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    You paid six figures for him from Gillingham
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    Ffs these man spent too much time on the football grind in their formative years.
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    Have a greater value to society? How did you quantify that then? By the amount of menial jobs they create for the rest of us?
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    On an internet forum really? Stop airing out your business
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    guessing its the resident vip2 brain dead narrow minded blax babatunde n afroman that negged this. king of rome is chatting shit. n its the same old diversionary tactics but u thick cunts cant even understand why exactly he is using diversionary tactics prolly got ur nice little professional jobs where u have some gr8 banter with steve, paul n jack. so now race is redudant n we can all move forward lol how r ur aff fam living tho.. whats ur home country like.. or r u gona bring them all here to live in in paradise why not come with a retort to what i said then. kmt
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    My black doesn't exist talk is not counter productive its elavated. Where does it get you to keep speakin in terms of coloue amd race. Race a concept only developed to justify "white" superiority. We need to elevate past black. Who are you actually? Does black mean anything? Not really its very shallow And being caribbean/american is not fucked or peak. We are the descendents of the survivors. Those who made it across the middle passage and through the torture and mental and physical abuse. Theres nothing fucked about who we are and adopting some relatively random african name isnt goin to help anyone - jus look at all these silly pan africanists. Im not sayin we should be happy to have british names but take any name you want. U see when people make up names an everyone laughs - why laugh? All names were made up at some point. Be who you want to be On top of that in the caribbean many of us are very mixed. I thought my grandma was just a "black" woman with african heritage. Come to find recently shes only 1/4 african/maroon. So theres no point goin an tryin to look back an go o yes my family name is mensah or whatever. We could be anyone We in the Caribbean have actually developed our own very rich culture and it is not to be dismissed simply because of how it came about
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    Trust after that Malcolm x pic
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    Can't pick and choose when to get into Afeni Shakur mode (highest respect to that lady by the way) Fuck Nicki.
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    no, we have to call this shit out. give a damn if it sounds 'pro black' or 'black twitter-ish' 'activism' or whatever can't let these daems get away with it and I detest nicki minaj's music... and that song... and that video
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    Nicki has a very valid point.
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    humans with authentic vaginas
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    I wish someone would shoot these fucking gibbons
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    Have no idea what tapping the tank means
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    Should of broken the ice by telling her that her hair looks beautiful You would of got conversation out of her instead now your left with an image and a lot of questions
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    I really hate these faux activists
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    Grafter is light years ahead mentally Can see past it all and wants to better all of man kind not just a particular race
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    are u serious? come like u live in a dream world of idealsabout move past the race bitch these white folk ain't having it!!! doesn't matter if i move away from it and embrace self love as a "human" these demons remind me & put me in my place everywhere i go LolCarry on living your life through the perspective of someone else an see how far you get Emancipate yourself from mental slavery! Elevate yourself. White folk ain havin it u kno..."yes massa...im a nigger" think for yourself my G it all starts with how you view yourself. All the best all revolutionary thinkers were thought mad at the beginning Sad for you
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    Who do you expect to tell you about these things? Really? my upbringing was obviously different to a lot of people around me. I assumed people had a lot of the presumed basic knowledge i had. Before the internet there were books. Growin up my house was like a little library with a good section on African and caribbean history do that for your youts so they dnt have to be shocked when they get to your age
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    aff history same way tho if u think about it... we from african countries might not have western surnames, but alot of us have western forenames, culture, perspective for however many years etc etc / some of the shit im seein on twitter tho. white people guilt is on 1hunnid today after they watch this show yday lol so it should be
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    The presenter never said he was black it was actually quite apt that he is of mixed heritage cos he didn't hide it an could look at the history from both sides. He actively looked up the white side of his family. This is helpful in engaging the majority audience which is white English. It is them who the database is aimed at all of us who have english surnames already kno we come from slave stock there are no surprises for us Once again this is why black doesn't exist he is half nigerian half English He also mentioned indentured servants and informed us about their lives briefly but that wasnt the focus of the program Its up to Irish people if they want to put their history out there. Why would an English man bother? same goes for africans an Caribbeans. I thought that teach black history in schools petition that keeps goin around is a load of bollox. Teach your children urself
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    i would rather its a white guy on this forum using that as a troll account to spout bullshit than that to be a real adults real perspective
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    Two mixed raced people having kids with each other is a madness!!!
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