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  1. Should have made the two albums one album but in the streaming age artists just put whatever they fucking want out and see what sticks kmt
  2. Yeah these 2 are nice
  3. Hooks on this album are too shit there's a reason into, outro and going in are the best tunes on it
  4. Looool Mashtown have given up tryna fight di conglomerate / This album is actually good way more musical than I thought it would be, good production, limited amount of imaginary advesaries, switches from greezy tunes to deep tunes quite effortlessley
  6. Totty conglomerate is way too strong them man are head to toe in Adidas before they even make their first video
  7. He's gone clear with the friendly road man angle Guy tweeted who's recorded match of the day drop me your address I'm going to come to your yard and watch it 2 hours later he posted a pic bunning in the back garden with two cheeky nandos youts Genius PR
  8. One of the best beats he has spat to in a while Tape is solid as well
  9. Terrible is harsh but it's true the top 3 tunes don't really have hooks Intro Going In Outro
  10. Have to rate G Nev for going on tbh
  11. One of the best tunes they have ever made Carns >>>>>>>>>>>>> He deserves a lifetime achievement award
  12. The way Drift hit the nail on the head regarding the sampled choruses. Nines could have done with a few more of those like gave it all rather than relying on hooks from some of the people he got to do hooks on this album. It's solid though don't think its a classic but it's like a 7.5 album
  13. Bring ins.......?
  14. Torrent day kind of does that but it's invite only It's just a big list of the latest games, movies, tv shows etc leaked and you have date filters so like this month, this year, this week and shit is upvoted based on popularity