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    I swear the celibacy thing was just an excuse to get no p*ssy. Like if man finishes the year without f*ckin a single chick he can try flip it like it's a win.
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    Lmfao at how he pauses before taking action. f*ck*ng Jaws, man waited for the open shot and took it haha
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    because a black man should be able to beat up a white man?
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    LMAO ENDED HIM. This is how most "badman" on road end up btw.
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    lmao, man clapped her for all the 4 eyed guys nationwide. the way man goes to adjust the glasses at 18secs aswell was somewhat horatio caineish; kinda expected csi theme song.
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    dfgdfgd GAHAHA lol at getting slapped, slapping back, drawing tears, then flinching. loose bike chain of events.
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    man put bak on his sniper glasses and POW
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    lmfao as a glasses wearer myself, i can safely say there's nothing more embarrassing or degrading than having your glasses knocked off your face, and then having to scramble like a spastic to catch them i know his rage.
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    swat i was thinking, old man looked like a domesticated sasquatch, huge fists as well. "what the fuuuuckkk" "oh lawd have mercy" "beat that niggas ass" "he leaking" class video, lulz and a lesson learned.
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    could have sworn it was the gay guy from south park saying "oh jesus christ"
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    f*ck*ng hell bare cats
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    u man are fully f*cked
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    Guess what... Not really, but that's how easy it is to write this sh*t, I'd be wary of its' veracity.
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    what happened morrison and the music, he was slyly hard
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    they have always 'had a few glasses of wine' and when will these fellas realise these females are posion and when will papers print some news worthy of these tree sacrificing rituals we partake in
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    if she is fit then i dnt c the problem makes a change 2 all the fat jobsworth power-hungry skreech from saved the bell types we are used 2 wud b joke if she got gangbanged during halftime
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    Ramp is her best tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obLroucuJfA