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    she looks like she thinks she's hot, and is covering up enough to allow you to believe she isbut my friends I cannot agree with the statement that she's hot
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    lol @ our 2nd choice backline being better than arsenals 1st
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    Man said SAF told him he has a big part to play this seasonThem lies theremans only touching pitch in CC games and vs wolves and dem kinda teams
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    Something about girls with afros
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    Yeahh its always been liveughh low going North West though.Bruh... Its a family fun day event. This aint no post codes-bang-bang-thug-fest... The area shouldn't be an issue
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    I'm not thinking complex. You're just not thinking enough. Ask yourself this question "is she really hot or am I just gassed 'cause she looks mean and is showing off her legs?".
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    Bria Myles is too much for the soul to handle.
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    I don't think she's nice either tbh.
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    Please tell its basildon hospital so i can come and pull ur white coat over ur head and proceed to pummell you senseless.lol the way I would pay to see Frank and Afgoon have it out, a bill easyFrank would probs kill him. Afgoon is all Internet.
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    Shutup you tart
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    LOL Premiership teamThey aint doing sh*t in the ChampionshipWe will seeThey have a better squad than QPR and much better manager.Kenny/SchmeichelPainstil>>OrrMills>>>GorkssSt Ledger>>>>ConnollyKonchesky(was average at Liverpool)>>>>>>>HillAbe>>>FaurlinFernandes>>>>DerryVassell>>>>Tommy SmithTaarbat>Michael Johnson(when 100% fit)Nugent>>>Mackie/Helguson/Hulse/AgeymangI didn't include loanees don't forget Sven has better contacts than WarnockSven>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Warnock
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    try nt to give too many examples
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    http://www.guardian....sa.midterms2006 Here you go you unintelligent prick. Well I have been diligently debunking your mother! During this diligent debunking, my Greek hero phallus seems to always trigger her Coital cephalalgia. Faggot. you didnt debunk anything... "faith based iniitiatives" are different from the national and foreign agenda of the US that i was talking about. those faith based initiatives are different things, probably more state wide internal affairs, not the strong pro zionist judeo-christian stance that Bush and all his top aides were. WHen rumsfeld is interviewed he constantly talks about his Faith in God, as does bush. secondly form that article it is clear that David Kuo who is supposed to be whistle blowing on bush was a christian..as he made those claims on a religious website. so perhaps its that he was expecting alot of the christian based initiatives to pass but they didnt and he was vexed , he was obviously a part of a christian lobby group appointed by bush. He was used in the same way muslim nation's leaders use their own religion. You proved nothing ya thick c*nt. But here is a proper debunked thing for you, and thats going back to you claiming your norweigan Christian terrorist uncle (yes MI5 reading this, that USER ULYSSES IS RELATED TO THIS BREIVIK MAN, CHECK HIS IP AND TRACK THE c*nt DOWN) is not a CHRISTIAN fundamentalist.... isnt it funny how the same guardian ur using to try and lie catches you out easily by associating you with Bill o'reilly... its not surprising since you praised Glenn beck..its clear where you are coming from and that you live in a cave. oreilly also says that : http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/jul/28/fox-news-norway U underwear sniffing d*ckhead Since you are obviously retarded I will repeat what he stated his own words in his own manifesto: Lol look at the how you posulate without any facts like you're some White House insider GTFO nigga. Using words like 'perhaps','probably', these are not words of certainty so shut the f*ck up. Secondly, the Norwegian Police, only gleaned that he was a "Christian Fundamentalist", because his Facebook page happened to state that he was "christian" and "conservative". And this Facebook page was altered, the original facebook page showed no religious or political inclination, but i guess that is a topic for another day. The myth that Anders Behring Breivik was a Fundamentalist Christian: So yeah shut up you c*nt. This is straight from the horses mouth, a primary source nigga, not the Grauniad you derkhead. What christian fundamentalist is not an "excessively religious man" you idiot what extreme christian fundamentalist implicitly states that he doesn't want a "Christian fundamentalist theocracy". Finally what Christian Fundamentalist is very pro-gay rights and likes the policies of President Obama. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE OR DO YOU NEED HELP? prick
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    He's good but dressing up as broads considering some of the stuff he said was weird.
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    so he did go brother said he never went Been on starting a dance group for next years britains got talent u want to join?
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    lauren looking nice
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    GREEK check!ZANTE check!