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  1. Groundhog Day ad Infinitum.
  2. Took me a minute g
  3. That's a whole lot of time spent clocking.
  4. If this account is permitted to persist it will prove incontrovertibly that the mods are in league with the trolls who seek to kill this forum slowly.
  5. Don't wanna hear cbiz attempt to do conscious rap, needs to stick to the gas, it's insulting otherwise.
  6. Oi bring me, how and what have I posted? Because the undercover is now following me
  7. @Drift opening post genuinely made me laugh. Pos'd
  8. Disgusted, truly disgusted.
  9. Peak times for Liverpool - reserving the LOL's until we've dispatched Southampton
  10. Guy Ritchie has found his next film then.
  11. FFS guys chaos
  12. Leicester this season makes Leicester last season all the more remarkable. Want to to see a dominating performance against Burnley today, it's needed especially after the results this weekend.
  13. Robbery
  14. Rose gets clattered every game