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  1. Dabbin on em like the usual
  2. Don't even fuck with Future like that but... Feds did a sweep Mask off...
  3. Hurts that this kind of embarrassing result has been the norm for so many years now in the CL...I don't even get surprised by it anymore
  4. Any rebore Hi-Tec
  5. I guess this is what happens when Gibbs is your captain
  6. Same thing Coquelin is supposed to be good at...
  7. Fuck Coquelin for real, why is he showing robben in on his left foot smh
  8. I actually agree with that but the actual point being made was him getting cold/being finished, which is the furthest thing from the truth right now. Drake's run is probably going to last a decade which is unprecedented.
  9. Commercially? Yeah he has just had his biggest year thus far with Views with his first solo number one which dominated in the charts. Where is he getting cold? If your talking musically that's a different convo
  10. Nah Rakitic been riding bench for a while now.
  11. Literally just turned on and saw Cavani bang for 4-0...How are barca getting slapped like this Enrique should walk tomorrow
  12. Shots on target stat is a joke.
  13. 1000% Plants. Can't believe they didn't get mentioned yet. That Loyle Carner yout due to get a similar push soon.