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  1. Take it u mean op. At first was like 'wtf' thinking ur on about the black kid who died.
  2. Lol. Why
  3. No respect lmao
  4. Kanambe must go! Loool
  5. Because its a show with a mainly black cast/audience. This show is stupid tho. Same regurgitated nonsense every week. Only watch this shit when my babes ariete is on kmt.
  6. What is life
  7. Maybe stressing over potential of spending 20+ years in jail u idiot?
  8. You and these Twitter sjw are the same but ur not even black or African so take the cape off.
  9. Mr expsd is cool. These black twitter sjw need to find a new target / tweets weren't even screenshotted in proper context
  10. Lethal injection most likely
  11. Ah mate
  12. Have you been asleep through the PutinClintonFilesGate shit that's constantly on the news. Why do you even bother being some forum Ambassador Of The Right Wing lol. Berni is objectively not a violence inciting politician regardless of wat some over zealous supporters do.
  13. That ariertre is a pengers
  14. Not young but definitely dumb
  15. U write like the spaz u are. Definition of a mong.