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    Lol mate this isnt a video game where u restart from the nearest checkpoint if you die, you are playing russian roulette with a cannon. i would pray for you but miracles dont involve cheat codes
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    yeah nothing beats reciting lyrics in the mirror music blasting pretending your in a music video
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    you are mistaking paternal concern for anger again yill. blame it on you're lack of social mobility or #forummadness u #forummad? breh
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    That's that I'm with a winner grapple.Pos yourself if you've executed such manoeuvres.
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    no idea if its been posted, butNani are you OK? are you OK Nani? You got hit by, You got struck by a Smooth Carragher.
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    And then Bane comes to spout an unprecedented amount of sh*t.
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    Them cover yourself in as many sh*t tatts as possible guys there.
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    My reaction:/Took out 8 players.
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    I love Mic McCarthy,Reminds me of my Grandad, proper Northern Ireland prodestant whose growen up on hard values of life.Hard workers and family men, great to see Mick doing so well.Everything about Northern Irelanders displayed in his team.Fantastic
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    It is a paradox, of course it is. He scored a hat-trick that won the game against one of our teams fiercest rivals.And it's purely because it was Kuyt that scored the goals that its being said, otherwise it would be ahhh real strikers instinct etc blah blah blah.
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    WTF is a 'bad' hat-trick?I'm quoting Anelka here, 'the hardest thing to do in football is score a goal', so by that logic, scoring THREE is not an easy thing to achieve.
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    would love to watch a match thru anekla's glasses....must be some mad trip.
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    Btw if Kuyt gets a hat trick against i will actually kill myself.
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    Shutup u c*nt
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    is an article series on Nupemag.com following all things money, lemme upload the weeks... Damon Dash - http://www.nupemag.c...days-damon-dash
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    first time cookin a big boy steak, came out alright wanted it slightly less cooked peppercorn source postd on the side
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    How many more stats do we need to show that Hodgson wasted a whole summer and 4 months being our f*ck*ng manager. *disclaimer: this isn't to mean I think we could've won the league if Kenny was manager from day dot, just a lot of people who said Hodgson was left with an utterly piss poor team were full of media hype. And their comments about Kenny being Keegan-esque utterly laughable*
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    without tight clothes shes anything
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZID9S68bMY the nutmeg >>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Not sure if that's a tear or excess soul glo
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    Sir Alex Ferguson must be laughing at how he's top of the league and still in Champs league with his current squad, he'll be grinniing like a chesire cat because next year if he does win either trophy he's going to spend spend spend and make Man United the force of the 90's they once were. It's imperative that someone stops United from winning either trophy this year or we could all be in for a long decade.
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    Arsenal need to fix up, how much help do you need
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    if Dowd would have sent Carragher off that Rafa challenge would have never happenedhe bottled the Carragher decision so he had to bottle Rafa's one.we'll be lucky to have 10 men on the pitch the way things are going.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> our midfield - the pass back kings!
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    lol any1 clock Suarez pull Rafaels hair ona sly one
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    rafael = any scrappy dooalways on sum come at me bro sh*t when heads r there to hold him back
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    mic man dnt waste ur time wrong 'uns stay wrong 'uning
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4SaIdR7LRQ this kid can wrassle him>>>>amped kid
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    Got anymore left? Looking to have that dazzling smile.
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    mine are too white, can i get them blackened?
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    one of them is my bredrins dads bredrin sons bredrin proper peak
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    Obviously. I have a bidet dalrling...
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    well that was a whole heap of sh*t. no fight, no drive, no nothing.how ANYONE in that team can get a new contract this season is beyond me. but that isnt really the pointonce again our squad deficiencies have been found out.will be laughable if we try and blame Carragher not being sent off for this loss.p.s. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SAF's tactics
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    [narstie voice] YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! [Narstie Voice]
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    lol @ this gutless spineless shitour midfield is laughable, their midfield is miles better than ours and its showing lol at leaving out flecther i said as soon as the game started the coaching staff should of just started fabio on the left f*ck itway too stiff, immobile and carrick rafael >>> thank god we have him on the pitchnani cant take pain but him off the pitch is big blow we needed him and hernandez on for any kind of result but i have slight hope now berba and hernandez are up topquitely confident
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