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    Holla my missus works for sky we get free sky etc etc but she can hook up half price sky for a year for new customers. if you want it hit me with your email and ill get my missus to email you the code for which you need to give to the sky sales dept for half price discount you can save hundreds a year
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI7we96Gb5o pmsl
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    New app avail for BB's Blackberry Protect quite good, free to download Remotely back up all ur phone content. view your phone location via GPS if misplaced or fallen into the wrong hands (right down to the road/street detail) Even make it ring loud if misplaced or in the wrong hands Remotely display a message to your handset screen Lock Or wipe the phone data clean All from ur pc/laptop
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    Lmao at all the ignorant pseudoreligious cavemen coming out of the woodwork If you are a jelous, proud, or angry person, and go to church Please beleive you will be burning in the same fire as Gok Wan So no, it's not like being black and joining the KKK Being gay and going to church is no different that haven stolen or going to church, or being proud and going to church Sin is sin You lot are lucky hell doesn't exist because your own ignorance of your supposed religion would place you there And lol at claming something RUINED the church When 'the church' was burning books and destrying knowledge that had taken centuries to accumulate, was it ruined then? When Christians flocked in hundreds of thousands to the holy lands to slaughter people in 'Gods Name' was Christianity destroyed then? When young girls weer being burned at the stake for being Witches, was it destroyed then? But nah I suppose a few benders at the pulpit are the death of the religion
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    They threw it in the bin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIcoO7mnknI *cooks*
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    Another work in progress. posted this tune before, but completely changed the bass/drums. thoughts? http://soundcloud.com/boogiemonsta/boogie-monsta-no-escape-rough
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    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh41347sTlL12E22YMThis lil youth went in !!!sorry if posted already
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    these d*ckhead yids will only make their demise sweeter for us, its actually pathetic how they're going on lol
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    Nicked off Celtic.they love nicking songs celtic singwas at whl yesterday (was just like the library tbh)but demba ba song is
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    Highlighting his comment is stupid, when it holds a lot of weight. Are you suggesting that it is western laws/influence/imperialism that tells middle eastern countries to have draconian laws that allow stoning of adulterers?
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    lol its not even hate just some funny sh*t how can lulu clutch your cv
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    Lol that picture has the look of a man demented The glazed stare "im a f*ck this son of a bitch up"
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    48,000 people have applied for bbc jobs at media city, the move is starting in May bbc are taking on 500 staff and 100 on apprenticeship roles , however they are only taking on people from the GTR manchester area for the apprenticeships.
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    sh*t makes me appreciate my pops even moreparents split up and despite some f*ckeries when i was younger he has made a massive effort to be part of my life when he could have bounced and forgotten about megonna call him now in fact
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    That looks like your sister LensIf ur mum looks like that i will f*ck her in the anus
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    read this a few days agoshe has 'some' valid points tbhin our society there is no hurry to grow up, and applies to females aswell (Nas, Stillmatic: 2nd Childhood)everyone is living in their bubble until a time comes when reality hits hardbut this comment sums it up for me:maybe if she ditched that dumb *ss hair cut she'd have more luck finding a "real man." and what exactly is the definition of a "good" or "real" man. didn't anyone tell her that the Disney channel wasn't real and relationships take work? Mr. right doesn't just exist in cookie cutter form for you to stumble upon one lovely afternoon. real men are made one day at a time, through trial and error and precious experience. this whole article is just diarrhea of the pen.c.s social, kapitain etc. my niggas