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    that's how the foot deevs kick off a wank session
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    kelly is so classy would chew dat pum pum like wine gums
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    "i think i is mad fam"
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    lol @ deleting now he ackin brand new on you assholes
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    erfdgbndgndfz xnfdndfn
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    swat im sayin / and congrats on not cringing up di page. 1 post at a time bro
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    Turkey and Israel are friends bro. Don't be fooled by the PR manouvers political allies due to usa and exports but we all know that dont mean sh*t in reality and an allie can turn to an enemy in no time espesh as there is money to be made in the med sea right now / putting there own man in is easy south korea/north korea is no different to east/west germany Nah man you're wide of the mark. Turkey has been boot-kissing for the last ten years. The PM has almost no popular support, he wangles votes thanks to dodgy trade unions that hope to get into the EU market. There is a great DOS game called Shadow President, it's basically a geo-political Football Manager. You control the US obv, it's set in 1991 just before Iraq invades Kuwait. Any beef in that region that the US is keen on, Turkey backs. And since I first played that game it has been true. Turkey will never go at Israel, because they KNOW what's good. Israel has nukes, the Turks do not. They want none. / No offence but you're wrong again. There will be no more leaders after the Kims, the Korean peninsula will be scorched. Mate look at a map, China will NEVER allow troops to be THAT close to their border. I think you underestimate the calmness of China, they have clearly warned ALL SIDES - i.e. not BOTH SIDES, but ALL SIDES - i.e. America included to exercise restraint. Kim will suicide before his country gets taken over by the Yankees. There are a multitude of reasons why this is the case, check the thread. If we get stuck in the mud against a few thousand tribal Pashtuns, Afghans and Pakistanis we are fucked if we could actually fight this war properly in Korea. China WILL get involved.
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    israel are the biggest bastards in the world, they need dealing with
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    The skeleton key is good
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    For real he's killing it, weren't being sarcastic
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    Fam I'd be happy doing a job I love for 15k tbh I stopped needing things a long time ago Once the cottage in Cornwall is ready, then I will be at complete peace