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DBlock Vs. Rocafella

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Used to have this before the hard drive corrupted and cant find it anywhere. Mixtape was hard, don't think it was official.


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'i'm about 2 sun kiss like the soda, mek J to the mwah put his lips on his 9 and really kiss the game goodbye!'

yo i need this.


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Classic beef.

My nigga SP was in the zone.


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Safe but that isn't the one still, I'll carry on looking.


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P Cutta - Classic Diss Tracks Vol.1

classicdisstracks.JPG absolute intro - prodigy interview [03:08]

02.nas - freestyle (jay-z diss) [02:05]

03.prodigy - freestyle (dissing jay-z) [00:56]

04.prodigy feat littles - mobb niggas (dissin jay-z) [03:01]

05.jay - z-summer jam freestyle (dissin prodigy) [02:38]

06.prodigy feat littles - freestyle (dissin jay-z) [02:30]

07.jadakiss and styles - fiesta (dissin rocafella) [01:17]

08.styles p - freestyle (dissin roc) [02:22]

09.nas - stillmatic freestyle (dissin jay-z and cormega) [03:01]

10.cormega - freestyle (dissin nas) [01:30]

11.50 cent - be a gentleman (dissin jay-z) [02:34] absolute - interlude [01:00]

13.beanie sigel - freestyle (dissin jadakiss) [02:40]

14.jadakiss feat dmx - un-hunh [04:23]

15.beanie sigel - kiss the game goodbye freestyle [03:38]

16.jadakiss - freestyle (f*ck beanie sigel) [03:23]

17.sheek - freestyle (dissin rocafella) [02:05]

18.sheek - freestyle (dissin roc) funk flex [02:06]

19.e - money bags and prodigy-dissin jay-z [01:47]

20.cormega - f*ck nas and nature [03:52]

21.noreaga - halfwaythugs part 2 (dissin tragedy) [04:37]

22.tragedy - norefaker (dissin noreage) [01:43]

23.50 cent - freestyle (dissin ghostface) [02:47]

24.jayo felony - trued up (dissin rocafella) [03:22]

25.k - solo-the answer back (dissin dmx) [02:41]

26.mobb deep - kill a nigga [03:19]

27.camron - stan remix (dissin stanspit) [02:31]

28.stanspit - dear cam (dissin camron) [03:49]

29.mobb deep feat eastsidaz and snoop dogg - untitled

P Cutta - Classic Diss Tracks Vol.2


01.introduction - street wars 2 [01:13]

02.jayz - 100 million [01:00]

03.nas - ether (dissin jay-z and damon dash) [04:38]

04.jay - z-super ugly (dissin nas) [02:50]

05.mobb deep - burn (dissin jay-z) [02:00]

06.bars n hooks - f*ck mobb deep [02:14]

07.mobb deep - half dead (dissin bars n hooks) [02:45]

08.interlude - 1 [00:25]

09.lox - freestyle (dissin beanie sigel) [02:54]

10.beanie sigel - freestyle live from new york [02:56]

11.styles p sheek and j - hood (d-block)-freestyle [04:30]

12.freeway - freestyle (dissin nas and jadakiss) [03:49]

13.busta rhymes and flipmode - freestyle [04:34]

14.ali vegas - freestyle (dissin dj clue and fabolous) [02:42]

15.nas - destroy and rebuild (dissin cormega) [05:24]

16.cormega - poetry (dissin nas) [03:20]

17.mobb deep - crawlin (dissin jay-z) [03:59]

18.jay - z-dont you know [03:00]

19.interlude - 2 [00:48]

20.spade - freestyle live power 99fm (dissin young gunz) [01:50]

21.gilly (major figgas) vs beanie sigel - power 99 [02:30]

22.gilly - freestyle (dissin beanie and freeway) [02:43] cheeks - cuzin (dissin royal flush) [04:48]

24.royal flush - ass cheeks (dissin mr cheeks) [05:49]

25.mobb deep - clap (dissin jay-z) [04:12]

26.canibus - story to tell (dissin jay-z and beanie sigel) [02:23]


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that Styles n Jada diss Ms Jackson is one of the most enjoyable ive heard


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