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  2. went to check it out as was plastered all over the front of my prime terrible 240p 90 second lag for a few mins before jumping to hd
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    Pmsl The world is a wacky place
  5. Amazon stream is cleeean. Player is still shit though
  6. Restrictive


    Got the 11 Pro, dont miss the fingerprint at all
  7. When you work 1 day for a company but they pay you a full months wage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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  9. Platinum


    New music vid out tomorrow at 7pm
  10. probably gonna be his most liked tweet of his lifetime
  11. The harder the machine keeps trying to brainwash me with its lies, the more hope I have. But still. It's a big ask.
  12. Boris Johnson will win. This country is too dopey.
  13. I wouldn't believe the hype just seen the Alex Salmond shit tho, could mean Labour will increase it's Scottish presence
  14. looking like a landslide for Boris
  15. Monday Bandele

    Shenmue III

    biggest let down of 2019.. what a shit game. we deserved better
  16. Really good episode but I'm not sure what the aim of revealing this now is.. like it gives backstory and details of why he is the way he is, but I thought we were gonna get the "third personality" reveal or something that should change the direction of the story.
  17. What's even mad is, it's not rebellious people who are tired of the status quo. It's not people who especially have no empathy for people of lower means. It's not even going to be people who want Brexit over Remain. It's not going to be people who think Boris is a good leader. It's not going to be people who would deny that he's a liar, or that he's corrupt. It's going to be plenty of well educated people who just think Labour, or more likely Corbyn's Labour, will be the worst thing for our country. Boggles the mind.
  18. Who you voting for @Gambino ?
  19. Released earlier in the week by relaunched hip hop label New Dawn Records. It's the H.A.R.D. remix of Belles in Monica's "What D'Ya Need" by UK DMC finalist & turntablist DJ Krash Slaughta, originally out on vinyl & now out digitally Streaming on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/bellesinmonica/what-dya-need-mr-krash
  20. Whats everyones thughts on this? Looks like it will be viewed as a classic by most people
  21. Madness people aren’t trying to save our nhs
  22. Jose in. Probably what we need, he can’t play any worse football than we have for the last 18 months.
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