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  1. Ozil, Sanchez leave end of season
  2. 17th/15th side of that Norf
  3. Ben and them Romanian bruddaz. This estate been known for drillings since the mid 90's Press Road
  4. French man don't play them man put jakes on ropes wen they right in there
  5. Just done a 100 straight no stoppage but 15kg weights on da machine for back and knees
  6. I think it's just a culture thing nothing deep at all but in West a culture of dressing flossy even in the endz has existed since the 90's. I think the yardies play a big role too North West had the most around the brent areas they did the whole Gucci, Versace thing from early even though they were living a road lifestyle. So the british guys saw the yardies dress flossy, saw rich white people dress flossy it is naturally gonna influence them and the tradition has carried on to this day with the likes of Nines and C-Biz. Camron, Dame Dash, Jim Jones speak about the same culture in Harlem
  7. Love the chorus on this song. 1 of my fave choruses ever
  8. They were all females and u taking the word worship so literally makes u look pathetic it's just said in a metaphoric way to mean really love his music, look up to him, see him as an inspiring person and simply just love the music he put's out. To take the word literal is idiotic. They don't even listen to any hip hop besides him and they them don't see him as a hip hop artist they view him as a pop artist. We talking about young mixed race half black, half white women and white women here that work at Greggs. They listen to The Eminem Show, Recovery MMLP 2 and Pop and RnB music. Did u really expect them to listen to Nas or Giggs or Jay Z or Common? they do not like rap
  9. Get lost
  10. R.I.P to him but i'm not gonna pretend to be into his solo music like that. I'm not a big fan of that type of rapper
  11. I know I can be annoying sometimes but it's like this u have to take the bad side of me and try to appreciate the good



  12. Yes it never goes away it's there for life I know this for a fact because I have it
  13. I can tell u are a very insecure person in the end u lose because your insecurity stays with u forever
  14. Mkhitaryan we are now seeing the best of him after the tough love he showed him for the first 3 months, Martial that performance from him against Watford is exactly why we signed him in the first place an outstanding performance and hunger from him after the tough love Jose has shown him. But this style of management can't work on every talented/attacking player it didn't with Hazard at Chelsea. In future we gonna be signing big name players every summer and if they not performing and Jose takes the same approach it might not work e.g Hazard