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  1. Callum (in the middle) looks like he feels so validated as a result of this. Levelled up that day. "Key target market achieved."
  2. currently in gains mode since autumn/winter. Summer aiming to be 80kg and just increase strength and muscle. Improved diet and cutout fraff Currently 76kg Naturally atheletic build (used to sprint back in the day so pretty much kept trim shape since) Bench - 100Kg on a good day. 90kg Calm. (120kg is current goal can only do spotted) Squats - 100kg - 120kg (goal is 3 plates no assist 140kg) Deadlift - 2 to 2.5 max 3's, not really focused on a goal here. Every other week do them. Leg press - current 160kg (goal to reach is 200kg) Shoulders - currently 90kg (no real goal, just keep pushing to failure on sets) Arms - 40kg curl bar (max 20's either side) (this was my goal and reached, just maintaining and focus on growth now) regular sets are 15kg either side Pull ups/back (wide/narrow/reverse/grip) - weighted with 10 15kg on chain belt round waist (this was my goal and reached, now focusing on the cut, get the lats defined) Occasional cycling during mild days for cardio, otherwise no specific cardio sets I do.
  3. “hater” has now become the go-to word to counter anyone the masses disagree with, speak ill of anything and anyone, and watch how quickly someone will brand you a “hater”. Similar to people disagreeing with Republican politics, you're automatically labelled a "libtard" despite stating the observable.
  4. Basically what Ed Sheeran is to "Urban" Music
  5. Ever since Run DMC put adidas on the map back in the 80's Adidas flipped it and put their own plants in now and harvesting nicely.
  6. H.R.158 - Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 signed by Obama. But Sponsored by republicans https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/158/text (hmm who's was really running the Obama camp) Now extended by Trump.
  7. Here hold some negs from me on this page. / you not noticed a reoccurring theme here? Starts with yourself
  8. This Gambot guy is bait suspect white supremacist... ("Half my family is non white"... sounds like the classic line, i'm not racist I have a black friend. I listen to Stormzy) But no doubt you identify yourself as white. No doubt has account on sites like Stormfront and Twitter trolling anyone who defects from what he deems as the only political ideology as the correct one i.e. Conservative/Republican. Thus means they are automatically Liberal/lib-tard the same language I see from angry white men sat behind computers on Twitter/BBC/Dailymail/RT etc... news comments forums screaming Brexit and Republicans for Trump. Screaming down with Multiculturalism etc Meanwhile on a forum which tends to lean towards certain aspects of black culture. Resides here soaking in this site, probably thinking he knows black culture. As a result to be able to go on the aforementioned sites with his perceived insight to this culture to be able to join in the right wing brigade and drop his online prowess getting all the pos, in counter to the barrage of negs received on this site. (which he deems as the Liberals)... That type of language.. so quick to defend anything not going his way as you're a lib-tard.. easily exposes true nature... (sure he was even calling out BLM as a terror group in another thread... same language of your typical Daily Mail commentator) I'm onto you chap... Your racism/fascism is showing under your skirt... People do exist outside the paradigm of Left Wing and Right Wing....Both are fucked up. (I found the following statement online) "if you are ever engaging in a conversation with a person in the dominant society, and the discussion is about racism/ racial crimes perpetuated by white males against non whites/political injustice and blatant contradictory gov decisions, if they start deflecting into terms like: *”libs” *”the left” *”the democrats” *”lefties” *”leftists” or any other political term, you should suspect that the person is a white supremacist."
  9. He will dismiss as "Alt Facts"
  10. don't @ me again please. I put clear examples of reasonining and logic everytime. (which you conveniently bypass)
  11. I was one of those who pos'd him. As many of us see through the BS of left vs right Politricks and Media.
  12. Regan - Drugged up it's own people via the iran and nicuragua contra wars, supplying rebels weapons in exchange for crack cocaine flooding USA into black suburban and poor areas creating the Crack Explosion and the legacy we see played out today. (eg like Chicago) Bush Senior - Gave you the Gulf War and begining of middle east destablise program. and maintained alot of Regans' policy towards its own US citizens Clinton - orders a 3 day bombing attack against Iraq after Saddam Hussein refuses to cooperate with United Nations weapons inspectors. There is concern that he is hiding weapons of mass destruction. And setup the current private corp prison system locking up mainly latinos and black men Bush Junior - Gave you 9/11, Enron Scandal which plunged world into Recession, Started an illegal War in Iraq to destablise it.. and ISIS rises from its ashes. Obama - Sold hope and change. yet more deaths of Black folks died under his watch from state police rivalling pre civil rights era. Maintained the middle east destablise program from 9/11 (but is blamed for starting ISIS). Kills Gaddaffi Trump - (continued legacy yet to be written, but no doubt it will be similar vain of those past and many other presidents of history) Chicago, looks like it will be locked under Marshall Law soon. As well as this wall for Mexico... Friendly ties wih Russia. Despite long running cold wars and near nuke meltdowns. Altough This bill that Trump has actioned regarding immigration for Muslims. It was passed under Obama administration (remember Obama/Presidents doesn't draft these bills, only sign them) - H.R.158 - Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 all Trump did was add more countries to the list. (public loses its mind through the media sources rinsing emotions.) Oh yeh labelling certain broadcasters as fake news.. too lol. Causing more confusion for those who rely on these companys as a trusted All of them the same. Which part of make America Great again, is he reffering too?
  13. Media's agenda is to keep the masses "triggered" to what they need you to be triggered or angry/fearful/happy/sad about. Maintain Left vs right divide at any cost. Media left and right know their role as they are governed by one enity all the same. This terrorist has been identified as a trump supporter and Le Pen supporter. They can't be seen to use the words like he was radicalised by people like Trump as that will state the obvious and will affect French geo politcs as they are going through their own brexit to leave the EU. Throws too much weight into the left field and detracts from the triggered/supporting people at airports protesting over the ban and, those signing petitions to stop Trump travelling to UK. and those triggered arguing that it's right. Even though the Canadian president called it for it is... Internationally Canada isn't a major player like the USA.
  14. You already know how the script goes by now....
  15. Police in the states legally execute many people daily without trial for routine traffic stops (the classic line, "I felt fear for my life" from a non armed person) suspended for 6 months and given desk job to resume. (where is the ethics in this?) This guy has the luxury of trial and time to get fed burgers mental assesment and then time to reflect and then die.(who knows his death sentence could get revoked over time and just life in prison) UK police once they respond to be armed for a call out, they aint there to negoiate and arrest, simply execute.