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  2. been in my house 10 days im going mad
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  4. Deep if 5G caused this. However, if it means Teanna Trump VR and POV streams perfectly, I'm game.
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  6. Conservative government have so much much blood onn there hands for their incompetence in handling this virus by not closing borders and testing when advised by WHO
  7. dry cough difficulty brathing headaches muscle aches no real fever
  8. Been banging the latest MW every night, good game. Warzone Free to everyone as well.
  9. Thun


    Open panel shows https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJpagb1dXnB--pnI8lE1eQA https://www.youtube.com/user/JEDIGBH/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfkUdLcxx-7P3pVJu4DOow Podcasts Star Report htps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4aU1V9Ztg-epBsP17efWg Joey Diaz - CWHN https://www.youtube.com/user/madflavorsworld
  10. Thun


    Enjoyed this Started watching this
  11. Need the season of football with a 10 day run of games, I think Neville mentioned doing this
  12. Stay safe all Would be good to get any updates on here too from any experiences
  13. underwriter


    what an excellent series this was ffs 10/10 watch
  14. underwriter


    seriously..... what iphone should i get?? man i really dont wanna be spending 1000 on an iphone dafuq
  15. it kept kicking me off as well - i changed from my 5GHZ to the 2.4GHZ on the wifi and lo and behold.... stable connection with no kick outs
  16. Oxford reckons most the nation has it just 1/1000 have hospital worthy symptoms
  17. Earlier
  18. anyone know why this happens? i cant get online to beat niggaz - the bar is loaded half way, and underneath it says 'installing suspended'
  19. New single released by London rapper Phoenix da Icefire (Triple Darkness) & producer Husky Brown "Dark Rainbow Light" b/w "Sins of Gaia". Includes a remix by Kashmere (YNR, Tru Thoughts, High Focus) From the album "Panacea" out May 5th Streaming on Soundcloud
  20. If the season gets null and voided ill jump back on football and even try make this place pop somehow
  21. Im pretty sure ive got it i refuse to go out before the forums
  22. She's some any porn star but worth a bang bareback
  23. Bannable question. Google her and thank me later.
  24. Teanna Trump got any new drops?
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