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    lens with a scenario about a lens
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    Finish pissing, wash hands, make thread, await replies, then chase him
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    lollllllllllllllllllll where wud hiphop be without drake? still doin laffy taffy and shit LMAO drake stans when dey get mad and have water in their eyes are the best
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    popular hip hop maybe i.e the mainstream stuff. I think he has like the most number 1 hip hop songs in the past 10 years or something, that is incredible but I disagree with him carrying hip hop in general. I believe there are much better talented hip hop artists in the game right now that are making much better quality music than Drake: Kendrick Lamar Kanye West Pusha T of course anything to do with art is subjective, but I feel hiphop(or I should say mainstream hip hop) in this day and age is incredibly mediocre. Biggest artists in the game right now: J Cole Drake Big f*cking Sean 2 Chainz I am sure I am missing a few. But look at that list I just mentioned...do any of these guys have songs in their catalogues that can touch the depth in quality similar to what the biggest artists where making 1999; DMX JAY Z Eminem OutKast Mos Def in my opinion, I don't think they come close. J Cole's album Forest Hill's Drive was considered one of the best hip hop albums of last year. I listened to it and if that is what is considered best of the year then the levels are extremely low. Big Sean's release that came out this year was trash. Forest Hills Drive was trash. Everything Drake has released post So Far Gone = mediocre and trash. I respect Drake, because I feel he brought something original to the game in 2009 with So Far Gone, but then again, that release was heavily inspired by Kanye's 808'S & Heartbreak. So how original was it? I love hip hop and I love music but I can't co sign mediocrity and unoriginality. Can you imagine Drake/J Cole/Big Sean/Tyga swinging with the heavyweights if they came out in 2005, 1994,1991,2000??? im f*cking possible.
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    Can't say I have a type. I've had relationships with all sorts of women. Putting 'types' aside. I'm more into personalities. She has to be attractive of course, But at this point in my life of more interest to me, Is she ride or die? Is she down to build for the future and is she not over materialistic for the wrong things i.e status and showing off, then she's got my interest. Problem for these modern chicks is social media has ruined too many of them. Now everything is about attention whoring to strangers for likes and internet 'fame' I weep for some of these guys coming up, the decent pickings are going to be thin. Can't even trust so called church chicks, sometimes the biggest ho's on road.
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    It's obvious most these rappers don't wrote their own bars you can tell by the variety of topics/flows and styles in their bars
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    You paid six figures for him from Gillingham
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    Ffs these man spent too much time on the football grind in their formative years.
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    Have a greater value to society? How did you quantify that then? By the amount of menial jobs they create for the rest of us?
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    On an internet forum really? Stop airing out your business
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    guessing its the resident vip2 brain dead narrow minded blax babatunde n afroman that negged this. king of rome is chatting shit. n its the same old diversionary tactics but u thick cunts cant even understand why exactly he is using diversionary tactics prolly got ur nice little professional jobs where u have some gr8 banter with steve, paul n jack. so now race is redudant n we can all move forward lol how r ur aff fam living tho.. whats ur home country like.. or r u gona bring them all here to live in in paradise why not come with a retort to what i said then. kmt
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    My black doesn't exist talk is not counter productive its elavated. Where does it get you to keep speakin in terms of coloue amd race. Race a concept only developed to justify "white" superiority. We need to elevate past black. Who are you actually? Does black mean anything? Not really its very shallow And being caribbean/american is not fucked or peak. We are the descendents of the survivors. Those who made it across the middle passage and through the torture and mental and physical abuse. Theres nothing fucked about who we are and adopting some relatively random african name isnt goin to help anyone - jus look at all these silly pan africanists. Im not sayin we should be happy to have british names but take any name you want. U see when people make up names an everyone laughs - why laugh? All names were made up at some point. Be who you want to be On top of that in the caribbean many of us are very mixed. I thought my grandma was just a "black" woman with african heritage. Come to find recently shes only 1/4 african/maroon. So theres no point goin an tryin to look back an go o yes my family name is mensah or whatever. We could be anyone We in the Caribbean have actually developed our own very rich culture and it is not to be dismissed simply because of how it came about
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    Or he tweeted a photoshopped tec on the dresser.
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    Haha / Imagine Twitter was about in 2001 and nas just tweeted @jay_z You Tae Bo Ho hshsgshsjysskd Redhdhduddhshssns Gaff Ffffff
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    What's neeky I'm baffed he is just being stupid with his woman
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    Man is riding hard for Aubery.
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    Lens I think I saw you about a month ago pushing a pram near holborn Was driving otherwise I would of stopped and said cool But I did shout out 'Aaron' to see if you would look round You had some hella dusty Air Force Pls confirm ifit was you or not
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    Pusha tried to tell us Tell Hova don't pass the crown so soon Unless he got a crown for every writer in the room There's too many spirits on these ghost-written tunes So you can't crown the heir until you seance the room PUSH A TON >>>
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    not to mention guy was like what, 18? when he recorded it in 1993/94. absolute greatness
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    Isn't the James Bond character just the name of the 007 agent?
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    keep james bond white create a completely new black uk agent character
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    Stop giving people reasons to judge you by telling everyone about your real life soap opera storyline. This thread would've died down if it wasn't for your regular updates.
