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    Mum thinks I dont know how to drive in the snow...
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    personally i couldnt refer to anything my sister does as "sexy"
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    hope villa go down.
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    Probably 'ironic' what I'm confused about is the Ethiopia shit on her profile. She can't be serious.
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    Have radio 2 on all day in the office this track is catchy
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    Want to see Sheff Wed, Forest, Leeds, Derby back in the prem. I also have a soft spot for Palace Imagine the Sheffield derby was a league 1 fixture last season SMH
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    lol money talks. But hes whole life is FORCE to be honest. Probably just paid khaled for the rights to a sample of his trademark yelling 'Listeeeeeeeen' on every track
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    Urban Outfitters Pre Sale - 30% off - Code: Special30
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    im so glad niggas are finally en route to pluto i have dirty sprite for everyone