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    you are mistaking paternal concern for anger again yill. blame it on you're lack of social mobility or #forummadness u #forummad? breh
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    Them cover yourself in as many sh*t tatts as possible guys there.
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    would love to watch a match thru anekla's glasses....must be some mad trip.
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    Btw if Kuyt gets a hat trick against i will actually kill myself.
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    Shutup u c*nt
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    Arsenal need to fix up, how much help do you need
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    if Dowd would have sent Carragher off that Rafa challenge would have never happenedhe bottled the Carragher decision so he had to bottle Rafa's one.we'll be lucky to have 10 men on the pitch the way things are going.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> our midfield - the pass back kings!
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    lol any1 clock Suarez pull Rafaels hair ona sly one
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    rafael = any scrappy dooalways on sum come at me bro sh*t when heads r there to hold him back
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    mic man dnt waste ur time wrong 'uns stay wrong 'uning
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4SaIdR7LRQ this kid can wrassle him>>>>amped kid
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    Got anymore left? Looking to have that dazzling smile.
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    mine are too white, can i get them blackened?
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    one of them is my bredrins dads bredrin sons bredrin proper peak
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    u marinate ur steak in milk enough said
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    did u not say he looked humble, after saying you would test his online persona of being odt you're acting like the guy who talked a good game all day in maths science and english but in the playground at lunch time you back track saying you didn't chat sh*t about man you would never do that you have too much respect for man you rate him to highly for that these man are gassing you bruv i'd never talk wicked like that its me, mike kane cmon bruv you know it weren't like that i swear down why would i say that me n you are cool mate