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  2. Drift

    End of an era

    I was one of the "young" users and I'm 29. There won't be a next generation, all these youts are on Twitter getting groomed by Mike Kane and his ilk.
  3. Admin.

    End of an era

    whats age got to do with it ? difference between using this and twitter? average age of user base here is prob 30+ anyway
  4. Last week
  5. I don't know what randomly made me come and check this site today. Maybe nostalgia? Maybe boredom? I still have it as a saved tab so always randomly think "rah what's going on with these man". A few of you have me on Twitter. That's where I am if anything. Truth is I'm touching 40 next year. My eldest just turned 17 and I have no business being on here! I was on here/RWD what, 17-18 years ago? Defo time for the next generation. I hope all the mandem (and Smaddy) are all bless, and living good during these testing times. I'm defo checking out guys. Look after yourselves. Goliath. 👋
  6. Check out my last 2 show's on www.PlayBackUK.com: 2010 ukg set https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/back-to-2010-uk-garage/ this morning's oldskool 90's h&g set: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/old-skool-90s-house-garage/ enjoy! catch me every Monday 10am-12pm playbackuk.com @djelski
  7. False no reason given just false
  8. cockney people have more in common with northerners than londoners. true or false?
  9. Drift

    End of an era

    The amount of madness going on in football, this place should have been on fire. All the plants as well in the media, that plant thread would have been pinned.
  10. @Zizouz @O Fenomeno finally nailed it jumped back on during lockdown in play £100 on 1.5 goals first half if there is an early goal sit tight wait till odds for 1.5 is evens then double down if no goal wait till 30mins or evens then bet £100 on 0.5 to get the money back starter base for bets and adjust accordingly depending on team last weekend plus this midweek 🤑 goals goals goals Lets Go!
  11. The 3 months down was a killer
  12. always thought she was sexy always but yeah i dont like her policies and her kissing arse ways
  13. thats true thats what killed vip2.....when it was down for like 3 months ffs.... like what was the reason for that.....? we will never know.....
  14. Earlier
  15. whats the league code? I am involved
  16. Would love to smash her backdoors in even though I hate the Tory bitch with a passion
  17. fuck you nigger domt die that way
  18. We not bringing this back this season lads?
  19. Na the end came when it went down for a while and when it came back it was so slow it was unusable
  20. This forum needs a new massive outlay of new members coming in on a daily basis posting commenting etc to kick-start vip2.
  21. I was asking a serious question bro. I believe it deserved a serious response. I'm on a more life vibe after a mad 2020. Ready to drop some P on Teanna and a USA trip.
  22. Ring up trump he's pimping her out on the regs
  23. Mods killed it. It was a good run though. Before the website ceases. Does anybody know roughly how much it would be to hire Teanna Trump for a weekend?
  24. Vip2 has passed its sell by date unfortunately it had a good run but it's runs it's course
  25. Oh Boris is getting deeper and deeper in blood on his hands
  26. Reebok graphlite hexalite
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