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  1. That turned me on more than it should of
  2. Just clocked what she meant by the dark side cheeky bitch.
  3. South americans sure start early.
  4. They had every right to charge him tbh lets look at this objectively although i know perspective is a hard task for some unless they know the victim
  5. I was one of the biggest pdc fans at one point but come on bro this isn't 2005 people aren't a fan of authentic uk rap anymore it's all about drill.
  6. Why shouldn't it?
  7. My point is exactly fuck the c*nt who negged me when the evidence is right here.
  8. No point preaching perspective there is never any when a culprit is a semi famous entertainer, quite sad.
  9. Should be 20 minimum but I suppose his punishment will go way beyond his sentence probably lost all his friends and possibly some family. Only hope for him is too move to another country and change his identity to start fresh.
  10. Shows how soft this country is, not even a minimum sentence he will be out in about 10 years.
  11. Typo my arse
  12. Nothing like a bit of british porn for the authenticity