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  1. 1 comp only thing he never won. every thing else he won. Winning a World cup and a European Championship>>>>>>>>>winning 1 CL
  2. Disagree he was flawless in his prime the complete player could do everything, had everything in his locker, dominated was the perfect CM. Won PL titles in England, numerous Seria A titles, a World cup, a European Championship, F.A cups. What more can u ask for won everything there is to win. Win a perfectly timed sliding tackle, dribble at pace with power past 5 players, play a perfectly weighted through ball to assist a goal. Any stadium, any match, any comp. Mr complete
  3. The way that era Arsenal used to play was flawless it was perfection at 1 point Vieira was the best player in the world. I used to pray we buy him and Kluivert. Scholes, Keane and Vieira in a 3 man CM. Kluivert CF. For what we paid for Veron in 01 Wenger would have sold us Vieira.
  4. hallelujah first time since I been on VIP2 man has addressed me with a normal post. Wasn't so hard was it
  5. Ain't seen anything this cringe since Seydou went went Woody Grill spanked the waitress working there and she punched him straight in the jaw knocking him out
  6. That's the realness not doing what Bane does watching man from outside on some mad man flex like that old man with the shovel in Home Alone instead of just introducing himself to man saying he posts on VIP so I can dash man a Ribena then just buss a few jokes and bantz. Discuss this seasons PL/CL, new tunes, new artists
  7. SNM
  8. Finish the rest ak u hust stopped the rest of the bars like say a ting knocked on your door asking for a beat so u had to run to the door asap rocky
  9. Yeah mate
  10. Big up G
  11. Yeah I love that track House music is just vibes
  12. TF i'm gonna keep getting at u until u tell them to bring the ting back because I dunno when I will see them to say it myself to them or if they even still live on that estate They have to bring the wave back RSG's have look R.A just landed on the curb side, SN1 bought the ting back when Tiny Boost touched road and they released the SN1 Folders, SMS bringing the ting back. We need these man back making them crack bangers. I'm telling u
  13. @TF S4DK I go to Grange all the time to pick up food but also hoping to see Mega and Mayhem so I can big them up for their music tell them how dope it is, how they were easily ahead of their time, how us fans want a new project. To do this face to face would be dope. Big man ting
  14. By the way I moved from NW to North moved to North Finchley i'm originally actually from North until I moved to NW in 99. that whole Elem vs Shiest debate last year or when ever it was silly. i'm still bordering NW11 Golders Green, NW3 Hampstead, NW7 Mill Hill East, NW4 Hendon. I'm not in deep North like Edmonton, Islington or North that touches East like Tottenham, Stamford Hill. I'm feeling like Flirta D he moved from NW to North Finchley as well
  15. If he goes 3-4-3 which I think he will at the WC then this should be the line up ------------------------------------------Hart-------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------Stones----------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Smalling-------------Cahill----------------------------------------------- Clyne-------------------Alli------------------------Winks--------------------------------Shaw ----------------------Lallana----------Kane--------------------Rashford-----------------