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    Afroman has the worst taste on this forum mans always coming with the anti spills
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    LOL Who's got the one with Anderson dancing alongside my man?
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    Hi guys! Don Dave might be alive yet
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    I will always be grateful to Don Dave for the baptism of fire he gave a generation of Man Utd supporters
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    Mourinho moans whenever teams set out negatively against him, yet he always has his megamillion teams employing those same pussyhole tactics whenever they play anyone good in Europe, and everyone always sucks his d*ck over it and ITV selling this whole "underdog" angle all evening....fuck off
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    Looool that torres turn of pace Turns like a fridge
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    Cech dead? Pissed when your other keeper is on the other team Lmao.
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    Next time close your eyes and cross your fingers whilst you make a wish
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    on a positive note atleast we know the board and our fans would never allow us to be turned into a laughing stock like arsenal ... 10 years without a trophy ? no tanks
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    Lol bane is bare excited about a guy that 98% wont be Utd's next coach
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    Sums his appointment and our season tbh
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    Toney has no shame. Mans moving like Drake, pmsl.
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    There's ample room for her to pass you in the club but she still strokes both breast across your chest. With eye contact. Lawwwd.
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    lol you see that's the thing, I know there's a possibility that you could get a manager who waves a magic wand and restores you to your former glory but there's every chance that isn't going to happen. I have been ribbing you for months because you're a part of a generation of Man Utd fans who've become accustomed to talking wicked recklessly, certain guys are 25-30 having never experienced anything but assured success yett felt qualified to tell everyone else how straight forward things are. One little taste of turmoil and we've really got to see what they're about. I don't know how things are going to pan out for you but more importantly for the first time in your lives, neither do you.
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    sauconys looks really well made and they have some nice colourways but theres just something about them i don't like very popular atm tho.
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    Pluto wasn't meh.
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    Something Fresh from the Uk Dope
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    LOL biggest myth in the world that about United not sacking coaches They got rid of like 5-6 guys in 10 years before Fergie. LOL just because they gave fergie a chance they had some "manchester united don't sack managers" mantra hanging over them Moyes had to go and they will get rid of the next guy just as quick if they are languishing at the bottom of the table like they are currently
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    my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe
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    Was never the right man for the job but you have to feel for him. Saw an opportunity to manage United, left Everton after 11 years and basically got handed a P45 by them after that 2-0 loss.
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    hope zaha comes back & does his thing now
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    Hard Kanyes verse though
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    http://youtu.be/omuNwJYELTM Oi sturridge is too funny best personality in the Premier League
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    I do individual trainibg heavy load on certain yutes that have crazy potential to speed up their development. Only if they arent injury prone tho And for fringe players to improve them and get them stats up. Lol players always complain tho and say they hate the training schedule but i dont give a shit Key players i keep on average cos i dont want them to risk injuries in training etc
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    Nah we need this guy Fucking nuts No more twitter for Ferdinand, no more food for Anderson and Rooney Zaha too scared to fuck his daughter Chica too scared to be offside etc Instead of etc
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    defo grim but man was tusky when that tusk kicks in - logic can go out the window / tywin's drops>>>>>>>>>>> EWWWWWW
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    been out all day and my batt dead faaaaaaaaaaaaak dont wanna get excited until its confirmed tho fellaini to west ham/stoke fuck off p nev and round and all them everton fuck boys bar chris woods been PRAYING for this day
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    wouldn't be right if anyone else dropped it.
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    Lol at getting Klopp, he doesn't even want Barcelona, why would he want a non-Champions League job.
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    You know bout Taza. Hyde Park is fine but going there on 4/20 when the feds know about it is pure stupidity. @Local you clearly couldn't comprehend the meaning of my post so until then kindly fuck off.
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    the way we keep the rave alive
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    Nah in this instance I gotta back Envy. You know Drama knew what he was doing from day 1 and aired him off, and then to make it worse for Envy he is blatantly bigger than Envy. I'm not comparing at all but there are DJ's I know, big f**king DJ's and I've passed them tracks etc and got palmed off and as soon as certain dons I knew blew they're banging off my line like say they didn't have the same said songs from 8 months ago. Even simple things as a bredrin you ask for gets longed off. Man's not asking to get put on, man's saying in an industry where you know people take the piss your so called donnys should show man respect and keep the line of communication open.
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    3 eski the little white battyclart brb building my conservatory out of GWOP.