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    Passed my exams!! Even the one I was certain I had failed! f*ck*ng ecstatic! God is good! Didn't know where to post this.
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    4:45 i get hit with it does f*ck all dmg Yeh he does main Abel. He is Capital G on N.E, hes F-word's apprentice (lol) Im sure you've seen him about. I think he reads these forums aswell, or at least knows about it.:lol:They all do imo. Someone bridged the gap between the two forums.Like i said i blame you. Then Blackheart made that sh*t official imo You are getting banned from this room, swear down i've had enough.
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    i'm scared of being taken early, ive only just got started really, so much left to do. Had a few close brushes and like many others, i had the distinct feeling of being watched over, whether it was my ancestors, guardian angels, lady luck or just me cashing in my good karma, I don't mind, point is the more i do good the safer i feel. Death itself is not something we really allow ourselves to experience in western/modern culture, it's pushed into the background and hidden away. I have been with people as they died and whilst i wish more than anything that those people were still with us, particularly a friend of mine, I watched him fight so hard to stay, he wasnt ready to go, I am grateful that i have seen death up close. because whether it was my friend who was very scared or my grandad who smiled before he left, the change was the same. The life force which animated them, that made them who they were had departed. nothing makes the idea that our physical form is just a vessel that holds us temporarily more vivid than seeing someone die, i dont see how anyone can witness death and believe otherwise. The person's essence, soul if you like is simply there one moment and completely gone the next and I personally believe the essence is too powerful to simply cease completely.
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    the toolbar at the bottom is annoying
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    What? Did you just suggest that the forum members would get arrested on child sex charges for talking to me whilst simultaneously suggesting that you're going to up high definition pictures of your sons circumsised privates? Are you for real?
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    Best street fighter themed track tbh. Roll Deep Dizzee >> ______
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    Thread for things that scare you, or maybe re just eerie, creep you out. Recently, this picture really unsettled me. It was taken by some french photographer when he was camping in Russia. He was mauled to death by a bear, and this is the last ever photo he took Can you imagine that sh*t? Post your
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    Them pics Skola posted making me feel f*ck*ng weasy.
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    izit a coincidence that arsenal defend better with 2 white center backs?
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    thank god i never hit these funky/trendy club ravesfull of creatures from greek mythology
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    name/more?alternative with name baitedrave above looks like 1 of them films where eddie murphy plays every character including the female ones.
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    Not white, English you prick.
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    Track is sick Logan passion for SF>>>>>>__________ [Chris Hu] I RESPECT THAT [/Chris Hu] / Here is a deep Mortal Kombat/ Street Fighter - Freestyle
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    If u need any help wearing it in holla at a nigga. sure u looked aight in a pic.
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    And you get annoyed when ppl make the tranny jokes..
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    Never must Djourou play holding midfielder for us every ggain, not even in a training session.
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    i can never tell if You're giving the view of a male or female when You post.
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    The fans man. Thank ya'll very much.
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    muthaf*cker I didn't ask for an alternate, drop more pics of the quoted one
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    haha why she got a set of lips for a neck
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    more afraid of life tbh
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    I can tell you love being the token white girl at these sort of gatherings. LOL
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    dumb girl phoned me sayin her babyfather has broken inthen told me she don't wana call police because of what the neighbours would thinkwish her luck and everything, but won't be in contact
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    Chelsea is the Emile Heskey of the cast, outright stealing a living
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    No thanks, not for me, lol @ ppl still using that hygiene line Allow not having that sensitive feeling under ur helmet
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    and as nature has it, you can NEVER stand shoulder to shoulder with avon barksdale either just change it back to briscy stryder already
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    trus that hygiene line does my nut in Prime example tbh the sh*t that hood produces cannot be cleansed by water alone. so yeah for hygiene, which you obviously dont have Unhooded ftw NO HOMO dont be a c*ck yh... foreskin is skin and u clean skin with soap and water ur goin on like say a circumsized can just take a piss and fling it back in his boxers without appropriate aftercare and its stil clean just cos its been cut if u cannot manage to keep ur piece clean then chances are ur hygeine in general is poor ~fin~
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    any synchronized dancer.disagree with angelo saying girls have to be exhausted from experimentation to settle down that is another social construct founded on satanism,where the hive mind agrees to make it a truism.however i agree that soco kings bird is slinging the crotch out on islands,he sounds like a synchronized dancer.as for giles deacon i have covered evrything she is raising in my previous post cant be bothered to get into it right now but will if totally necessarysounds like an independent modern womensounds like she wants her cake and eat it tooi rest my case
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    Say the first stereotype that comes to your heard when you hear the country SOMALIA. Stereotypes only opinions/facts etc etc are not required.
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    I care more about the people I'd leave behind and the sadness they would feel.
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    i prefer foreskin apple head is much more sensitive
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    Preview of This Is England '86: It's the sequel to This Is England, but it's in 4 parts, one hour each. Gonna be on Channel 4 in the next few months. Should be good stuff.
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    thats f*cked if true. / didnt think i had a problem with any creature, dont mind spiders snakes etc, but i think i f*ck*ng hate giant centipedes, seeing them move makes me feel sick. not for the squeamish init.. *vomits*
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    lool them ones where you think "im just getting a couple of things" then rethink your strategy of no basket when you cant carry anything else
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    Guy needs to drop a new tape for sure him on slow down >>>>>>>
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    nothing wrong with going on holiday with yr partner but if yr going on holiday without yr partner its not a serious realationship imo,(obv there are a few exceptions such as attending a family funeral) yes the rship may be long lasting and between two really mature ppl who are into freedom and stuff but its more like 'this is the guy im f*ck*ng atm cos were only allowed one at a time lol unfair' kind of relationship,which most modern relationships fall into this category,and a holiday is often used as a device to create distance or friction or to be in a 'this is so wrong' state which allows you to relate to your favourite r and b songs fully and feel like you are a conflicted person who can make mistakes but ultimately make the right decision and go back to yr unsuspecting boyfriend having got the need for something diffrent out of yr system for another few monthsin b4 soco king tells me his bird is going on holiday with her ex boyfriend and his family next month either way
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    This is as much as I read.Lol @ you never finding out what really happened on that holiday.Lol @ you kissing your woman.
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    Lol @ thinking men who make good choices in women and have good women/girlfriends have this predicament. Someone show this joker to their table, because CLEARLY it's not over here.
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    you forgot to add british = lazy, ugly, and far more obsessed with money,fame and fraud
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