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    And you felt slightly happy inside didn't you? It confirmed that you were with a "badboy" looking dude. smh kmt and lol simultaneously
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    his dad never said well done obvious ego issues extreme narcissist general bounty
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    Not at all you sweaty Ugandan I just Wanted to create a good discussion
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    that's how the foot deevs kick off a wank session
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    kelly is so classy would chew dat pum pum like wine gums
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    "i think i is mad fam"
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    http://www.youtube.com/user/Abbaskhan6428ZZ go onto this guys youtube page and he has uploaded loads of the HBO series Legendary Nights. 30 documentaries on some of the biggest fights they have shown. Legendary Nights: Hagler Hearns
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    Have not used twitter in months Insta has taken over for me
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    If anything HES the c*ck blocker tbf Imagine your leaving the dance with some tings and this d*ckhed wants to start wavin around his olympic 38 cos hes upset the gyal dont wanna jump in with him
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    Halla what? Them 'adecco contract security waiting on my SIA licence so I can drop proper alternative crep' there
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    Jhflkjjjj Di don lipsed up the escort Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuu