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    no one above the age of 16 should be intimidated by any woman.he is beta, any male who reads f*ck*ng relationship blogs is f*ck*ng beta. any man who sits in front of a camera talking about relationships and uploads it on to youtube is f*ck*ng beta, anyone who sits at home watching some twat sat in HIS home talking about relationships is f*ck*ng beta. f*ck*ng self indulgent shite, beg you all go an 'conversate' with rabid wolves. you could of used this time watching violent pornography but instead you used the internet for this weak drivel. african american males should be temporarily banned from the internet for there own good imo. In fact we should all spend less time online it rots the brain and suppresses testosterone.all u soft guys wont survive the apocalypse
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    she looks like she thinks she's hot, and is covering up enough to allow you to believe she isbut my friends I cannot agree with the statement that she's hot
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    lol @ our 2nd choice backline being better than arsenals 1st
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    Man said SAF told him he has a big part to play this seasonThem lies theremans only touching pitch in CC games and vs wolves and dem kinda teams
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    Something about girls with afros
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    Yeahh its always been liveughh low going North West though.Bruh... Its a family fun day event. This aint no post codes-bang-bang-thug-fest... The area shouldn't be an issue
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    I'm not thinking complex. You're just not thinking enough. Ask yourself this question "is she really hot or am I just gassed 'cause she looks mean and is showing off her legs?".
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    Bria Myles is too much for the soul to handle.
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    over 25? some grandad rave
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    the word alpha male gets thrown around a lot in modern society,and on a few posts i see here. i dont believe that most of the normal male populace are alpha males because they can act confident,walk with bounce or exhibit pattern behaviour learnt from external sources,go to gym and mimick entourage or even star in or create entourage. i think these are probly beta and gamma males,exhibiting normal behaviour in the grand scheme of things. those that have the extremely dreadful experiences with women as described in some of the horror stories we hear here are probably delta males,the subnormal or deficient, not beta. i would hate to see such behaviour held in direct proximity to the highest grading of man (created in Gods own image). i want to think that alpha males would be people like hercules or idi amin not your average joe bloggs who has a laugh with the lads on a night out and can pull a fat bird at the weekend.people who are capable of levels that the average human would not be able to attain.something to strive towards but perhaps never be able to reach. i know its good for the ego to give ourselves a high rating but if we are the best of the best available in the world when all the chips are in and we are being honest with ourselves,doesnt that make the human race a little paltry when compared to sharks or even lions?if we are all kings what value is the title? modern society in association with advertising,grodt and britains got talent is aimed at convincing the average person that they are the best of all possible people, this is false wealth creation in the same style of the recent financial crisis and i would hate to think we would need to buy into that, as it would invariably lead to an unpayable social debt of some kind...so if you absolutely must grade yourself as an alpha male,please refrain from referring to deltas as betas.i dont know if this is a grading system from a tv show or what but i think its overly simplified as a general rule. some of us are proud beta males and dont wish to be drawn into the whirlpool of chaos you are sending us into by association through this dismissive sleight of hand. we're beta than that
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    never seen words any realer
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    cant say im concerned by the price of the software
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    Its gonna be sh*tmarvel's new stuff have not been on pointthe old school x-men, hulk, ironman, spiderman >>>>>snmthe intro >>>>