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  2. oh snap completely forgot about the paper eating aswell, didnt realise that was the same guy mad
  3. why have i never heard this before? is this the risky that did risky roads?
  4. did you forget to pull out the first time and get rid of the sperm?
  5. got that Goldlink vibe to it i like it
  6. this is the same argument they use for child porn.
  7. i only laugh because ive been in similar the not linking her for weeks is where it went wrong, should have just left it after she refused the beat and she caught you with that whatsapp DP like she was fishing with grenades, even came to your house at 11pm to say no lol its not even overqualified, theyre just tryna play a certain game and think offering you the beat then denying it after will make you do whatever they want, without even discussing it first. >>>>>difficult for no reason girls, there are so many chilled out, cool women out there to be raising blood pressure over nonsense
  8. not really
  9. the difficult for no reason girls are just long if she setting up road blocks just take a different route we're too old for this shit, she should have made her intentions clear
  10. them Islamist market traders there what happened with the 3 letters claiming to be done in the name of Islam? yo i read the story on DM and the comments are calling it a cover up, the mental gymnastics is amazing
  11. Theresa May’s claim that she will be strengthened in the Brexit talks by a general election victory has been dismissed as nonsense by the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator, who has condemned the prime minister as a political opportunist. In an outspoken attack, Guy Verhofstadt suggests the prime minister was motivated by party political considerations rather than the national interest in calling a poll for 8 June. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/22/theresa-may-election-power-grab-slammed-guy-verhofstadt-brexit-negotiator
  12. pure MPs stepping down and not standing well Ive heard of about 5, but still
  13. just spun Crystal Meth again top 5 UK tape i swear hood classic