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  1. Didn't even know Trump is half British
  2. My Snapchat this evening.... Fucking hell.... Demons. Never seen anything like this before See a guy pull a woman from the crowd, pull her knickers off on stage and bare eat her a**hole infront of 1000 people Next guy d*ck out humping another woman on the sofa Had to skip all the other fuckeries. Good luck if your woman has signed up to attend
  3. Black music player ftw Shit is amazing @dub what you using?
  4. Great phone Only thing 8 I don't like at the moment is the default music player. But haven't played around with others yet
  5. Only 1 CB, may aswel just go all out attack now
  6. He is one of the best ever player in the premier league though...
  7. The GOAT
  8. Fuck sake Rooney took my clean sheet away
  9. Redf F F G E G G The S D H H S D H H D G H T D
  10. So dusty
  11. Subs off our only decent player today
  12. >>>>> Mata Shocking miss
  13. How long until the Gerrard media push starts then