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    His wife left him for a more successful pirate
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    Personally think Russia should be commended for their attitude towards gays We shouldn't let this illness be considered normal
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    54 quid a pad? whoever comes to my yard to bang fifa with me will be using the argos madcatz ting.
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    Come on, you dont really believe that do you?
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    Kendrick couldn't lace Raekwons shoes Not in 1993 Not in 2013 Kendrick Lamar will be nobody in 10 years, if that Raekwon the Chef will go down in history
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    you can go ahead and stop posting her
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    Always been a big fan of Bale Like Harry said, he has been performing at a high level since 2010, but last season he stepped it up something crazy The price is silly and I do worry for him - but that spanish league is mickey mouse 35% of the time, ask Jose / I rate Di Maria, for a while i was even saying Bale isn't better, but Gareth is a match winner, who is prepared to take responsibility - you pay top dollar for those characters
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    why do niggas always ask these deviant questions when a female makes a thread cringeworthy antics
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    I've highlighted the points I disagree with. When I first noticed you saying Di Maria is better than Bale I looked at my screen in disgust "who does this buffoon think he is? Bale is twice the player." I read what you had to say in this thread, sat back in my leather chair, looked out my office window at the squirrels playing in the grass and pondered all the while wishing I had a long wooden pipe. The conclusion I made was "this Michael Kane does have a point in some regards." I think Bale is one of the most clinical goal scorers outside the box in the world, Di Maria is not. Due to his proficiency outside the area people tend to forget how great Bale is at crossing as well but I do appreciate Di Maria's crossing ability. Next points are self explanatory. I think you're clutching at straws with your arguments in this paragraph. Bales decision making was superb last season, check his stats. Bale can play in a load of different of positions if necessary. Just because Bale was given more a free role doesn't mean he can't defend. He's so effective going forward he's usually tactically exempt from that side of the game. Acceleration wise Bale is slightly quicker but anything over longer distances it isn't even close. What a horrible point you end on, Bale's engine is incredible. Di Maria's no slouch but I've never even seen Bale look close to tiring.
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    70% of the work is done before I even open my mouth
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    you need to drop that into a spoiler still
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    Not really, when the Madrid side he played for is quitely obviously built to get the best out of one player which is the case for most teams who do similar things. When that's the case, of course other players will take a back seat i.e. Di Maria, Benzema, Higuain, etc. I've already posted in the 'Coaches' Corner' thread an article on Madrid's attacking patterns & how they're geared towards CR7's advantage. Very rarely can a team build a team around one talisman & for his team-mates to shine equally. Regardless of the set up there is always opportunity to step up when it's needed. ie: Modric against Man Utd at Old Trafford. When Ronaldo was not creating much Modric came on and done the dance. That is a top player, Di Maria just isn't that type of guy, got subbed at half time for Kaka if I remember correctly. You need more than 1 person who is capable of changing a game on it's head especially when it comes to the big boy competitions, Barca have that and have added another 1 this year. Real need that type of player to challenge more in Europe.
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    All I read is celebrity blogger. Deserved a punch
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    llow it Benzema would bang 25 at Arsenal You would think Henry was still your CF Its Giroud So be happy your being linked with Benzema
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    looks like a fucking girl mate
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    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x13g8qn_10_sport cheeeze
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    Trust me. Can't be holding them kinda stacks without a Versace shirt.
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    Youtman good still getting big I'm enjoying beung his donny
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    Girl can't be wifey within the 1st year, this is where I see a lot of man slipping. It's like taking a player from the youth team, unless she is a R9 type prodigy you can't put her straight in as your starting striker. Don't matter what form she shows in that year you have to remember class is permanent form is temporary. It could all still go wrong. Once she is showing that form after the year has passed then you can talk about putting her on a new contract etc... (Wifey) If she is consistently showing that class for the next 2/3 years then you can talk about her possibly being the highest paid member of the squad. (Wife)
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    He needs to be better than Walcott or its pointless
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    Her lesbian scene was epic. Took her partners breasts for 2 piece box meal.
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    That's called grooming bro.
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    Everytime I watch benz play just looks like he cant be bothered.As much as I like him hete. Hes just gonna blow hot and cold imo What's Giroud & Podolski blowing at the moment?
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    aint been watching tbh hate streams means i cant play FM lol arsenal should have no problems fener have been whack
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    Raekwon pmsl, Raekwon patting KL on the head like a good boy
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    Last couple days I've come in here and every time it's disappointment This forum is a shadow of its former self Just look at that pathetic trolll attempt ffs
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    young's ting is peak, any yates in croydon looking girl going hard on the £1 drink offer...
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    I'll just be honest straight off if any of the VIP2 guys organise the crime and don't give me an equal cut your getting shot there and then.
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    "The Instigator: If you organize a crime and then pull it off, you control the cash and decide how you want to split it with the other player." This is going to lead to some snakeyness I can see it already
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    Dead Man Shoes such a good film.
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    Is Back 2 95 only on Sunday this year? Cause on Monday it's Toddla T...
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    fuck it, we dont often see eye to eye, but i'll get you a couple beers in esqi. you need a pick me up. poor c*nt
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    Thine nerve hath been stricken
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    Calm droppage.... if you're a 14 year old tramp residing in some desolate UK seaside town or a Polish brick layer buying 4 cans for the tube journey home, then yeah, calm droppage.
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    Would be hard if that was on the inside of a reversible.
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    Xbox One controller will be the best pad of all time (awaits negs from nostalgic ps users with small hands). 360 pad was almost perfect.
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    Lets be real guys if it was a sony idea he would be singing the praise
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    Real Talk..... song/video is still one of the best of 2013 so far imo
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    this is like a quote from the bible or something pure gospel
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