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  1. Clubs tonight...?
  2. Can run some tonight
  3. EA need to drop a Fight Night or 2K sport with some sort of decent boxing game. A decent racing game on the level of Forza is missing too.
  4. If you have a GTA 5 background I'd say don't even waste your time or money.
  5. Nice might get a few.
  6. They dragged it out towards the end and started discussing irrelevant stuff in depth i.e all that gay shit. Like someone said it started so we'll episodes 1-4. Couple rumours floating around that the whole thing is fiction.
  7. Anyone about?
  8. Yeah have a listen wouldn't mind hearing someone's elses viewpoint on it.
  9. Don't want to give away any spoilers but starts off about a murder which has been "covered up" but changes onto another topic(s)
  10. Decent podcast Too many twists on episode 5
  11. Download all of episodes going to start it tomorrow on the way to work. Hopefully it's similar to Serial season 1 and not like that season 2 trash.
  12. Just updated to Nougat on my S7, much better interface. Will run nicely on the S8
  13. I'll give it 2 games if I'm letting the side down again I'm off, think I need to play RCM or LCM instead or RM/LM