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    They just going through a rough patch in their relationship
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    AA man He's gonna have a breakdown
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    Please elaborate and explain why you believe Martial is better than Danny. Please include performances and prior seasons that lead you to this conclusion. Are you one of the guys on here that said Welbeck was better than Sturridge bk in the day?It ain't rocket science, all you have to do is watch a player to see his ability and shortcomings. Martial makes finishing look effortless, Welbeck makes finishing look hard. Welbeck's outstanding performance is still the Man Marking job he did on Alonso, for a 25 year old forward that is fucking embarrassing. Forget 50 goals as Anelka said, this guy hasn't hit double figures in the league yet lol Pretty sure Martial will do that in his 1st season here tbh.
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    It's a full body movement, that's the beauty of the exercise, doesn't matter if you're lagging in 1 area you need your body whole body to perform it.. Only thing I would say you need before attempting those lifts is to work on your flexibility for your form, if you're not flexible then your form will be bad and it's very hard to correct your form after you've got used to doing it badly.. There's where the importance of the warm up and stretching come in prior to your weight lifting 10 minutes on a cardio machine starting off steady and gradually getting more and more intense, followed by 5 minutes stretching in the areas you're about to work or just full body stretching.. Can google different stretches, stretch and hold for 7-10 seconds (not bounce)
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    There's a lot of deception in the industry because most fitness/body builders don't do the typical programmes they give out to people.. The standard is 3 sets of 10 with about 5/6 different exercises for that body part But moretime an experienced lifter will spend 7-10 sets on bench, a few sets on dumbell press and only use the cables etc as a post session stretch because it's the compound lifts that really break down the muscle and the reps are not typically 10, it's as many as you can get out of that weight without over doing it.. Faffing about with isolation and cables is more for either getting a pump or hitting muscles only the elite of the elite will ever see at 5-7% body fat There are a lot of studies which suggest you can form a fantastic physique with just the 3 main compound lifts (bench, deads and squats)
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    Tesco..... tin of mackeral. eat.
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    When a rich nigga want you And your nigga can't do nothing for ya These hoes ain't loyal These hoes ain't loyal
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    he's talking about the season after he'd done two loans the season we signed fucking Eto'o the season in which Mourinho took every opportunity to disrespect all three strikers - to the point they all became incredibly close and formed a lil support group to deal with the pain I hate thinking about that period, we had the chance to build something back then
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    Can't stand yungen Hopefully Krept and Konan jump in and someone ends them too
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    "New video footage released by police shows them searching properties in the Spanish town where they also reportedly found a body vest that had been allegedly filled with weights so an intended victim could be dumped in the sea."
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    Can't wait until chip spins him and Patrick outta their loafers
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    Started off well and then got boring and was propper reaching like when have wretch, skepta and chip ever been in a crew aint even in same lanes or generation.
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    Martial is going right to the very top.
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    Did crazy gas him or did he lick her out ?
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    Safe brodi320 is much appreciated aswell it's 320 iircYeah I was saying safe for that too. Couple bangers still Lock jaw The tune with chinx The tune with puff Stand outs for me
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    Ease back into it with a upper body day, legs day then rest day and repeat on a 3 day split focusing mainly on the compound lifts (bench press, shoulder press, deadlift/rack pulls etc).. When you feel solid in those lifts and want to start targeting each muscle group move into a 5 day split of Monday - back Tuesday - chest Wednesday - legs Thursday - shoulders Friday - arms Weekend - rest or a bit of cardio There is no best way IMO, it's all about which way you're most likely to stay committed to but that is a good way to start if you're stuck for ideas
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    yeah you know the animal?
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    You write better on the forum
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    Can't see much changing really either way, maybe less Eastern Europeans around.
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    the question should be worded more, how much would they have decreased in comparison i dont think there's any upward movement coming for the masses its about damage limitation really / do you?
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    Gnna vote out for the bants
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    He's got his foot on his neck ffs / at him mocking Tinie's mum
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    Lol at the assumptions on this page / To be fair to the guy aint much a regular 19 year old can do if a multi millionaire pro athlete tries to scoop up his girl in a private jet
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    His hold up play was something else today
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    Yeah, I always remembered Apocalypse was a big mic man.
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    Seen that fat don starring on storage wars
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    Creps are dead mate, let it go like frozen If you don't want peoples opinion, don't post.
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    It is funny tho how the arbitrary boundaries set by society mean a 27 year old who beats 15 year old is 'PAEDO SCUM' but a 40 yr old who whisk away young 18yr old ting (OBVS to beat) is seen as a sick guy
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    Ol Charlie Brown. taking snoopy for a walk drop
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    Future lyric appreciation thread?
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    Please for the love of God the world doesnt care about every twist and turn in your life You're not that important
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    Don't *bryson tiller voice *
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    Lukaku is not good enough for Chelsea
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    Well played lads. Gonna let this thread end on a high. Locked
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    the irish can get citizenship to fuckin usa those ungrateful pieces of shit wont even consider the english slash the rest of us scum1
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    We put out an under strength team and lost to a full strength Prem team, not a surprise and not sure Poch was that bothered
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    Does anyone know anywhere in London, which sells Jamaican seafood?
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