not forget it was in the news about that Syrian Asylum Seeker being sentenced to life in Sweden 2 days ago for being caught in a video taking part in executions of people. I also never heard him mention the word Terrorist Attack there but the media are running with "Trump makes up Sweden Terrorist Attack" FAKE NEWS. Which is why he stays burying them every time he does a conference.
  11. Nar no plans to mate. Didn't play the Beta that much but it felt decent. Not sure what the next purchase is. Ghost Recon and Days Gone are due out soon as well.
  12. And I reiterate...... You don't cook nothing up? PMSL........... Because yea, that whole post was nothing but concrete fact right. SMH
  13. Don't worry Dub. After watching that guy on TEDTalks I am aware now it's not ignorance from you but simply an absolutely inability to see your sides own bullshit. You don't cook nothing up and yet on this very same page you all have. You posted an image which was meant to make Trump look bad, despite the reality of that image being extremely different which I pointed out. Upon pointing that out one of your boys tried to argue the GIF said different, so I dropped the GIF and ended him or any debate about it. Queue another one of your lot jumping in with some absolute fantasy talk about me posting propaganda against Russia and calling them Evil... I think even you would struggle to back him on that one. Not only that but he gets pos'd for it lol. Not because he posted the real or anything of value, simply because he posted something arguing with me. Shows what a bunch of followers you lot are. And why have you lot not changed the settings on all that anyways, thought we were showing who's doing what on here now. I became a Trump supporter for multiple reasons. He backed Brexit and said we were first in line when your boy Obama tried to talk down to us. He's an Anglophile. He doesn't give a fuck about being politically correct. I like Putin and Russia and want USA to mend relations, and I disliked Clinton a lot. What accusations do you want me to believe about him? That he pissed on some prostitutes, that he's a Russian Puppet or assaulted some women? Probably not true.... That's the problem with the media, when they keep telling lies and getting exposed for them lies I'm afraid they lose their reliability.
  14. I'm afraid that reverse psychology doesn't wash with me Dub. Only people mad around here are those who thought Remain and Clinton were a sure thing lol. I'm assuming QPR was talking to me, but as with most things you lot post it's complete fantasy. I've been championing Putin and Russia for a long time so why you lot think I'd be upset that Trumps willing to play ball with them is beyond me. It's like you guys literally have nothing else to say so cook up a sentence in your head and hope the next man buys into it, and the funny thing is you lot do lol.. You literally just buy into whatever anyone on your side of an argument has to say regardless of it being a false narrative. That's why you lot stay losing now. You've alienated everyone around you who doesn't share your own illness.
  15. Here have a pos for your sarcasm resulting in 2 decent sentences.