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    Lol @ nasty and pioneer being swag. / Guys like you give me joke Justin. Will criticise and analyse the better urban djs and the whole rave culture. But will happily go oceana or wetherspoons with dj Andy "mixing" ne-yo into spice girls just because there's White girls there.
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    no one above the age of 16 should be intimidated by any woman.he is beta, any male who reads f*ck*ng relationship blogs is f*ck*ng beta. any man who sits in front of a camera talking about relationships and uploads it on to youtube is f*ck*ng beta, anyone who sits at home watching some twat sat in HIS home talking about relationships is f*ck*ng beta. f*ck*ng self indulgent shite, beg you all go an 'conversate' with rabid wolves. you could of used this time watching violent pornography but instead you used the internet for this weak drivel. african american males should be temporarily banned from the internet for there own good imo. In fact we should all spend less time online it rots the brain and suppresses testosterone.all u soft guys wont survive the apocalypse
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    she looks like she thinks she's hot, and is covering up enough to allow you to believe she isbut my friends I cannot agree with the statement that she's hot
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    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1L0JYPAPX06115cX Love seeing sh*t like this.
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    Not trying to derail the thread or anything, but I would be pissed if I was Ryan lost to some Shay Nay Nay
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    lol @ our 2nd choice backline being better than arsenals 1st
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    you're watching too much WWE ice
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    I posted all my beatmaking videos here so I though some of u cunts would wana see this I also posted the beat for this track in the studio room about a year ago and ppl wanted to hear a vocal Let me know ur views and stuff cheers lads and lasses
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    listen if its serena williams or whoever, you know shes not a virgin, so obv a lot of other heads had ran through. by saying your not ready you are putting a multitude of any next lads on a pedestal,saying they can do wat you cannot, and u will probly be pissed when you see her out slow dancing with napolean dynamites brother next week. to think you are not ready to impress a women in the bedroom is kind of a teenage mentality. teenage girl to be specific. a woman is basically a puppet , when you jump inside you bring that sh*t to life so basically it will be thankful.if its a female i dont give a sh*t what the build or how sexy or whatever,that is being turned into a rag doll and thrown around the room , dont give a sh*t what kinds of faggot shes used to sleeping with or how bad she thinks she is, its a female how can she possibly compete with me? i dont play tennis but serena williams cant return my serve?but seriously i think guys are gassing or starstruck when they say they wouldnt be able to step up to the plate, i honestly think if the guy is a virgin then ok he will struggle but otherwise should be smooth sailing for all involved. obv you may not be number one on her 'best ever' list , but who cares? the beat is important , the lyrics inconsequential. if you find a woman attractive enough that you feel you would be able to sustain an erect state for a period of time then what else do you need,some form of official documentation?when we give women too much power and awe we turn them into men and men into women and this is an undesirable circumstance to be in for all involved.
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    Another one for the mike kane fruitcake bandwagon. Imagine a girl wants to f*ck you and you say nah babes. I dont think I'm strong enough to handle you yet. I just want it to be right. When I hit 80kg on the bench. I'll be ready I promise. f*ck OUTTA HERE
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    another thing to add to BMC's neg list, wrong un i tell ya. Doesnt like meat Is scared of dogs looking at him Has a high pitched voice Doesnt like football Doesnt like ez
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    The match it's from. I would have been fuming in all honesty. They guy spends the whole match running away and then sticks his bum in your face when he wins. [biggie]Somebody gotta die[/biggie]
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    yeah there are nuff white people in Jamaica @ timebomb there are lots of Chinese in Jamaica also gonna see if I can find a vid on you tube of a Jamaican oriental person talking and yes there are also tons of indians myself Im a Q indian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YW3TmlslGohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtZDcTinPh0
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    They BEST have the woman with 3 tits in Total Recall it's iconic
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    Ready to move out and get away from my area/peoples etc.Need a change of scenery
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    Thumbs up! cant stress enough how much i love gh and nja girlsFACKSwear you man just love to gas by popular vote. Shez ordinary. Looks like a cross between skepta & sneakbo+ the lipstick aint doing her justice either. I bet her attitude stinks too Nice legs but thats about it.
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    Man said SAF told him he has a big part to play this seasonThem lies theremans only touching pitch in CC games and vs wolves and dem kinda teams
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    Something about girls with afros
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    Yeahh its always been liveughh low going North West though.Bruh... Its a family fun day event. This aint no post codes-bang-bang-thug-fest... The area shouldn't be an issue
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    I'm not thinking complex. You're just not thinking enough. Ask yourself this question "is she really hot or am I just gassed 'cause she looks mean and is showing off her legs?".
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    Bria Myles is too much for the soul to handle.
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    ez is never irrelevant. :!: :!: :!:
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    Mans jaw would get rocked for them antics
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    ez is never irrelevant. :!: :!: :!:
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    Use this oppertunity to get rid of Vista. Your laptop will thank you.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXPxP9pPpiwhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL9vdTmvhGwpologies if posted already
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    people still convinced nasri can replace cesc?guy could not create a hotmail account, never mind goal scoring chances for our forwards.
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    <Medic> did any other uk players go? <jefferson> yeh <Xander> nah just him and Ryan <jefferson> skemar <Medic> lol <Titan> loool <Jumper> PMSL <Xander> LMFAO <Medic> skemar deleted all posts talking about him going to evo <Titan> his plane broke down <Jumper> Skemar Poool 47 <jefferson> lmaoo <Titan> but skemar was still at home sleeping anyways <jefferson> hahahah* Skema (~skema@hide-CC515E6E.as13285.net) has joined #vip2forum <jefferson> hes online <Medic> LOL <Jumper> Skemar was takiong bus <Titan> loool <Jumper> lmfao <Jumper> lmfao <jefferson> LOL <Skema> Aye <Medic> aye <jefferson> hows vegas ? <Titan> speak of the devil ya kna <Jumper> Skemar. Hows vegas? <Medic> LOL <Medic> heard you won your poo l<Skema> U man wanna get banned? <jefferson> rofl <Medic> lmaooo <Titan> fdgfgnrflgrelnbrefab <Jumper> ROFL :rofl:
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    mate half of those images contained a 15 year old girlallow it, about "ttkk"
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