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    Afroman has the worst taste on this forum mans always coming with the anti spills
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    LOL Who's got the one with Anderson dancing alongside my man?
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    Hi guys! Don Dave might be alive yet
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    I will always be grateful to Don Dave for the baptism of fire he gave a generation of Man Utd supporters
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    Mourinho moans whenever teams set out negatively against him, yet he always has his megamillion teams employing those same pussyhole tactics whenever they play anyone good in Europe, and everyone always sucks his d*ck over it and ITV selling this whole "underdog" angle all evening....fuck off
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    Looool that torres turn of pace Turns like a fridge
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    Cech dead? Pissed when your other keeper is on the other team Lmao.
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    Next time close your eyes and cross your fingers whilst you make a wish
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    on a positive note atleast we know the board and our fans would never allow us to be turned into a laughing stock like arsenal ... 10 years without a trophy ? no tanks
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    Lol bane is bare excited about a guy that 98% wont be Utd's next coach
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    Sums his appointment and our season tbh
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    Toney has no shame. Mans moving like Drake, pmsl.
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    There's ample room for her to pass you in the club but she still strokes both breast across your chest. With eye contact. Lawwwd.
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    I predict this. Our clipper baptism wont send us on a 24 year domestic drought.
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    What you mean? They've tried to play, hard when you're up against 3 DMs Atletico aren't a great team to watch, especially when the opposition are defensively organised and don't allow themselves to be rope a doped. I reckon this result is pretty dangerous for Chelsea as at the Bridge they're much more likely to play into Atletico's hands by taking the initiative.
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    The last world cup game >>>>> Ttkk
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    Something Fresh from the Uk Dope
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    afro i hear but these are royal shet mehn
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    Its how you work shortlists though You make a list in terms of ability/how much you want them Then you eliminate them until you get to the first one who ticks all the boxes. So starting with Guardiola is obvious as he's currently the best. Obviously, not available so you strikethrough
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    LOL biggest myth in the world that about United not sacking coaches They got rid of like 5-6 guys in 10 years before Fergie. LOL just because they gave fergie a chance they had some "manchester united don't sack managers" mantra hanging over them Moyes had to go and they will get rid of the next guy just as quick if they are languishing at the bottom of the table like they are currently
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    my nigga skrapz >>>
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    my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe my mumma aint raise no hoe
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    hope zaha comes back & does his thing now
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    Words can't explain my happiness **dribbles **
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    If you read The Special One, the book by Diego Torres, the Spanish journalist, serialised in The Times this month, you are liable to form the impression that José Mourinho is a delusional narcissist with paranoid tendencies. It is an impression that, to my mind, seems increasingly apposite as this most topsy-turvy of seasons continues. Chelsea supporters, many of them, still make excuses for him. They say that he is a tour de force; a character; they say that he adds to the rich tapestry of football. Such opinions may once have had merit; today, they seem like little more than special pleading for a man who consistently traduces referees, defames opponents and has yet to learn that most valuable of life lessons: how to lose with dignity. The charmless diatribe after the defeat by Sunderland on Saturday was conspicuous, not because it was unexpected, but because it was utterly par for the course. This is a man who caused the premature retirement of Anders Frisk, the Swedish referee, by making baseless allegations that he had invited an opposition coach into his private room at half-time; who jabbed his finger into the eye of Tito Vilanova, the Barcelona coach; who protested a decision so wildly during a Copa del Rey final that he was sent from the dugout, then stormed out of the stadium without collecting his runners-up medal from the King of Spain. Please don’t suppose that the sarcastic “congratulations” and veiled suggestion of some kind of conspiracy orchestrated against Chelsea by Mike Riley, general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited, was a clever attempt to deflect criticism from his players, or a genius-like ruse to influence the men in black during the run-in. It was nothing of the sort. This was Mourinho in the raw; a glimpse into the curious workings of a mind that has, over time, become detached from reality. Paranoia is, of course, a predictable consequence of vanity. Roman emperors saw plots everywhere, even as they erected monuments to their own invincibility. Mourinho, whose self-importance has long been finessed by an army of sycophants, could see a conspiracy in a bowl of cornflakes. Riley and Mike Dean, the referee on Saturday, are just the latest to be slandered by the Portuguese. When at Real Madrid, Mourinho publicly named four referees over whom Barcelona, the team to whom he had just lost, supposedly exercised “special power”. He also managed to hint at a wider plot by the entire football establishment. “If we score in Barcelona they will kill us again,” he said. “There is no chance for us. It is proven. They have to reach the final and they will.” It is almost beyond parody. Mourinho may have great qualities as a manager, as he likes to remind us whenever a microphone is put near his mouth, but this is a very different thing to having class. He may have led clubs to trophies, and strutted his stuff as a manager in four countries, but that does not mean that he is an admirable human being. To my mind, the late Sir Bobby Robson, who possessed far more grace and tact, is worth a dozen Mourinhos. The irony is that his increasingly erratic behaviour risks undermining his capacity to inspire his players. At Madrid, he lost the dressing room. In one bizarre incident, related by Torres, he was so concerned about leaks to the media that he managed to tarnish his entire squad, although by that stage half the players had concluded that he was out of control and not worth listening to. “He waited for the team in the dressing room before issuing a torrent of accusations,” Torres writes. “ ‘You’re traitors. I asked you not to speak with anyone about the team selection but you’ve betrayed me. It shows that you’re not on my side. You’re sons of bitches . . . You’re the most treacherous squad I’ve had in my life.’” Chelsea still have the opportunity to end this season on a high. They play Atlético Madrid away in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final tomorrow night. The most prestigious title in club football is not beyond them, despite an inconsistent season. Two years ago, they overcame Barcelona at the same stage in one of the most astonishing performances by an English team in recent memory. They went on to win the final with another dogged, odds-defying display against Bayern Munich. The problem for Mourinho is that, whatever happens in the last few games, his mystique is slowly evaporating. Most neutrals have become bored by the psychodrama. They do not see charm, just a man who can’t accept that losing is a part of life; who cannot see how cheap it looks when he consistently impugns the motives of the men in the middle. Even many Chelsea fans are starting to wonder if he is worth the candle. He started all those years ago as the Special One, with a glint in his eye and goodwill from most neutrals. He is ending this season as the Tiresome One. He is an illustrious manager, to be sure, but his reputation is being consumed by his own paranoia. He needs to grow up and, instead of blaming everyone else, front up too. / His comments about other managers earlier on in the season. pot kettle black springs to mind
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    http://youtu.be/omuNwJYELTM Oi sturridge is too funny best personality in the Premier League
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    been out all day and my batt dead faaaaaaaaaaaaak dont wanna get excited until its confirmed tho fellaini to west ham/stoke fuck off p nev and round and all them everton fuck boys bar chris woods been PRAYING for this day
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    Lol at getting Klopp, he doesn't even want Barcelona, why would he want a non-Champions League job.
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    You know bout Taza. Hyde Park is fine but going there on 4/20 when the feds know about it is pure stupidity. @Local you clearly couldn't comprehend the meaning of my post so until then kindly fuck off.
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    the way we keep the rave alive
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    The way I did the whatsapp surprised face. Excited to watch now.
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    Nah in this instance I gotta back Envy. You know Drama knew what he was doing from day 1 and aired him off, and then to make it worse for Envy he is blatantly bigger than Envy. I'm not comparing at all but there are DJ's I know, big f**king DJ's and I've passed them tracks etc and got palmed off and as soon as certain dons I knew blew they're banging off my line like say they didn't have the same said songs from 8 months ago. Even simple things as a bredrin you ask for gets longed off. Man's not asking to get put on, man's saying in an industry where you know people take the piss your so called donnys should show man respect and keep the line of communication open.
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    Yeah but dads Algerian grew up in a shanty.