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    I fucking hate international breaks.
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    Job Title - Junior IT Consultant for Kulmiye party of Somaliland in partnership with Unicef Salary: 83000 dollars.
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    Dunno what I'd do same situation. Probably upload those dodgy pics to VIP2.
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    Staying out the xfactor loop>>>> No idea who the fuck any of these people are
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    So somebody owes me 3k which they have failed to pay for over 2months using the same ole im broke lines so what I have done is gone to his house as i know his mother and took his car which is worth like 2grand, his mac laptop, 36inch tv, iphone 4s along with his passport. guy is now frantically calling me every 5mins or so begging for stuff but when i mentioned when are you going to pay he goes on please show me sympathy vibe. Would you do the same and if anybody wants to buy the items please text me.
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    It's actually around 1350 so you're both wrong.
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    what kinda dodgy pics if someoned NEEDS a car why you giving them 3k i woulda told him he better get used to pedalling
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    What surprises you regarding racism? Lets not turn this into a race thread
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    eskay you are a prat 20k comes back like 1200 a month now fuck off
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    ONE HUNNID Man could of atleast sorted out some kinda payment plan with you to give you your pees back if he was struggling. Wouldn't sell the items though unless I was in serious need of the money. Just hold his tings ransom until you get whats owed back to you.
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    how many 16 year olds dnt deserve a stone cold stunner doe at 16 u r either a shit bag or a total melt
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    MOTHER f*ckER So I jacked a random car out in the sticks to try and sell to the mod shop. they didnt need any vehicles at that time but I got a text saying "you f*cking stole my car your head will be on a plate soon" (from a person called Unknown) $9000 bounty on my head. so I stay out in the sticks watching the radar robbing a few stores and I seem to be ok. Notced f you do a string of robberies your wanted level will go straight to 3 stars, then I'm robbing another store and STRAIGHT TO FOUR STARS Run outside to jump in the car some guy caps me. The bounty on your head was claimed. f*cker. Now my cars impounded.
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    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2447191/HARRY-REDKNAPP-BOOK-EXCLUSIVE-Going-jail-destroyed-wife.html His agent is slacking, how is this not an audio book
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    Co sign and then you factor in the declining influence of religion and it's easy to see why divorces are at an all time high. Man brought up religion you know lol smh In times gone by divorce was seen as something shameful and the influence of religion played a big role in that perception, as a result a lot of people would remain in marriages whether they were happy or not. With the waning influence of religion that shameful stigma isn't attached to divorce these days hence why people are much quicker and more comfortable about getting divorced. I don't think it's a coincidence that divorce rates in a country like Pakistan (24,141 between 2008 and 2011) where 97% of the the population consider themselves to be Muslim is so much lower than it is in England (117,558 in 2011 alone) especially when you consider their population is 3 times that of the UK. I don't think it's simply a case of married people in times gone by being happier, I just think the way in which we address that unhappiness has changed drastically due to the role of religion and the growing independence of women. A reply without 'creampie' greek' etc would be good.
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    Yeah I agree, would be mad if everyone had RPGs straight off the bat
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    lmao y u mad so u got a problem with the rolling stones raping black women but when ross drops uoeno u lose ur shit
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    Bro may as well kick the weed as well. I've noticed I've been a lot more sociable since I knocked it on the head.
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    Definitely looking to crack on with the missions tonight & die less lol.
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    1200 x 12 = 14400 1350 x 12 = 16200 1600 x 12 = 19200 not everyone lives that tax free life
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    joining end of the week p3 lads moved house, will be sorted by then
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    Next week, my boy Tim is on it It's gonna be maaaaaaaaad
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    lol picturing arry saying this is what actually makes it funny dem del boys there
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    She's very pretty but at 16 need's to tone it down, not likeable at all.
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    That's y I came gunning for you two in the sticks. All I did was come see if u needed a ride and super g headshot me thru the back windscreen
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    Too many jokes caught Getting into the army base... Zinging off in the fighter jet Lengman Locke & Gambino.... Take a bow son looool
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    I was out for dinner with friends and friends of friends the other night and funnily enough we were talking about this subject. Most are in relationships and feel like they could get married soon, I asked the question 'would you be as set on marrying if it was just going to the registry office signing the papers and going home for dinner'... the answers were shocking. Some people want a wedding more than marriage.
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    Nice, had that bookmarked for a while, this too: http://www.matchofthedays.com/forum/index.php
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    imagine pulling up outside the dance with the rpg mounted to the top of the whip ultimate stunt
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    Not bad mate. Is that your first music vid?
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    Grime / Dubstep producer RudeKid has had a crack at house. Not bad at all https://soundcloud.com/rudekidmusic/burning-soul
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    full version of dennis ferrer mind ur step been hearing this everywhere now dennis is back from 4:04 is when he really goes inwards
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    Can not beat a Kyodai build up !!! Prefer the dub version though
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    nines lacks charisma etc etc hes in the same boat as morrison these guys can rap but put these guys on stage or an interview and its pure zZzzZ's
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    https://soundcloud.com/defectedrecords/dennis-ferrer-mind-ur-step man like dennis sds sdsdsd sdsd di shapes
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    It's not that serious bruv
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    Could have drawn the line ups without even seeing the pictures Token black and token asian and loads of arrogant white looking d*ckheads