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    fur collar jackets have always been di wave if anyone sees any spills for under a bills drop them in here for di thrills
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    Swag on a hundred thousand Spillion.
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    Not about girls who live in trainers, but certain girls can pull it off. This is the ideal drop for the female
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    No way can I justify paying £100+ for a pair of gloves when my petrol light is on most days.
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    song is just cringe 5.31 mins of suckage
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    We need a general woman thread una
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    + if they got like 10+ likes already and i see theyre mainly from guys i dont so many rules Used to never add girls on facebook with over 1000+ friends Pins on sites such as twitter/instagram never get added If a woman doesnt reply, give an arrogant responce, PING, wait till she reads it then delete All about maintaining that moral victory in your mind Becoming a chump is a slippery slope Unless I am with you in person, your very unlikely to receive compliments over social media outputs, blame your fellow female gender for that lmao this is me... i decided to do a clear out of ALL the females who have not responded to me on private chat on facebook, or who have given me stupid arrogan blunt responses.. example... i say hey or hey missy they go to me... "yes..." fuk off deleted that bitch straight away fukin rude kunt
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    My guy listened to alicia keys and got the urge
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    i hate it when your out raving or suttin and ur der minding ur business smoking ur spliff and a random drunk drops the famous line "that smells nice" FACK OFF U c*nt why do people find it acceptable to ask for a "couple tokes" u dont see a man in a rave drinking champs, and go over to him and ask for a cup, people who think weed is for sharing are cunts
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    its good when a chick asks you 'how come you never compliment me'
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    u think? 'the best rapper alive' where he spends the whole song comparing himself to other more famous rappers i found the execution of the concept weird and the tune a bit repetitive
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    Dem time when you need your girl the most and she sees it as stress. So many fraudulent wifey out there man.
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    After reading this I was wondering how much Eto'o makes..... PER MONTH? £1,458,333m PER WEEK? £364,583 PER DAY? £52,083 PER HOUR? £2,170 PER MINUTE? £36.16 PER SECOND? 60p LEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA....
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    them pics are directed at the white audience that like pippa middleton concave back mercedes is certified http://www.vip2.co.uk/forum/topic/78107-di-mobo-award-ceremony/page-7#entry2760834
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    Just sounds like you havent got the balls for the big time tbh Any Ben Foster
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    1 of the piffest ting I ever seen, Angolan ting. Wifey doe, not ratchet p*ssy. Did you beat? No KL
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    These re-releases are soaking though
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    See that is the problem with the internet and you young bucks. It’s all about the physical tension with the eyes like a predator after it’s prey in the wild. It is a wonderful thing. The actual contact seems to be lacking more and more these days. When ever I get a girls number on the net I try to call them they don’t answer many prefer to talk with text. That shit is lost on me. Go to the club everyone is using social media talking about the event instead of taking it in and enjoying. That is why I love the era I grew up in. Now you have these girls with low self esteem and all these angle shops wanting attention. This is the society we have created. Games the game.
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    how can u make a song about suckage on the end of every sentence wtffffff
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    designer tracksuits not secondary school Tracksuits are for gym Not for fashion
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    *clicks on Nola's pic to see if it enlarges* it doesnt. it takes you to her profile. but im not the only one whos been there: Latest Visitors Afroman Today, 06:45 AM Jam Today, 06:16 AM mp* Today, 12:45 AM Mic Man Today, 12:40 AM JOHN DOE Today, 12:20 AM
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    Also fuck Anderson the fat c*nt, plays 30mins and needs to be subbed fat shit If he doesnt play 3 games in a row by summer he is gone
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    personally i couldnt refer to anything my sister does as "sexy"
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