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    it isbut shoot medont matter about if my parent was white/blackim a deviant...when my mind is on p*ssy i tend to do stupid sh*t *never moist or snakey behaviour though*my mother was in...but i sneaked her in the yard and out the yard...music on so nothing suspicious ...../re-up gang
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    youre a woman stil shifting gears is the height of your capabailties
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    Shout out the ppl from ends that voted conservatives thothis is what you wanted yeah?
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    Big girls are the boom ting tbh not obese make sure they cute to Dont know why there is so much hostility Low the hate about uncle Tom Girl is a girl end of the day one beastly girl tried to rape me one time stuff of nightmares locked me in this room when I was sleeping and tried to wank me off can't say no more starting to get flashbacks When big girls cream sh*t comes like some Mayo paste only downside they are not flexible many are unwilling to experiment had one chick who was down for the cause f*cked her all over her yard in holborn she wanted me to hold her up against the wall and f*ck that sh*t was always gonna fail She is my boys cousin swear man still dont know about this matter of fact this is making me horny gonna see if she is on Facebook and is down for a rematch
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    ur just plain stupid. drugged up fat c*nt u ask the dumbest questions nowadays wtf is wrong with you.
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    PMSL ur sh*t team could do with a postponement Bet your one of them bandwagon supporters who supports the winning teams and never been to a football match Think he supports Arsenal TBH lol
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    you sure your not buttaz?Ugly bitches have been getting d*ck for a long time now, so that post was not effective.
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    Trash dating trash, I don't see what's out of place.
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    always rated him..
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    If you don't want to be reminded of it why did you make the thread? Or are you still pretending to be different people? If so, my bad.
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    Well; atleast I don't get head from a transsexual, make a post on vip2 saying it was my 'friend', get baited up and then create a new account just to take the heat off myself. And atleast my girl knows I'm not any beta male to be used and discarded at will. You got some growing up to do son. Stop acting like you're a don on Vip2 when you know, we know and your girl knows you're not.
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    You can't read this sh*t and fail to be pissed off. f*ck this shitty country, just as corrupt as anyone else they try to enforce democracy. Equality before the law just doesn't exist.
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    I have been noticing a trend in products being shrunk over the past few years Its not like they reduce the price You get a packet of crisps and its mostly air in the pack What other price rises are hidden?
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    Lolno. The way my skin is brown and sexy ah weh di rass!
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    Half that Madrid team must have had passing thoughts about killing Messi
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    Yes, will be very hard though.Them NFL man have coaches and conditioners that monitor everything they eat and push them in the gym.
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    Bet you're used to hair in the wrong places, not to talk of hit and miss.
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    One of the best artists in the UK, no hype
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    so both the mum and obv the ex are lesbos eish DAEMONZ STAY DAEMONIN
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    [ALVIN]no matter how cheap it i s its not a bargain if you don't need it[/HALL]
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    "Sir, we're surrounded!" "Good! We can attack in any direction!"
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    PMSL @ The white man in the background.
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    leave dave alone still especially you bobby nofigures
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    hmmm something tells me that your not that guy brah