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    There will be no need to stop and wash your hands then
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    Get it It's just not funny
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    Theres been a lot of strange questions on this forum but i think this one takes the biscuit
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    Trust after that Malcolm x pic
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    Can't pick and choose when to get into Afeni Shakur mode (highest respect to that lady by the way) Fuck Nicki.
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    no, we have to call this shit out. give a damn if it sounds 'pro black' or 'black twitter-ish' 'activism' or whatever can't let these daems get away with it and I detest nicki minaj's music... and that song... and that video
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    Lol breh is in for a big wake up call putting these black broads on that pedestal.
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    Should of smiled back Trap and then mouth the words "Soon" while you gave her the nod. Well next time when you come across something even better(always the way)
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    Have no idea what tapping the tank means
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    Richy >>> Tracklist 01. Portable - Deeper Love (Soul Capsule Ghetto Mix) 02. Scholz - Unknown 03. Huge Barrit - Lily Hole (Ethyl Remix) 04. DJ Q - Super Clique 05. DJebali - This Thing For Wil 06. David Glass and CDC - Jammin 07. Paul C and Paolo Martini - Atlantis 08. MANIK - Buffalo Trace 09. Burnski - Changes Dub 10. Innercity - Share My Life (Eats Rebeef) 11. Dubspeeka - Leaving Home 12. DJ T - Rave D Amour 13. Richy Ahmed - Star Wars 14. Sasha Funke - To Be 15. Huxley - Fatstax 16. Hauswerk & Doorly - Illusionist 17. German Brigante - Hey Whats Up (Richy Ahmed Remix) 18. Mario Cruz - Little Thing (Doorly Sunrise Reprise)
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    Not that bad but at Lovebox im talking to one Spanish hottie, she asked my name and then she called her bredrin over...some dusty black shitta all smiling in my grill comes over and she goes "Renay meet Renay" and then just walked off....I just walked off aswell
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    Wouldn't of even got out of my car.
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    The presenter never said he was black it was actually quite apt that he is of mixed heritage cos he didn't hide it an could look at the history from both sides. He actively looked up the white side of his family. This is helpful in engaging the majority audience which is white English. It is them who the database is aimed at all of us who have english surnames already kno we come from slave stock there are no surprises for us Once again this is why black doesn't exist he is half nigerian half English He also mentioned indentured servants and informed us about their lives briefly but that wasnt the focus of the program Its up to Irish people if they want to put their history out there. Why would an English man bother? same goes for africans an Caribbeans. I thought that teach black history in schools petition that keeps goin around is a load of bollox. Teach your children urself
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    This makes no sense, how can he set you up in the city centre? Doing what? What I'm taking from this is, he was out, you decided to make a scene in public or something and Feds got called in you got arrested, from what I recall of the story you were quite mouthy OK, I've been in and out of hospitals from 17-22, and I still have friends I was in with from 17 who still go back/are receiving treatment and let me tell you first of thats bullshit. Case in point, just last month a friend of my girls brother was dating some chick who was doing psycho shit (shed hit him in front of us, wed say wtf, she say she didn't do it, chased man with a knife in the road in front of her 2 kids, slapped his mum, they'd been together about 8 weeks) have her kids been taken? Is she in hospital? Nah cause on Saturday another chick had to call Feds on her cause she slapped her mum (she's broken up with that guy now) she's not in jail, she's not in hospital, pretty sure social services isn't even in her radar.Just 2 months ago I was helping a friend through a suicidal crisis, I had to ring his CPN (community psychiatric nurse), couldn't go A&E it was packed anyway and they'd just call his CPN, no beds at no hospital, best they could do is send a home treatment team in 2 days. The situation has been like this for a few years, unless you're absolutely batshit losing it, you're not gonna get called in to have a cup of tea and biscuits for 28 days while they evaluate. You did more than you're letting on 100% fair and Rix should let you see her. As long as you start fuckin acting like a mother not some 12 year old school girl spreading rumours online and tryna get "your side" out, and Rix bruh real talk think about how you want your daughter to see as an agreeable way to be treated by a man. I still remember the old thread, I've had arguments with my chick about this baby shit, she's swung and threw stuff a few times but never laid a hand on her, sometimes it took the power of Thor, but the point is to rise above this bullshit. Normalise argu!ents and violence and trash talking about each other when she grows up what characteristics you reckon shell choose in a person? These battles don't mean shit, the greater war is making sure your child gets through this mucky world, who cares if she shouts in your face, be the bigger man. All this is just "my dad has the PlayStation 7" talk, its irrelevant, the internet doesn't care about your money, you have nothing to prove, stop trying to prove Rix is terrible and you "deserve" the child and just focus on the child, if you spent this energy focusing on your situation, improving on whatever lost you custody you'd probably have shared custody by now, you'd have forgotten about the stupid fights and you'd probably be pregnant again by that guy who held your hand in hospital after Rix had backshotted you.You don't matter, Rix doesn't matter. You both need to put this bullshit aside and take care of the kid, even if that means his friend has to drop her off or you pick him up direct from school or go in a cab and just stay while she goes in. Anyways, I'm high as fuck and got abit mad there, but I'm not insulting you, I'm using that language to make you listen, you both can raise a wonderful child and that's the end goal, put your egos aside for the child, if you love her that is
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    Two mixed raced people having kids with each other is a madness!!!
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    nah mate can't be postin pics of kids
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    I thought about making this thread but then I realised that I don't actually want to know what people like about porn.