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  1. Don't worry about it. He literally just made everything up to sound clever and came out looking like a disaster. Even made the excuse that Malaysians owning Manchester was down to an old source of his data, Malaysians have never owned Man United though
  2. Episode 9 has been given a May 24th release date 2019. Not sure why they have reverted back from December releases. Might not stick.
  3. Call of Duty going back to it's World War 2 days then. Reveal coming tomorrow.
  4. I'm actually loving it mate, reminding me of them glorious medieval Britain times with your court jester act. Not sure who you expect to save anything, probably still backing Labour who are completely out of touch with their own people. Once again another fuck up from them claiming they will guarantee the rights of Europeans to stay in the UK without securing it for their own British people overseas, which the majority of British people surveyed said they are against. How the hell you expect to rely on them in negotiations when they are willing to throw away that card on day one is beyond me.
  5. WTF is he even talking about anymore. It's bait VTec is one of them guys who pushes pictures on Twitter claiming Shakespeare and Mozart were really African.
  6. Narrrrrrr, I want lists of names who ever agreed with this guy PMSL. The man thinks Caucasians are some alien sub species. I'd say their genetics mixed quite well wouldn't you since it gave birth to the greatest of civilizations the planet had witnessed with most inventions and advancements. LOL @ Nitpicking when you spend all day writing out a long list of companies and create your own made up owners. Guy actually said Manchester United were owned by Malaysians PMSL. VTec, Mr all seeing eye, Mr knows everything just fucking buried himself 6 foot. I don't even wanna see you try crawl out of that hole again bro. Don't wanna read your book about racism either mate, I see it via you and I see enough of it on Twitter. The Shia Moisture outrage was comedy gold this week.
  7. Formula One owned by an American as well? I'm confused, did you make up this list yourself? Terrys Chocolate Orange, owned by Americans... I mean how do all these foreign companies cope, you not them not being part of the EU. I just don't get it!?!?? If the 5th Largest Economy and possibly worlds greatest country that ever existed is gonna go to absolute shit because we can't produce anything, how are all these other countries coping. It's AMAZING!
  8. All those paragraphs just to get to the punchline PMSL. Caucasians are not native to earth Oh and Manchester United owned by Malaysians? Explain?
  9. Will it work.... I don't know? What I do know is them covering their faces definitely won't improve their integration and socialness outside of their own non western culture. And in answer to your last question of course I do FFS lol. Surely you don't buy into this Neo Nazi label guys pop up with on here when they realize they can't string a solid argument against me.
  10. It's all fun and games over there. Smart move by her indeed. Same as Hollande and co, knowing they had no chance this election, got their puppet Macron and re-branded him as a centrist.
  11. Honestly I'm not so sure you can put Sunglasses or Headphones into the same category Dub...... Sunglasses doesn't really stop me seeing someone look my way and smile and say hello, neither do Headphones or Hoodies. Do you honestly class them as extreme as a Burka? I'd put a Hoodie in the same category as a Hijab and I don't see any issues with that.
  12. It's not Western Culture though is it. As I said I wouldn't lose any sleep over it personally but I'd be in favour of the ban like a lot of European countries have. I'm used to seeing people wearing them. I know you lot down South are pretty ignorant but up North we tend to pass strangers in the street making eye contact and smile and say hello lol, that ain't really happening with people in Burkas. A social barrier?
  13. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen has announced she is temporarily stepping down as leader of the Front National to concentrate on her presidential bid. The move appears to be a way of embracing a wider range of voters ahead of her runoff against Emmanuel Macron. She had previously said she is not a candidate of her party and the policy platform she stood was hers and not reflective of the Front National. "Tonight, I am no longer the president of the National Front. I am the presidential candidate," Ms Le Pen said on French public television news.
  14. You talk a lot of shit for someone with nothing to say. Same sentence replies over and over. Let me just make it clear, what you wish isn't happening is it. Brexit, Trump, Gambinos paragraphs. Deal with it.