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    Won't be a £3000 stake so there won't be too much squirming
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    Slags arguing about slag shit? *Takes leave*
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    100% Would eat the ass after a gym session.
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    Pancakes should only be waten with a squeeze of kemon and a sprinkle of sugar...anything else is euurgh
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    Won the title with 4 games to go as Man Utd played the earlier game and drew so it became mathematically impossible for them to catch up even though we play each other in the final game of the season... Which is where it gets interesting, I have then for the final round of epl fixtures, then in the fa cup final, then I have man utd again in the CL final Would be more confident if I was playing 3 different teams in securing a historic treble Have to commend my team on their performances this season especially after selling my first choice cb and dm. My youth have been a sick breath of fresh air, contributing to clean sheets, attacking football, goals and assists. Four of them began the season as squad members but I have around 8 under 21s in my first team squad now. Going to go through every players stats and progress over the summer. Release the ones who won't make it, I am not going to sign any first team players again this summer either which will make it 3 windows in a row without signing a first team player. The big teams will hopefully sign 3/4 of my key players now so I can give some of my ygs a starting 11 place. Will up pics tonight.
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    Man is making fluffy American pancakes and UK cakes aka crepes. American Pancakes roast out pancakes balls off man who wants soggy lemon and sugar when you can have maple syrup and bacon niggur?
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    an amber rose therad with no pics
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    What laptop to you have? Lenovo B50-30. http://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-B50-30-Notebook-Review.121910.0.html When did you buy it, maybe you should upgrade? / Gone cleaaar Will ruin this league.
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    It's not Abigail Max's line was to throw people off and it's clearly worked.
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    Veronica woke up ???? of joy
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    her skin just always seems to look dettol clean
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    Sixfold(s) To WinHide Details Bayern Munich @ 1.36Match BettingOpen Shakhtar Donetsk v Bayern Munich Bristol City @ 1.67Match BettingOpen Bristol City v Peterborough Draw @ 3.00Match BettingOpen Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea Doncaster @ 1.67Match BettingOpen Doncaster v Crewe Sheff Utd @ 1.80Match BettingOpen Notts County v Sheff Utd Draw @ 3.40Match BettingOpen Reading v Wigan Stake: £30.00Potential Returns: £2086.36
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    Explain to the potential employers that you're currently employed and get a morning slot, tell your current boss that you will be in a couple hours late for whatever reason
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    best body in the game
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    or geting wifed by rappers why anyone would want to wife a stripper is beyond me stripper= prostitute
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    What you guys giving up for lent?
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    Lemon & sugar forever
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    Here in the uk they'd be sacked for breaching health and safety, or sued for damaging her car. Lol this country can be a joke sometimes
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    even if you're rightit's one thing living in hope of goals, but it's another thing squirming in your seat soon as either team crosses the half way line Might as well not watch the match
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    mocumentary* n yh i could actually see that influencing a lot of people believe it or not the older generation aren't as savy as us lot (and that's saying something) there's a huge proportion of the country that relate to ukip's ideas but stay well away cos of the stigma which that's been created purely by the media, well before this show this was a whole new level
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    Yeah was watching her on top gear with my bro Will Smith Premium flake right there
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    Your interpretation of the stats is misguided.The stats you point to refer to single parent households only. You can't speak about the success rate of marriage as whole based on a unrepresentative sample.
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    7 points clear, 7 games to go Have Utd at home for my final game of the season Here is hoping it is wrapped up then Anybody who costs me points which leads to me not winning the title is getting sold this summer
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    :lol: that sounds awesome the ones I had didn't even have cameras on them. bought one in stratford and another off ebay last year. the plan was to master the flying and then cop a proper one. that's still the plan but haven't got round to it yet i'll defo advise you to do that first before spending any sort of money on one the second one i lost because it run out of battery in the sky and just lumped itself onto a pile or rubbish on the thames but yea once you can keep those cheap ones in the air for a good 5-10 mins doing what you want it to, you'll be ready to fly a proper one i gues
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    All this drama has stemmed from what Amber Rose said on the breakfast club about Tyga (25) dating Kylie (17) in defence of her new close friend Blac Chyna. Tyga will be on the breakfast club tomorrow..
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    Join in with the convo or fuuck off tbh Dub
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    no ig pics? even telling us what these sends are? not all of us follow these attention seeking bitches
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    Had to lock off. These times I'm just glad I have some decent football knowledge. All those people lapping this up thinking Rooney was MOTM and agreeing that he had to dive and that him standing 5 yards off side and moving out of the way of shot was brilliant play.
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    Roy Hodgson "He's taking evasive action, it's not a dive" Phil Neville "He had to get out the way or its a leg breaker" Life is crazy uno, absolutely mad. Hold right Kevin Kilbane freeing the realness
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    Evasie action a jskjsks them warzone manouvers there Colonel Rooney
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    Did Rooney just do some jesus shit to the sky Someone died or something?
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    This Doesn't matter imo, if not him it was gerrard/lampard Will just be someone else after him my spidey senses tell me Wilshere Lad - check Commited - check Showed extraordinary promise at a young age - check fitness problems - check playing well often results in the team playing bad - check
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    Phil Neville's got the demeanour of a nervous supply teacher
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    A preview of tonight's game: 3HUNNA receives the ball in the middle of the pitch Sends a long diagonal pass to the right flank This happens = We lose the ball Get it back later Repeat
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    You should of taught her English and got her better job than KFC
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    Yeah I'm only on ep 5 but show is def up there with the best shows... Co sign hundred eyes!!
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    Grimey Tai >>> Mister >>> RESPECT YOUR JAW
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    Should be a regular starter but we'd rather shoehorn 3HUNNA into the midfield, smh.
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