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    f*ckin ell tf really knows everything innit fak
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    head was so good niggas getting confused
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    Type Christina Hendricks leaked into Google images, can't embed
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    Imagine the MOC after using that though. Suicidal
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    lol imagine someone saw that in ur yard,
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    Video weren't funny, little c*nt needs discipline.
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    Never heard of this. But I might as well plug some HDR pics I took last week on holiday(malta).
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    BBC 2 11.15 PM. Tonight you HAVE to watch this, whether your into football or not. brilliant documentary.
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    Might as well bun the Disney Channel/3LW/Cheetah Girls image and start porn.
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    fuuuck i feel like a bum in the rain watching through a window mandem opening christmas presents
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    How does a coach win the Uefa Cup,Champions League,World Club Championship,Two La Liga titles with the 3rd biggest budget be over rated
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    marshall law and king >>>> childhood memories!
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    !!!!!!!!! come like these drunk man on the train last night 'meet my friend, he has a c*ck the size of a peanut, and a heart the size of LIIIOON'
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    dfokv lmqvf vfq vfq vf qv vqqv qb qbqv qv DEM WANZZZ
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    Most of La Liga followers never rated him that highly. His goalscoring record with Spain is 27 in 91 matches. Fernando Morientes scored 27 in 47 matches for Spain ffs! Fernando Hierro a centre back has a better scoring record than Torres in the national team. So don't give me that better players around him sub story
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    His record for Atletico was nothing special. In fact both Aguero and Forlan have vastly superior scoring records in Atletico he isn't and wasn't ever World Class. Lacks basic technical skills that other top players have, and that's what allows them to get their form back after '6 games'. Torres was always based on pace and confidence, not really technique. That most Premier League defenders know him now, will have played against him numerous times. There's was a little interview with Curtis Davies after the cup game few weekends ago where he says: "With Torres he wants to play on your shoulder, get in that right hand channel, and try to his famous cut in and whip. But we didn't let him do that, we managed to get on to him quite well."