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  1. Like Titch said the haters should be ashamed and embarrassed
  2. I see what You did there
  3. Would love to win the EL Hope we keep fielding a strong line up and go for it
  4. Be surprised if a shitty club in Notts could pull off charging London/Manny/Newcastle/Liverpool table prices
  5. Pos Thizz Saving this for tomorrow night
  6. Thought the guys on here said a table ensures entry? 🤔
  7. Think you'll make top 4 this season?
  8. Bro It's so hard 🤔
  9. Findf D D Dzj F R S S BGs As
  10. Getting pushed off the ball like kids
  11. Costa didn't even need to get out of 1st gear tonight
  12. Thiago >>>> Taking the piss out there Not even breaking a sweat