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    Job Title - Junior IT Consultant for Kulmiye party of Somaliland in partnership with Unicef Salary: 83000 dollars.
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    Staying out the xfactor loop>>>> No idea who the fuck any of these people are
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    how many 16 year olds dnt deserve a stone cold stunner doe at 16 u r either a shit bag or a total melt
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    She's very pretty but at 16 need's to tone it down, not likeable at all.
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    That's y I came gunning for you two in the sticks. All I did was come see if u needed a ride and super g headshot me thru the back windscreen
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    Too many jokes caught Getting into the army base... Zinging off in the fighter jet Lengman Locke & Gambino.... Take a bow son looool
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    I was out for dinner with friends and friends of friends the other night and funnily enough we were talking about this subject. Most are in relationships and feel like they could get married soon, I asked the question 'would you be as set on marrying if it was just going to the registry office signing the papers and going home for dinner'... the answers were shocking. Some people want a wedding more than marriage.
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    imagine pulling up outside the dance with the rpg mounted to the top of the whip ultimate stunt
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    starter: chicken dippers, iceland's own, would go for a selection I. e. breaded, battered and spicy the full shabang. Plain sunflower oil as the dip. main: becah I have saved so much money on the starter I can now afford to serve whole lobster stuffed with caviar (freshly imported from iran none of that preserved shit) , except you don't tell them what it is, so when they start cracking open them tails loads of random black looking shit (as far as they know) oozes from the crab fresh. dessert: dessert would just be me sitting there and making some homophobic comments, seeing as it's going out on national tv, would want viewers to know I'm not that token gay dude they have in every episode.
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    Grime / Dubstep producer RudeKid has had a crack at house. Not bad at all https://soundcloud.com/rudekidmusic/burning-soul
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    full version of dennis ferrer mind ur step been hearing this everywhere now dennis is back from 4:04 is when he really goes inwards
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    Can not beat a Kyodai build up !!! Prefer the dub version though
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    nines lacks charisma etc etc hes in the same boat as morrison these guys can rap but put these guys on stage or an interview and its pure zZzzZ's
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    https://soundcloud.com/defectedrecords/dennis-ferrer-mind-ur-step man like dennis sds sdsdsd sdsd di shapes
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    It's not that serious bruv
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    Could have drawn the line ups without even seeing the pictures Token black and token asian and loads of arrogant white looking d*ckheads