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    Jha Jha is so f*ckin sexy her sassy atittude makes me wanna yak her even more
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    we both agreed it was the right thing to do so from that aspect neither of us were unhappy with the terminationi felt guilty / responsible for what happened and found it tough being the guy in the whole situation coz it was all her + in her body all i could do was be there for her and try to be as helpful caring and understanding as possible(it took me about 15mins to find the words to write that)
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    Quick gameplay video with some footage i had recorded
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    Annoys me when peoples foreheads flow seamlessly into their nose There needs to be a gap somewhere
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    http://soundcloud.com/justgeo/labrinth-let-the-sun-shine-just-geo-remix thoughts? cant seem to finish it for some reason
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    / i never heard this extended Drake verse meh
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    This Jha Jha girl has MADDDD sex appeal. Slyly looks like an old ting. New Lauren would get the pipe too, that'll cheer her up. Moody cow.
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    Daft question of the week award.
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    jpskemar is muggin off every character
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    yes mate pm's http://rapidshare.com/files/422338378/phoneshop.avi
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    sitting there awake while they are out here cutting your eye open? not for me thankspos for yr bravery though,wen i touch back to my country i will regale my ppl with a song of your ordeal
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    i wonder if yur as out spoken irl as u now appear to be on here
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    I'll give it 48 hours until the spurs victory dvd is released. simmer down yiddo's your gonna get raped at the san siro./Typical flukey United.
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    Bengali yutes seem to have a serious hygene problem i know i can't be the only 1 who has been on a bus/train and a Bengali yute with spikey hair, tight jeans and TN's has smelled like they ain't showered in weeks or used deodrant
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    f*ck me, this game is out in less than a month and i ain't done sh*t to try and promote it on here, lol so here are some videos First one is a vid of the voice talent on the game (Simon Pegg, Jonathan Ross, Ben Kingsley, John Cleese etc) . Check out my animation cutscene at 3:57. old E3 trailer Its less RPG than it was before
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    Why u angry cos ur team cant bag pens brah?
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    Irish Guinness is the same as 'normal', theoretically not different to what you get here. The taste difference between an English pint and one in Ireland can be put down to the greater indigenous expertise in shipping, storage and serving the stuff. Stout that's badly-kept or poured can be depressingly unpleasant Foreign Extra Stout is the brand shipped out from Ireland half-brewed and fermented locally in whatever market it's headed to, but iirc nowadays all the UK's Guinness is done fully in the Dublin brewery. Nigerian Guinness is a Foreign Extra strand which is fermented out there, with sorghum instead of barley. It's a bit heavier in taste (as well as higher ABV%), more roasty with some malty sweetness
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    uploading the pilot now for anyone who wants it.
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    been saying it all along, i find it quite sad.
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    Not being racist just saying that it's not a good look wen u on public transport and someone smell's like sh*t
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    why cant you freestyle fam?
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    same face i made when ur idol said certain niggas were really lizards d*ckhead / clearly jokes fly over ur head but conspiracies stay cloggin up ur two brain cells
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    :lol:Hol 'tite the day eks rollns into work, trench coat, neo from the matrix shades and a big bag calling himself the harbinger of death
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    Skemar, FT10 tonight or tomorrow. Can't let you be getting all this confidence and notoriety off of my expense. Will fully downgrade you back to "SkemarSW1"
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    ht rj dtf djt fd jtfd / I want them Total 90's but I just can't spend £130 on them
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    Went in Alex i heard you got the Spain flag on your boots? Can you confirm
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    Sounds like you need to talk to someone and let off some steamlol at switching at the mumzy .. i know u feel bad afterwards
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