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    lol That's how man like me is in the cinema with the Haagen Daaz. Kick off the shoes and sh*t.
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    lol please more popcorn gifs so this chumps flop is monumental, yo chump get my facebook up and take a loan out in my name
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    c/s its not a o well ting brah its f*ck*ng peak
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    sa d sdf dfs always see dat in da somali net cafes
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    Do people really still believe in god? When the world is on the brink of destruction right now, you think any god would let this sh*t happen? If yes than that is one c*nt of a god.
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    he already dribbles all over his t shirt oi mitcham mafia you fat c*nt mans still screaming that swingers with you you fat c*nt what you saying
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    always? I swear I said that once, and nah they always reply until it gets to the point when they need to actually do something and not just talk about it at that point they will stop replying believe me these guys are having you up even that little p*ssy guy talking about half price hotels that guy cant even do the hotels hes offering out here, I swear this is a little bunch of people pretending they doin suttin
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    if i got 50p in my pocket iam always gettin a ka punch u dam u sick u thick
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    Can imagine Justin having sleepless nights over this. Then when it comes to the time man starts posting in a bow tie and suit
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    It's the way radio was typing the nervous lol after every sentence. You know he is still sitting at home trembling. / I now see why ImnotHim is so humble around John Doe.
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    faith sfx is too sick u know lmao
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    ARE U DUMB LMAO THIS IS GETTING SAMPLED...THIS IS HARD http://dstldn.tumblr.com/post/15565474943/creating-mode-as-usual-d-s-t-style the way ima go in on this i swear to god.
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    sorry brah Watching ure mumsy cry is the worst thing u can ever see
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    Ended it with the girl i've been seeing for 5 months Told her that shes getting in real deep and i ain't feeling her like that. Said i'd rather she know like this than catch me slipping with another girl. Too bad because shes so on point, ticks all the boxes but i'm never gonna fall for her like that no matter how much time passes. Just decided it was best to let her go and find a man that will appreciate her properly. Plus i don't wanna turn a good girl bad
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    loool weaklee pipes alert clearly wernt enough of a 'battering'
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    wen ppl offer me cash for free i always act like i dont want it twice 3rd time they offer it is urs no long ones
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    Pos aaron for Up The most rinsed track from K+OJ
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    Every black guy on reality shows is a wannabe mc.
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    AFRICAN BARBERS<<<<<<<<<<<< One swiped half my eyebrow kmt man took the headpiece for a colouring session didnt pay for sh*t I Grow it till a girl says i look butters tbh gotta be economical and sh*t
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    should just make me mod of this room tbh. mixtape thread stickied with regular updates and that. anyway http://www.mediafire.com/?32nnmhv2ltk Fast Times At Ridgemont High is a favorite stillios. http://rapidshare.com/files/253138233/Currensy-Fast_Times_at_Ridgemont_Fly-_Bootleg_-2008.rar