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    And you felt slightly happy inside didn't you? It confirmed that you were with a "badboy" looking dude. smh kmt and lol simultaneously
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    Justin found a topic that isn't about wrestling or cream pies he knows a lot about and went nuts.
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    feel free to stop posting from Uber Humour
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    it is but to be baited in that way....by young abrasive black females....with the character hes trying to portait....isnt a good look
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    open toe sandals chancletas with jeans on. how is the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans and hes 42 years old?
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    What are you on about you flid, what does originality have to do with anything? We live in the fucking information age, did you expect me to be the primary source? I'm not your oracle, fuckboy. Old Russia was politics, the New Russia is business. It's true, funny if you're an oligarch in 2013 too - I'd laugh to the bank and then shit on your girl's chest.
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    http://stagevu.com/video/uxttkjroeyqc Here's a stream, I got other 2 is you need them. Can't help you with downloads though.
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    Cutting dem onions in di trarrrrrp
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    Ye Nas lost because Jay Z is currently with Beyonce Sure that burns Nas every night when he goes sleep Bet you got high grades throughout your academic career when analysis and evaluation was involved the #naslost at the end was clearly tongue in cheek. you try too hard.
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    Dfjljdxktswzcvkywtjrecv Di con4mayshon
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    his dad never said well done obvious ego issues extreme narcissist general bounty
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    Not at all you sweaty Ugandan I just Wanted to create a good discussion
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    that's how the foot deevs kick off a wank session
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    kelly is so classy would chew dat pum pum like wine gums
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    "i think i is mad fam"
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    Why, are you dyslexic ? I'm gonna need subtitles myself. Wish some disease would eradicate these simpletons. 'Gang war-fare' in 2013. Whole different world, scumbags.
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    truss me. free all the mandem free ja rule
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    What I meant was, why didn't they just take collect what they were owed, rather than ironically waste more taxpayers money by putting him in prison?BecauseMURIKAH
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    Nah I've never seen them with the same attitude as the kmt gang, maybe u might catch boss man a bit grumpy cos he's had some silly coons in earlier running it to him cos he forgot to ask if the want salt. China man and Indians always been humble when I've dealt with them tbh Only Carib I fuck with is cee's on Hornsey road and the actual owner mr cee is proper nice happy and friendly guy talks with a cockney accent and all that (have heard him switch it up a bit when proper yard man come in but not too much that its cringe) but some of his staff can act a bit stank. Think it's just cos it so obvious they would rather be anywhere else in the world were as sinjay and ola are just happy to have jobs so greet u with a smile when they ask if u wanna go large.
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    What make is this jacket though??
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    http://imgur.com/a/mNbNY Amazing
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    whole South London is Chernobyl 2.0 should be avoided at all costs
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    it's true, I often read a post by him and my face tenses up, then I remember hes Scottish and re-read it in a Scottish accent and cringe even harder
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    yh so they moved there proxy too http://katproxy.com
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    am i late has this been posted already? either way this tune hypes me