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    That bank account better be just as grown, LOL.
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    no u wouldn't bitches nastier than brehs in some cases
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    nah the 40m was well invested, ozil has been very good in his 1st season, don't believe the media hype
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    then they wanna dap after in the kitchen 'you alright fella' you can fuck off mate
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    It's hell rememeber when I first touch at uni, I was living with 4 girls Man was gassed, after 2 weeks shit was hell... Lived with guys was alright, your boundaries get violated a bit more tho.. Been living with my 1 don for a few yers now, shits aight we both got ocd and like being locked in our own rooms in silence most times.
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    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhY1fvXkwQxq5DZo4j JEZUU LOOL
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    sick salute Always moves super moist Should of sticked to making beats only
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    OIIIII Big cartoon These yutes was not normal
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    In case anyones wondering....
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    One of the best interviews in a while still Real positive (No pun) smart bruh.
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    The bbc lady and tiger woods niece shouldn't rely be in the thread
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    orrr maybe beacuse i am attempting to moderate the thread