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  1. defo tuning in for election night swear last time people were turning up to vote for a gorilla
  2. Leicester fans are wishing Kante thought the same way / Hope he comes Chelsea. Tired of these supposed ballers that we've been faffing about with since Ballack left. All the real ballers end up at one of the big 4. Bring back the athlete era.
  3. Life comes at you fast
  4. tell you what's mad this is Modric's first league title since his days back in Croatia
  5. CR got his pace back
  6. really feels like the end of an era Lads, KTBFFH
  7. at least Mbappe is staying put...
  8. straight to DVD adventure movie theme tune Homeward Bound 5
  9. there'll be no upside them away Europa games nearly always finish under 1.5 as well
  10. Costa said goodbye he's done with this country
  11. I'm convinced Hazard could hit 30-40 a season if he wanted it bad enough
  12. Subbed off on the 26th minute... *wipes single tear