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  1. Hahahahaha!
  2. Man could do the every continent thing first as well. I'd go South America first.
  3. Bots don't fatigue dawg, pros can have days where they aren't into it I'm sure. Plus no Sri means bots are better.
  4. I feel fatigued these days after wanking. Might need to change my diet? Used to feel energised.
  5. Bare gay comments in here. wtf? Why you in bed with a female with no intention to beat in the first place' you at a pj and TOWIE Party? So fucking moist.
  6. Man would pay £50 for celebrity versions still. Drop 65 for Jessica Alba if the service includes sound effects...
  7. What is the point in foot soldiers in 2017? Countries can just send two, two nukes. p.s. I'll be going to prison.
  8. Jordan was Defo wank worthy for well over a decade.
  9. Losing Sanchez, Ozil and the elite club status is in no way better for us in the immediate or long term. Wenger is staying regardless, it is better that he stays with us as an attractive club to top players and to his successor.
  10. Nah real spit, we can beat a chick, her sis, best friend and cousin in a day and feel no way. Gyal get emotionally attached so if a guy gets dashed after he's hit - it's a HUGE L.
  11. That F64 is hard
  12. You beat a ting and got put in the friend zone? Sorry dawg this ain't no algebra a+b = 3x shit. It is simple, your d*ck game weak dawg and you can't smash any of her people now as well. Best you two keep the relationship Whatsapp now and move on my G.
  13. Been on a different planet to the rest of the UK bar Akala for about 18 months
  14. This is Yo B, shit be popping off in this forum for real yo. Dip set, word is bond MA nigga.
  15. Came in to meg Thunder. France seems like a horrible country for ethnic minorities.