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  1. For any fans - What was his greatest album?
  2. Would be going to jail.
  3. Wassdabacksayingthough?
  4. Mad - you lot realise that was a daily mail link yeah? Taking it for a Chris Oyakhilome sermon.
  5. This thing of ours need not be making it to the tumblr archives of randoms.
  6. Elneny is literally the least of our problems, he's a squad player at best. A sideman who knows his role and is happy to play it. Need to direct that energy at the board.
  7. Flamini to bag and ruin my week.
  8. Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad.
  9. Sat inside the Hare & Hounds in Walthamstow. People are coming in with baby's. There's a trivial pursuit board in the corner. Guy behind me has been playing some god awful game soundtracked to the worst SEGA arcade type music I've ever heard. Wtf is this place, and why am I here? Need to learn to arrive at places early enough that it's not ridiculous to turn up at the door. And not late enough that they forget you're coming. Edit:- cat just strolled past on its way to the smoking area. Oi wtf what is this place?!
  10. Don't care that there are blacks involved, just makes it all the more embarrassing and shameful for them. Hope they get years on years.
  11. fear for this half with those two at the back.
  12. Coquelin needs to have the game of his life for Wenger to justify him starting in this game. Elneny would have been a cool head to have alongside Xhaka, coquelin alongside him is just chaos.
  13. Believe I was here scratching my head like what am I missing here?