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  1. Police in the states legally execute many people daily without trial for routine traffic stops (the classic line, "I felt fear for my life" from a non armed person) suspended for 6 months and given desk job to resume. (where is the ethics in this?) This guy has the luxury of trial and time to get fed burgers mental assesment and then time to reflect and then die.(who knows his death sentence could get revoked over time and just life in prison) UK police once they respond to be armed for a call out, they aint there to negoiate and arrest, simply execute.
  2. Need to replace the rubber on your shoes for that swerve. I'm done here.
  3. @Gambino whats wrong with you? seriously? have you not grasped anyone who doesnt agree with your right wing views or trump is not loving is a lefty? (Obama lover) you do know other presidents where in office before him right? 2 x Bushes Gave you the Gulf war and 9/11, War on terror, Clinton prisoners for profit and financially wrecking poor countries, Regan gave its own citizens Crack cocaine and so on where these great Presidents? Opinion is opinion and anyone can spew one including celebs. Both left and right are accusing each other of fake news articles... so how can you decipher and reach conclusion what the right wing rhetoric is spewing as facts? Can you not see through the middle and view objectively, that what each side is doing to discredit each other, and confuse/empower you... any minion. Dividing over nationalism/patriotism and white supremacy/immigrants/natives. Acting as some ambassador for whatever side is caught up lost in what narrative and distractions. Whilst the very system that underpins and whats it is all built on (eg signings of declerations) left or right is corrupt and has brought nothing but loss off life to many people in its own country as well as globally. Even when left is in power its still controlled by right (eg House of congress who have final say who will be president irrespective of public voting) or numbers of opposing political team in seats to influence change... (eg houses of parliament). If Trump (who was a "lefty" /democrat supporter) is the Trojan knight you/sheeple believe in so much, will he deconstruct the US federal reserve? which is not owned by the american government, which allowed him to become a Billionaire. It's a private commercial entity loaning printing/paper money out of thin air to US government which dictates everything and leads back to Europe. Why is trump fighting the CIA? over hacking and colluding with Russia and allsorts? yet was happy enough when they where all over Shilary? do you know the CIA was setup by former Nazi's such as "Reinhard Gehlen" (research) in 1947 after the WW2? under direct hand by the vatican to control its financial and control stake interests of the corporation state you know as the USA? Do you not see the trap?
  4. @Yoshie of course, and it's an interesting live social conditioning experiment
  5. Watch how the narrative gets sold to the masses. So subtle yet in your face at the same time.
  6. US. Twitter is nuts right now... Police describe the shooter as white Hispanic male Esteban Santiago. White folks ain't having it and black twitter rinsing for the blm kidnap tweets the other day World gone cray. Rip to the victims
  7. Big post @Uncle Man
  8. No they never took over all over Europe. But enough to warrant resurgence of Europe. As it had regressed. Just like kings and rulers enjoyed their times in respective countries for millenia and beyond before Europe came onto the scence. (this is the part where your typical racist forum breaks down, into statements like "WE WAZ KANGZ") lolorama
  9. @Gambino I don't support any political party, as i've stated before Left/right wing both belong to the same beast. Look how the voting systems work you really think they're a legit democratic processes? Obama was in power but still any legislation he wanted to put through was approved or blocked by a republican controlled house of congress Trump was hollering for Hilary's imprisonment with CIA and FBI investigations to the leaks situation. and clearly stated during election he would not accept a loss decision and was calling conspracy against him early. He wins and now the Obama/clinton camp are calling Russian interference hacking and trump now fighting off the CIA as they now simingly against him. you couldnt' make this shit up. do people forget you had bush/regan/thatchers and Blair each reigned war supreme and who is the driving force behind these puppets in power? His victory was only won through the fear mongering just like the brexit shite was to peddle the fear of immigration and so on, nothing to do with indepedence. / Europeans where not living good prior to imprealism/colonialism/capitalism you where (feudalistic (research feudalism) / same as africa and asia) but ruled by the roman empire which became weak due to corruption and then europe fell into the dark ages and then controlled by islamic moors, whom taught you arts and refinement and basic shit like reading and washing. Once refined/educated you had the resurgence of European power out of the dark ages/ from a rengergised roman catholic empire (whom converted to christanity prior) and wanted muslims out and led out via the crusades and inquisitions and pushed islamic moors out of europe. With that confidence moved onto global dominion (hence the "never again" statements in some far right banners) and went onto conquer the americas and africas and asia and the world! so yes when invading other places they where skilled in divide and conquer and savagery/rape of indigenous people with a bible in their hand to justify as god given right to do so under catholism. (the same old roman empire who where believers in saturnalia worship prior and adopted christianity 325AD to for control europe) (in before you talk of african slavery... yes islamic slave trade pre european was just as savage.) any other type of slavey prior was indentured salvery.. captives of tribal wars who where intergated into the winning tribes dominion... not brutal slavery to work plantations to build a next man up for profit and religious dogma) and when you are the victor you write the history books and label your victims as savages and sub level human... (pseudoscience) Nobody is asking you to be an apologist for the sins of your forefathers/ foreleaders. Just understand how it works and politcs you see today is nothing new and is about maintaining that system of old. the subdivisions left and and right mean fuck all, capitalism/communism all fraff to maintain systems of division. To keep power and in fighting.
