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  1. Just watching Homeland see if anyone's on after
  2. Just watching Homeland see if anyone's on after
  3. Yo
  4. Should be starting against all these farmers.
  5. Chelsea 1 - 0 Corruption
  6. Costa clearly onside there.
  7. Title race has to keep going
  8. Hopefully we see Wenger get banned because lord knows if Mourinho had done that....
  9. Offside and wasn't even a penalty. Mad how they don't even try and hide it yesterday and today shining examples of them trying to keep it as a title race.
  10. What's the point in putting a defender on one post but not the other 😂
  11. Dutch league is fucking trash.
  12. Sevilla match been sick.
  13. Nah you know what I'd laugh if that was an ex player or whatever but that cunt got no right making quips about anyone. Can't stand him.
  14. Napoli 2-0 up in 10 mins.