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    • ūü§£ūü§£ Let me summarise what I understand from this convo Tone is saying due to prejudice, some coaches assume blacks are more athletic hence they are played in those positions (defence or wingers) Ag says chat shit, blacks are more athletic, look at sprinters. Tone brings research saying¬†that is not the case, if the same infrastructure was brought to east Africa where the "prejudice" is they're all long runners, you'd find a sprinter there. Same way you can find long runners in Nigeria. Ag without any evidence says, fuck off you chat shit. Even if infrastructure was brought to Nigeria, the corrupt¬† leaders would steal the money. Did I misunderstand anything ? ūüė• ¬†
    • nah its legit issue these guys have no idea how they're gonna make money from being music, but they hear about people in their workplace being paid stable salaries, and they see a 75" TV appearing in their office for no reason its the same issue as the fashion industry, and the film industry, and the events (concert/festival/club/etc)¬†industry, being run on volunteer work - where several people are sure they're doing a good job, but can't understand how to get paid its stress just because its the norm doesn't mean its bless and they should stay quiet people need to be able to feel like there is a point and a means to their work ¬†
    • Like julie said: If Dj/presenters agreed to work with no pay from the jump off Don't Cry/Don't Beg about the stations¬†financial revenue.
    • The answer is culture, and genetics, and history, and loads of other shit. Stop looking at the world through a narrow perspective. Analyse situations holistically. Nigeria, and to a lesser, but still significant extent, Ghana, are both¬†extremely¬†corrupt¬†countries¬†and Naija for one is also¬†way too big, as well as lacking in the basic¬†infrastructure right down to consistent elecricity supply;¬†if they set up some school of excellence for runners in those countries the funds would be stolen within one year of the school being set up... I have no doubt that somewhere in West Aff, there's a kid with potential to be as fast as Usain, he will probably just never get discovered because unlike Jamaica, they don't have a culture revolved around running which could supercede the deep corruption,¬†in turn which could then unearth the likes of Usain.... but Nigeria has been very succesful in various other explosive speed based sports, and if you watch athletics from back in the day, there was always west Affs in the mix anyway like Francis Obikwelu but they always were beaten by who? Americans and Caribs who could benefit from either the elite training programs and setup the Americans benefit from, or the ingrained culture of sprinting some Caribbeans have, exploiting the natural high propensity of fast twitch fibres already found in a large number of their populations. The general point you seem to be missing is that by looking at a broad selection of sports, those sports which favour explosive brawn, speed and power overc¬†anything else, have had a disproportionate West Aff element. The 100m sprint is the best and easiest marker because it is literally a test of nothing but raw power and speed.¬† A kenyan child doesn't need to be 'interested' in 100m... the majority of Kenyans don't even fall within the 'gold mine' section, that's the Kalenjin people... You're showing ignorance once again of specificity which is key; the whole of Kenya doesn't benefit, it is a small sub section of the population, owing to various historical factors added with cultural factors specific to what must have been isolated groups in *similar* geographic locations.¬† Go over the 100m sprint in the Olympics or World Championships for as long as you like and tell me how many East or South Affs (and their descendants¬†are in there?) If I had more time I would go into this more. It's an interesting topic anyway. ¬†
    • Is he alive? Hes not? Oh good Good good good good good Oh thank you Grandma had enough of that niggas shit got him the fuck outta there The police officers are foul¬†letting the granddaughter go in the interview room though poor girl must have been in bits
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