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  1. Guttmann's curse is real https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Béla_Guttmann Even Benfica's U19 are losing European finals RB Salzburg has just beat them 2-1
  2. This film is dusty Bare parody
  3. Going to watch this after the Wee Man
  4. Yo I am currently watching this on Netflix so far so good. Its based on a Scottish gangster called Paul Ferris & The Scottish Godfather called Arthur Thompson. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Thompson_(gangster)
  5. Yo Matic / This Poch fella is a fraud.
  6. Throwing a big game away again.
  7. ☹️☹️ I remember when Eriksson gave him and Chris Powell debuts against Spain.
  8. Cuz you remember this
  9. Real v Atletico Monaco v Juve Real/Monaco final please
  10. You forgot the best and at the same time the most pathetic excuse for Pogba's failings. Alex said it best -He didn't decide his transfer fee
  11. Welbeck has more to his game than Falcao but in the penalty area Falcao is a master. Hurt about what? It's not me who kept on saying watch it's early days he will come good etc etc. The thing is I just don't like seeing naivety I am not here to cause arguments just here to do my job which is raise awareness.
  12. Some players you just know. Its a forum blinded by Premier League supremacy but the tide is slowly turning.
  13. I could easily embarrass you by pulling up quotes about Neymar being behind average Brazilian players like Oscar but I won't. Depay has to be the one I always bring up because you seriously thought he would come good even Stevie & Ray could see this wasn't possible.