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    this dog looks proper guilty and ashamed of himselfhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WGdrLCPt-E
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    f*ck you on about mate, my offspring will be schooling you in years to come by schooling i mean robbing and happy slapping Wohhh Thats not the talk of a true child of GOD bro... Also lol at thinking my children and your urchins will be running in the same circles. Maybe if you have a slag daughter that my son makes a mistake on, but that's it.
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    http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=194502007229755&comments f*ck. Off.
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    I tried bro, I tried to dead it but these man keep on recycling the joke
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    Holla my missus works for sky we get free sky etc etc but she can hook up half price sky for a year for new customers. if you want it hit me with your email and ill get my missus to email you the code for which you need to give to the sky sales dept for half price discount you can save hundreds a year
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    greygoose was right about the men version of this thread bare guys judging next guys "faamm im peng ""nah fam ur dogged, i get more girls than u"
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI7we96Gb5o pmsl
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    New app avail for BB's Blackberry Protect quite good, free to download Remotely back up all ur phone content. view your phone location via GPS if misplaced or fallen into the wrong hands (right down to the road/street detail) Even make it ring loud if misplaced or in the wrong hands Remotely display a message to your handset screen Lock Or wipe the phone data clean All from ur pc/laptop
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    Lmao at all the ignorant pseudoreligious cavemen coming out of the woodwork If you are a jelous, proud, or angry person, and go to church Please beleive you will be burning in the same fire as Gok Wan So no, it's not like being black and joining the KKK Being gay and going to church is no different that haven stolen or going to church, or being proud and going to church Sin is sin You lot are lucky hell doesn't exist because your own ignorance of your supposed religion would place you there And lol at claming something RUINED the church When 'the church' was burning books and destrying knowledge that had taken centuries to accumulate, was it ruined then? When Christians flocked in hundreds of thousands to the holy lands to slaughter people in 'Gods Name' was Christianity destroyed then? When young girls weer being burned at the stake for being Witches, was it destroyed then? But nah I suppose a few benders at the pulpit are the death of the religion
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    They threw it in the bin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIcoO7mnknI *cooks*
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    f*ck you on about mate, my offspring will be schooling you in years to come by schooling i mean robbing and happy slapping
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    http://www.zshare.net/download/88078212d30b5d36/ http://www.nukeshare.com/g11k2zbx5b9h/Pusha_T-Fear_Of_God.zip.html DUMB SLOW THO EDIT- ZSHARE LINK IS V FAST
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    Got that Pusha T, that new Pusha T! http://hulkshare.com/v6dzlx9rnbzj#
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    I'm yet to cross path with a homosexual who has offended me or my beliefs continuously, yet weekly i come across several so-called devout Christians and Muslims who will try to deceive, defraud and lie to me all the while branishing the name of Jesus and Allah in my face. So i say live and let live. don't dwell on hatred or be judgmental, just leave that to the man up there to do the judging.
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    Another work in progress. posted this tune before, but completely changed the bass/drums. thoughts? http://soundcloud.com/boogiemonsta/boogie-monsta-no-escape-rough
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    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh41347sTlL12E22YMThis lil youth went in !!!sorry if posted already
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    these d*ckhead yids will only make their demise sweeter for us, its actually pathetic how they're going on lol
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    Californication isit really that good just saw the trailer looks kinda dry an budget
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    Stabilo would also say he had an epiphany of Jesus wearing TNs at the last supper.....
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    Boy Who Bodyslammed His Bully "Bullying Fail" Speaks! [12 Min Interview] http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhoQYeaFOI07lK67gL
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    Hahahahah Brisco can be such a c*nt tho, I don't think anyone cares. Surprised to see Dave jumping on the wagon though, I guess VIP2 really is some e-Royal Rumble.
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    John W Henry: "Someone was saying that people weren’t happy here. But I think since that person left, people are happier" Torres?
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    What is Christianity's track record on this planet? I personally happen to think, that the world is better place because of Jesus. I think there needs to be a demarcation between Christianity, its tenets etc. and its adherents who will do badmind sh*t whether they follow Jesus or Odin. I don't think anal sex is something natural or something that should be encouraged. To put it bluntly your bumhole is not meant to be penetrated; there are so many health hazards associated with the practice. On a final point nothing, Absolutely nothing can destroy Christianity. Not even the sodomites.
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    lol cv got recycled probably now part of sum1s toilet roll
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    Beg you stop talking like you yourself has conclusive proof out that God doesn't exist If some of the greatest minds in the world were/are still on the fence about this matter then you better jump over it and head off into the garden You can't conclusively prove something that quite literally has no way of being proven Does that mean I should have to admire and respect it any more than I admire or respect anything else that is unable to be proven? No. I beg YOU stop talking like a certain reverence has to be given to this nonsense. Dangerous nonsense that ruins lives everywhere on a daily basis. The fact that you keep calling it nonsense demonstrates to me you have no solid argument against God but rather a deep rooted hate leading to a simple minded bias against all things pertaining to the existence of a God. Also, religion doesn't ruin lives very often it helps people to help others and enforces morals, I beleive without religion the world would be a very much worse place. Stupid people who abuse religion ruin lives, just like stupid people who abuse power ruin lives, just like stupid people who abuse technology ruin lives, just like stupid people who abuse money see what I'm getting at?
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    I'll stare rags, why are u dressing like that if u dnt want man to look.
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    Nah I applied for a masterclass with the editor which resulted in a weeks work exp. which I unequivocally showered down, they set up the internship, I applied, bang All off my own back
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    not what you was saying last yeah nigga just sayin