  10. @Gambino not nice is it? when sweeping generalisations are made... White supremacy/privelage/hegemony which is a reality of this world. Through the legacy of various leaders invasions under the banner of imperialism and colonialism Now flip it, for example this week the Asian guy shot dead up north by police, again you dont have to scatch the surface hard to see the seething hate and troubling comments from people who could be your next door neighbour spewing such venom and content of a nazi like tone Quote "Quite simple, good job done by the Police, no need for investigation or trial" Daily mail comments Not to mention the multiple profiled instanes of cop shootings during routine traffic stops. The general tone you easily see floating around is "he or she should have complied" or dig up some dirt on history and yeah it was deserved.. even though the stop was not in relation to the past. This is where the BLM movement started in protest out of genuine sentiment during Ferguson riots. What it's evolved too now and whos financing it and no leadership is way to dodge to hold any crediblilty as MSM and alt right/far right groups drag up for bait flaming as the new up coming terror group. (the Liberals... lol) the same far right groups also then blame a particular circle of jevvs power dynasty who control MSM/government/entertainment and federal banking institutions and also spit posion toward them.. (and they agree with hitler's agenda) which makes no sense, as last I checked those calling themselves jevvs identify as white caucasians too... (but thats another debate) Where was your outrage when a black disabled kid was reportedly racially abused and tortured and rape with coat hanger wire... didnt quite have the same effect of concern. did you see mass condemation of white people for the hate/race crimes of these two above? (no you condemn these two as individuals) and still don't condemn the bait racist well known and documented race hate groups who even have websites dedicated to there hate/fear of non white folk who openly support these actions. We know not all white people are not racist etc, But you wanna turn on the blinders to the obvious one that do exist.. what are you doing to fight that? other than blame liberals? and immigrants trying to escape what western countries have done to there land for the resources which they depend on? (to make america great.... Brexit... control sovereignty and European hegemony) I can go on. France next to join this wave. The fear is real.
  11. Exactly tell him. Just a moment ago he's talking about Obama and liberals. Ffs
  12. In the narrative of this white genocide rhetoric being pushed and the brexit and trump effect. They need hang to any crime by black folk on whites or Asians and brown folk for the Isis narrative and immigrants.
  13. case example above... lol
  14. Whats funny is observing the immediate link of this kidnap crime to BLM (which is now the code word to lump all black people into)... of which not one credible leader can come forward as to who runs/funds it. (Well I know who funds it, isn't black... thats for sure) and the most vocal person i've seen advocating it is some US batts black dude. DeRay McKesson... Stay away from this BLM trap! it's co-opted shit. Liberal vs Right (it's all a trap) When that Dylan Roof guy massacred those folks in the church are all white people condemned for it? (nope) not even KKK. Some retards do this kidnap thing and film it bait themselves.. and somehow its a whole condemnation of a race's or a fake liberal groups behaviour policy. (just basing on the social media comments repsonse read so far.)
  15. Let's not forget twin towers attack.. Big passenger jet into massive sky scrapers and hijackers passport and id survived. Though they where in the pilot cabin the first part of the plane to hit on impact. Nevermind the super fireball explosion destroying the plane but passport survives Lmao.