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  1. Roadmen aren't exactly the most pro black people in the world.
  2. Wouldn't put nothing past this attention whore.
  3. There's a theory that men are naturally better looking than women. When you think of it the fact that all some of us need is a trim to look attractive while a significant amount of females need artificial enhancements to look presentable does stand for something.
  4. Interesting responses, only reason i ask is i see its the company culture for someone to throw an after work doo on their last day they send out invites in a bulk departmental email and people accept/ reject as they please. I've been for drinks a couple of times with the team when i was new but i'm not particularly social with any one like that so it would just be weird. Most sensible thing to do is send out a goodbye email and go on my way.
  5. What's the etiquette when you lot are leaving a company, do you just disappear or send out the corny it was a pleasure working with you all emails to the team and propose a leaving doo? I have a feeling nobody would attend mine not sure if i should bother when my contract expires.
  6. I think they grew up together.
  7. Actually doing any work on a Friday is illegal
  8. Them ones were a mixtape is full of crud and you get that one random conscious track (usually the last on the track list)
  9. Been in my first corporate job for nearly a year, the way everyone picks up on each others lingo time has been quite a discovery for me. I've done it a few time ffs.
  10. Surprised female screws are even allowed to work in male prisons.
  11. More evidence that is better to lose out on puss for being too aloof than to talk your way out of it.
  12. Maybe so for adults but I highly doubt it was normal for 15 year olds to be stabbing eachother like it is now every other week there is a kid being murdered. The music ain't the cause but it sure as hell ain't helping the situation.
  13. Bruv i actually agree with what you said step your reading comprehension game up
  14. The fact that you caught three negs for this speaks volumes in itself.
  15. Lol @ hood chicks being there.