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    Annoys me when peoples foreheads flow seamlessly into their nose There needs to be a gap somewhere
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    http://soundcloud.com/justgeo/labrinth-let-the-sun-shine-just-geo-remix thoughts? cant seem to finish it for some reason
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    sitting there awake while they are out here cutting your eye open? not for me thankspos for yr bravery though,wen i touch back to my country i will regale my ppl with a song of your ordeal
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    i wonder if yur as out spoken irl as u now appear to be on here
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    I'll give it 48 hours until the spurs victory dvd is released. simmer down yiddo's your gonna get raped at the san siro./Typical flukey United.
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    Bengali yutes seem to have a serious hygene problem i know i can't be the only 1 who has been on a bus/train and a Bengali yute with spikey hair, tight jeans and TN's has smelled like they ain't showered in weeks or used deodrant
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    f*ck me, this game is out in less than a month and i ain't done sh*t to try and promote it on here, lol so here are some videos First one is a vid of the voice talent on the game (Simon Pegg, Jonathan Ross, Ben Kingsley, John Cleese etc) . Check out my animation cutscene at 3:57. old E3 trailer Its less RPG than it was before
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    Why u angry cos ur team cant bag pens brah?
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    Irish Guinness is the same as 'normal', theoretically not different to what you get here. The taste difference between an English pint and one in Ireland can be put down to the greater indigenous expertise in shipping, storage and serving the stuff. Stout that's badly-kept or poured can be depressingly unpleasant Foreign Extra Stout is the brand shipped out from Ireland half-brewed and fermented locally in whatever market it's headed to, but iirc nowadays all the UK's Guinness is done fully in the Dublin brewery. Nigerian Guinness is a Foreign Extra strand which is fermented out there, with sorghum instead of barley. It's a bit heavier in taste (as well as higher ABV%), more roasty with some malty sweetness
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    the spoilers are there for a reason ffs
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    Lol man just can't help but make topics The reply will undoubtedly be something like "I dunno whats wrong with you lot im just a regular guy no homo u r lot r kinda gay lol batty"
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    'Cause he wants to see his girlfriend, 4 months but he could see her Saturday evening until Sunday evening.When was the next time he would get to see her?TBH, it's understandable his choice of actions but it's not right still. If he ain't going to get to see her for like a month or 2 that is a long time still for a relationship in early days. I wouldn't have called him a c*nt, but instead told him it's badmind. It's not like his girl is in London with him where he has no excuse for not checking you.The weekend after he'll go up and see her. Yeah I think you're right in parts, that it's understandable but it's still wrong.I see. Yeah, that's overly taking the piss, and his chick has pumped this sh*t into his head I reckon. If she was truly looking out for his interests, she would have told him to go back and check you as they'll be seeing eachother next weekend. Boy, like I said, he is badmind, but it ain't too late for him to recognise his wrongs and apologise. You don't want to lose a good friend over something that right now is minor.Why do single people always want to blame the partner of their friend apposed to just being happy their friend has found someone thats not just someone they love but their best friend too, who they enjoy spending time with.I have always encouraged my partner to still hang out with his mates and do stuff with the "lads", because im a firm believer that there needs to be a balance, its not about living in one another pockets. Even though my partner quite often doesn't want to go hang out with his friends as much any more, I still tell him nah you should go, he still does some of the big things but only if hes in the mood and it fits in, things change and you realise who is important to you and you want to embrace all the time you can with them.(Just recently he decided not to go out for his cousins bday.) Infact I didn't even go out for my neices 21st, f*ck that, babino only 6 weeks old, im BF and tbh sh*t changes, priorities change too, people need to understand that or f*ck off!! ( I aint saying im not going out ever again, but only when the times right, just cause i dont go out for someones birthday does not mean im not their friend anymore or that im not still their for them, just dont need to hit clubs for their bday to show how much they mean to me.)Stop hating cause your boys got a chick (Kawsone) let him be, if you were a good friend you would understand this, be happy for him and not call him a c*nt!
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    lol @ heads talkin about her p*ssy like it needs to be designed by gucci for them to beat her sh*t looks standard to me
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    For f*ck sake why did Redknapp have to bring up the tired "Needs more English players", its boring and if there good enough they will play, sh*t man.
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    Don't think this weed biz is fr you bro
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