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  1. FFS guys chaos
  2. Leicester this season makes Leicester last season all the more remarkable. Want to to see a dominating performance against Burnley today, it's needed especially after the results this weekend.
  3. Rose gets clattered every game
  4. John you took this yat for jacob's crackers on several occasions. What you're experiencing is the initial burn of not being able to reverse a situation of your own making, again this is about you not really her. Like the vipers have stated, take the time to focus on yourself.
  5. Porch is right, I cant believe how similar they are. If i could remove that grainy .3gp from my memory of her catching friction burns in the park, I'd say she actually looks decent nowadays.
  6. Never seen guardiola look so clueless
  8. Arsenal performance is fucking shocking. Sanchez and Ozil will go. Gabriel gives nothing at left back.
  9. Girl below is a pornstar from round the way (Emma Leigh, for the conossieurs), someone sent me this screenshot of what she put on facebook. Shit's infuriating, very deep that shes being taken for rice pudding, but the "resist the dark side" shit, especially around here is a joke
  10. Did KayGee finally get run off the forum?
  11. They're specifically for films and tv series, whereas this also has live streams amongst other things.
  12. Its basically an alternative to Phoenix, has all of the new films on very good quality, seems to test the streams before it displays the content. It takes longer to load because of this but I've not seen anything less than 720 for any of the films ive watched on it. theyve moved Valhalla and TPNB into it aswell. Apparently its developed by a couple of the guys that left the Phoenix add-on.
  13. BOB is the sickest add on.
  14. CBIZ should have been sound of 2017.