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  1. I like Akademiks but his knowledge level is definitley exposed when he's face to face with Joe under pressure
  2. Yeah he's been bubbling for a while
  3. yeah it's sick especially now Joe has calmed down a little bit first couple episodes he was doing way too much
  4. Sounds like she wants you to take her serious
  5. Do your research and buy a bot
  6. The RnB ish joints are kinda suss Album loses mad momentum during the stretch of Lust, Love and XXX even humble ain't that good
  7. LOL Ridiculous statement about beat selection Duckworth is 3 hard beats in one song ffs
  8. If he had dropped 13 bodies they would have been found already he gave locations
  9. Makes way too much sense for Arsenal to ever sign him kmt
  10. Moh?
  11. Can you pirate games as well on this yeah?
  12. This set is hard as well minus 9 milli major
  13. Showed this to my cousin who believes in FE said it was fish eye lense and it's obviously fake because you can't seen any water
  14. Still can't answer my question regarding time zones tho Incumbent ?
  15. / Can you address this as well? You can clearly see the sun setting though if the earths flat and the sun sets shouldn't everywhere in the world be dark once the sun sets? Also if the sun was moving away from the horizon wouldn't it get smaller and smaller through the day? The sun stays the same size but according to FE theory it should get smaller and smaller.