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  1. But what is the woman hoping for by communicating with him after the shit beat? Maybe a free dinner as compensation?
  2. Rockets looking better but not scoring points. Westbrook just outscoring them casually Beverly's rebounds for a short guy though, gotta rate where due
  3. Loooooool, well played No this was the first nut, full tank
  4. So So I'm rotating a ting I use condoms with, one on the pill I buss into and one not on the pill I pull out of. Forgot who was who and bussed into the wrong woman Headache is real. "You expect me to call in sick to go and deal with this" etc. Ffs
  5. Underwriter, the situation You claim to be similar to involves man having already smashed the female which You haven't You'd rather argue about whose yard to beat in than fling on clothes and call an uber, You deserve nothing
  6. Don't think it's difficult for no reason, it's difficult to give them a level of control they want in how things go (John Doe post) Orso, once the girl is in Your yard, You don't have to move to them to get the beat, just chill and wait for them to move to You
  7. What an analogy if not Your best, a good account of Yourself. It's a sexual first impression
  8. You always give Your best first beat Then You can afford to buss some quick nuts because that's not all she's gonna know You for
  9. What necessity? Why?
  10. to me, the friend zone is when You've either failed to turn her on ator, or You've turned her on, then turned her off either way it can be overturned so You're right.
  11. basically if You're just gonna smash, smash and keep it moving. if You're gonna try and keep her around, do something else. ball's in Your court, if she interests You as a person, go on the dates, You can probably smash again if not, on to the next.
  12. Oladipo today >>> if him and Westbrook both turn up this series might go to 7
  13. thought they were just trying not to catch a cold.
  14. You can flush the toilet with the seat down. also means the smell won't escape if the seat is left down while the toilet is full of piss. I think this negates every argument against leaving it overnight so far. To be fair this would have never happened if I tapped the flush button and it flushed just enough instead of the full flush. it wasn't to save money though it was to reduce noise pollution caused by a loud flush, saving money and water were just additional benefits.
  15. That doesn't mean it isn't at a cost Smaddy appreciate Your genuine input