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    call on the power of the dragonzord to protect us
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    offer to design and make costumes for him and the justice league
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    u wouldnt know wot to do imolol taking natty for a white man in a mixed race realtionship.
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    I have been lurking on this forum for a few days and reading this thread I just wanted to add that a lot of white women who are going to have mixed raced children will have to be prepared to accept that their kids will find it easier to associate themselves as black. Unfortunately, their view of themselves will be shaped by society's perception of them and mixed raced people are still largely viewed as black. To get angry at your child because they see themselve as black because they are pushed into that category is to get mad at the wrong person. Your brown child is always going to be different from you and be treated a lot differently from you because there is usually an obvious contrast in appearance. Recently I found out someone I knew was mixed (half west african and half white), he just looks black and even though he was raised by his white mum he will probably be viewed as a black boy by society. Yes, raise your child so that they are aware of both heritages but be realistically as to what their racial experience will be. They are mixed raced, but will always be pushed into a certain category by the majority.
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    bare immaturity on both parts considering the circumstances
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    urrrrggggh just found this Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 09 02 Digital Mystikz guest mix hotfile link Tracklist: DJ Shadow — Midnight In A Perfect World (from the LP ‘Entroducing’) – Mo Wax Addison Groove — Work It – Dubplate Moderat — Slow Match feat Paul St Hilaire (from the LP ‘Moderat’) – BPitch DJ Roc — One Blood (from the ‘Bangs & Works Vol 1′ Compliation) – Planet Mu Chris Morris — Club News (from the LP ‘Jam’) – Warp Nosaj Thing — Fog (Exept Remix) (from the ‘Drift Remixed’ LP) – Alpha Pup Floating Points — Vacuum Boogie – Eglo Al’Tourettes — Habit 7 – Dubplate Machine Drum — Imabrat – Dubplate Joy Orbison — J. Doe – Doldrums Martyn x Mike Slott — All Night – All City Dubplate DIGITAL MYSTIKZ MIX Grace Jones — Love You To Life – Digital Mystikz Remix Digital Mystikz — Education Digital Mystikz — Marduk Digital Mystikz — Eyez Digital Mystikz — Emergency Digital Mystikz — 2 Much Chat Digital Mystikz — Runway Andreya Triana — Town Called Ob – Digital Mystikz Remix Digital Mystikz — Enter Digital Mystikz — Animal Digital Mystikz — Enter Dimensions Digital Mystikz — Horrid Henry False — Disease/George Washington – m_nus Ben Frost — Theory Of Machines (from the LP ‘Theory Of Machines’) – Bedroom Community Vaccine feat Riya — Like A Dream – Dubplate
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    Go for the most intelligent one.
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    u somalian pirate faggot lol @ ur caberet stage name being cpt abdullah belle de jour
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    from coke to crack, crack to ash, ash to b, b to e's, e's to lsd's amphetamine n ketamine all drugs we get em in...
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    bath plug is behind his neck out of sight
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    lol it happened to me too but i paid for one month using my card. Ended up paying for his Live for year without realising. I asked him why didn't he think it was weird it never ran out - he just thought he slipped through the system. you asked who, yourself? going skitz fam lay off the grade
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    You're forgetting about the times they were young, how this country was.
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    always thought ttl was someones alt account, i dont trust these posters and generally ignore
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    i just want you to know that I excercised my right to neg -1
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    let karma handle it bro you doing that will only bring bad karma on yourself / i havent done lots of bad things. but i can bless this thread with the many good things i have done in my long life time if you want
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    dunno bout taboo, usually they are good looking couples, good peoples, so will be naturally envied, having said that ive seen the same mix with cider in their hands at 9 in the morning, i spose this post was unnecessary
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    first saturday off in a long while, won't do anything tho, might hit up the casino again, walked out £13 up the other day AND i had 4 pints and a cheese and pickle baguette, i make it rain.