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  2. Well my mum has terminal cancer and my auntie tessa has liver cancer as well
  3. It's been a terrible year for me i hope you guy's have had a better year than me
  4. Earlier
  5. I see you all...😉 hope you're all grown up and healthy. Love
  6. i take it he was a poster on here then?
  7. I am going to buy custom made shirts I need some designs and logos of Call of duty black oops 3 where can i get it without trademark logo and watermark.
  8. Race war is likely to happen, judging by all the reactions white people are having
  9. i am looking for football t-shirts in uk can you guyz tell me online store to place my order in resoneable price amd quality fabric for summer season
  10. race war kicking off courtesy of tommy robinson its all going mad.
  11. how is it even possible to move as much as he has and make any impact?
  12. race war in whitehall on saturday for all the marbles
  13. Made moves, was hoping hed stay longer at apple music and fix up the shitty playlisting, its so far behind spotify on artist/community driven ones
  14. Will marry a Becky and sell out within 6 months.
  15. Done well for himself
  16. Atlantic Records UK Names Former Apple Music Exec Austin Daboh Executive VP Former Apple Music executive Austin Daboh is moving over to Atlantic Records UK as executive vp, parent company Warner Music UK (WMUK) announced Tuesday (June 9). As Apple Music's head of editorial for the UK and Ireland, Daboh oversaw the streaming platform's playlist ecosystem, developing the Agenda brand which built out playlists with live concerts and immersive marketing initiatives. In his new role at Atlantic UK, he will be responsible for signing and developing domestic artists, and will join the WMUK leadership team. He'll also work with Atlantic Records in the U.S. to "break the label's black music roster in the UK," according to a press release. Daboh will report to Atlantic co-presidents Ed Howard and Briony Turner, reporting more broadly to WMUK CEO Tony Harlow, who joined Warner's UK team in February. READ MORE 'A True Artist Champion': Warner Music UK Appoints Tony Harlow Chairman & CEO “I’m happy to welcome an exec of Austin’s calibre to the Warner Music UK family," Harlow said. "He’s already played a pivotal role in shaping the UK music landscape through his work in radio and with the DSPs, and he has the instincts and connections not just to attract outstanding artists, but to be a cultural pioneer. I know that with Briony, Ed, Austin and the rest of the incredible team driving things forward, Atlantic UK will not only remain at the leading edge of the UK music scene but will continue to expand its global impact." Turner and Howard added: "We’re very much at the start of an exciting new era at Atlantic UK; Liz Goodwin has just joined as GM; Rich Castillo has come on board as A&R Director, and we couldn’t be happier to now have Austin join us on the journey. His ability to intelligently read and navigate the marketplace, combined with his gift for fostering meaningful relationships with talent, managers, and tastemakers make him perfectly placed to keep Atlantic, and our artists, at the forefront of both the music industry and wider culture." Daboh got his start in the music industry in 2006 as music programmer at BBC Music 1Xtra, before becoming CEO of the public relations, promotion and talent agency The Hub Entertainment. He worked in the editorial department at Spotify before moving to Apple Music.
  17. full tv schedule of all ball https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yJUk1MOgWcT5H2aTDvSuiDJPqwHLgqjbqcCOWUy3Jok/htmlview
  18. Protests have been hijacked by some alt groups.
  19. Fucking horrible racist Americans should never have freedom ever again rot in jail till they die in solitary
  20. Admin.


    would get swept
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