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  1. 100, peoples self importance because they have an online following is shocking.
  2. So what do you expect reaction to be?
  3. Big up Marcus though
  4. ...
  5. This got minus 4 reputation points, would be interested to know what people actually disagree with in this post?
  6. Hmm yes, because Jehst and co try to mimmick grungy 90's New York rap the same way they're trying to mimmick 00's Atl trap rap, really no difference, its all from a genre which originates in America, just like any uk neo soul singer tbh, there all looking to Us artists as the main inspirations on their sound, facts.
  7. Cause there trap niggas making music, clear distinction, they ain't even supposed to be good or musically inclined, the fact that they can come up with a few bangers is a bonus.
  8. Hip hop is American, as is any modern black music, by that virtue anyone making soul, rnb, rap, jazz, is copying Americans.
  9. Stop hating on your own, its banger full stop. These tunes aren't made for lyrics, its the melodies, beat nd chorus that make it just like rock and pop songs, yet i don't see anyone calling that below 100 iq music.
  10. Most of Vip 2 listens to 67, Cbiz, what you on about lol.
  11. Why?
  12. Nines.Dave
  13. And i would still beat just because but shes crusty no doubt,