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  1. Chelsea need Costa
  2. Barkley>>>>>>
  3. @MGEEZ true or a myth fam?
  4. Great talent. Very, very quick
  5. Too many draws against a team like Stoke we need to be taking all 3 points
  6. Struggle saving thing but like that old classic saying goes u appreciate somethin more if u had to grind hard for it
  7.;104009;6167&visitor_id=v3_9b342958-df6e-11e6-97f6-00163ef106fd&gclid=CLaMjrn60dECFbEW0wod1bwKUg&qxjkl=tsid%3A75588|cid%3A281046404|agid%3A20827858724|tid%3Apla-177380282646|crid%3A73807085564|nw%3Ag|rnd%3A7677945164308670664|dvc%3Ac|adp%3A1o4 more like this as classic NW and W as u can get. Can't be walking around and ravin in West End looking bummy
  8. Man's the same
  9. Rave in Vauxhall it's the strip for house raves so i'm always there but don't really touch anywhere else besides there and bordering endz
  10. Man needs to do 1 at Tennesses in Kennington aka Harlem. Chicken there is blessington
  11. This is facts he was very under whelming at international level
  13. We have to appreciate how great Nani was our west winger since Ronaldo. Was the best player when we won the 2011 PL him and Berbatov were our best players that season and why we won the PL that season. 1 of the highest assists stats ever in PL history scored so many word class tekked out goals for us 25, 30 yard screamers. Selling him aged 27 at his peak was a big mistake then he went on to do very well at Sporting. Won the Euro's with Portugal played well in the tournament. Played well at Euro 2012 too. Still playing well now only 30 years old. We should have kept him instead of buying Depay
  14. Had hope he was gonna succeed at PSV he was outstanding. But good business not selling him to another PL club and getting most the money we paid for him back. We very strong out wide left got a lot of great options Martial, Mkhi, Rashford, Lingard LW was gonna be hard for him to get a run of matches