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    That Collymore video has me dying. Collymore: Russian fans throwing things. Russian fans throwing bottles. Collymore: Him. YES HIM! French Police: Collymore: JOURNALISTE!JOURNALISTE! Collymore: YOU WERE THROWING BOTTLES! Russian Fan: Noooo... Collymore: YES!!!
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    Ruskies are having the time of their lives. #VladsOnTour
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    Nah mate. This toney delivery aint for every one
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    The more I read/learn the more this has the hallmarks of a false flag.
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    The worst bit of the ep was the joke scene, the acting was horrible.
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    You'd rather Rupert Murdoch make key decisions yeah?
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    Alot of the decisions they make are positive for the general public tho, especially when it comes to privacy, human rights, food safety ect ect.... Can you trust a tory government to implement laws that are good for YOU rather than their own pockets or interests?
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    pretty much all their latest work has sounded weak
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    Don't think so. + As Snowden says in the vid Mass surveillance since 2001 has stopped ZERO attacks
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    my fav artists in recent years love the g funk sound
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    He played 5 times for City in his whole career. This place sometimes lol.
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    Guy still hyping this ting from 14 years ago
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    Feghouli to west ham done deal in before tb
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    The way they handled the black fish's death was a pisstake. "We've captured the black fish" "Bring him to me" "....He's dead" FFS Only thing saving the episode was the bars from the Hound and the Mountain ripping off that guys head.
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    If that's the end of the Many Face god storyline, the whole thing was pointless
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    this pic is nuts & funny as hell the 2 chairs in mid air don with asamoah shirt england flag in between ukrane's some fans just chilling so much randomness in one pic
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    and how people dont get it/ the plant secnorio ,for example the little "spin" of the paintings of him and a certain select of otherss might trick the newer to the grime scene fan , bending his history a bit looking for certification almost , like some one quoted here earlier the pirate era was unkownly the fiewall the time validataor as such , now people can come in sideways, funny thing is with all these presenters ala poet and the likes are on the pay role never here anyone from them wanting to interview him and ask these things , someone should give a hardtalk style interview to clear somethings up , has to but then i realize the presenters are arround his age /era so wont happen , needs to be someone from the older headz "all happy to kiss batty, but wont get into the reall chatty chatty "
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    Pmsl. Can'tstop.creasong at these videos. To think England fans where calling out ISIS a couple days ago, not knowing Vladimir and Dmitry had other plans
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    if this was in Germany none of this happens. French police are terrible at policing football
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    Unless you are rich or look slavic you have now reason to travel to 2018 unless you want to come home with broken bones and bruises. The Russian hooligans that are fighting are ufc fighters imagine the hooligans that couldn't make the trip and are still stuck in Russia
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    Gonna be long for the travelling aff supporters in 2018