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    That Collymore video has me dying. Collymore: Russian fans throwing things. Russian fans throwing bottles. Collymore: Him. YES HIM! French Police: Collymore: JOURNALISTE!JOURNALISTE! Collymore: YOU WERE THROWING BOTTLES! Russian Fan: Noooo... Collymore: YES!!!
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    Tottenham doing that thing United do with Ronaldo and Liverpool do with Suarez. It's cute.
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    So the appointment is on the 4th of July, she didn't take the one offered on the 3rd because she's going to see Beyonce. I'm SWEATING, a night of listening to the independent woman garbage that permeates every one of Beyonce's songs could make for a nasty last minute change of heart. Fuck this situation.
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    Wales @6 and Wales or draw @2.25... the fuck ? like GB11 and Welsh Zidane not gonna run riot
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    Ruskies are having the time of their lives. #VladsOnTour
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    Swansea vs Everton 3pm kickoff with nothing to play for
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    happy fathers day or sunday G, LOL this stress is the reason i dont bother with chicks since i split with my ex no ones gonna tell me theyre on the pill then accidentally fall pregnant when they didnt want to and try talk like its meant to be. and if they refuse the abortion they have 18 years of attention everywhere is just filled with immature entitled girls only interested in getting what they want and dont care who they step on, more drama more attention. fuck em all
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    Nah mate. This toney delivery aint for every one
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    I hope they reply "English please, we don't speak coon"
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    Kyle motm And that mug lahi wanted dusty clyne to start over him
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    The more I read/learn the more this has the hallmarks of a false flag.
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    The worst bit of the ep was the joke scene, the acting was horrible.
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    At least 10 people have been injured, and one man is in a critical condition, after clashes broke out between hundreds of Russian and English fans in Marseille, ahead of their teams' Euro 2016 opening game. The head of the All-Russian Fans' Union, Alexander Sprygin, told Reuters that English fans were "drinking a lot and behaving badly" prior to the outbreak of violence outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port area of the city. Conversely, multiple English supporters claimed that they were attacked by Russian fans, some of whom had posted pictures of England's St. George flags which had been won in the ‘battle’. Local television channel BFMTV claimed that in one clash, in a backstreet near the pub, 200 fans from one side, were confronted by 300 from the other. Eyewitnesses indicated that French youths, who had been involved in clashes with English fans in the same location during the previous two evenings joined the fray. Rival fans threw bottles and chairs at each other, as small groups of fans bull rushed and encircled their opponents during a series of disorganized melees. Social media has been flooded with photos of blood-covered and topless men, with shirts discarded or torn off. "It's not everybody but there are a lot of people involved,'' Gary Toal, an England supporter told Reuters. "It is a bit of a mob mentality and it's not nice to see so we are trying to keep away from all that and enjoy the football.'' Local news outlets reported at least ten casualties, with one England supporter in critical condition after suffering a suspected heart attack, following a violent encounter. Six people have been arrested and are expected to face a court hearing early next week. Police used tear gas and water cannon to put an end to the violence, with hours still to go until the start of the match. Some English fans accused the police of stoking tension by releasing tear gas canisters near fans, who were singing, but not initially violent. “There has been tear gas thrown by police and fans throwing bottles at the police. The England fans we spoke to said the police have overreacted, although some fans have admitted that other England fans were throwing bottles at police and provoking them,”said RT correspondent Eisa Ali. / English fans wernt ready for the Russians, 2 days of beefing french teenagers dont prepare you for soldiers on leave.
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    "200 of the gang" Some cartoon character
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    Smfh. Wilshere can actually create build and play all over the pitch, also stops Rooney from dictating with his dead passes and cross balls.
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    opium or pacha depends what day as well
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    Can just go to the strip and pick a club, loads of choices if there's not a special event somewhere else or you got no plans. I think everyone loves opium, tell them your from london and you get special treatment
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    pretty much all their latest work has sounded weak
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    my fav artists in recent years love the g funk sound
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    He played 5 times for City in his whole career. This place sometimes lol.
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    Guy still hyping this ting from 14 years ago
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    they building the thing around jennifer lawrence this film was dead
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    Feghouli to west ham done deal in before tb
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    how you know that not his phone shes holding
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    The way they handled the black fish's death was a pisstake. "We've captured the black fish" "Bring him to me" "....He's dead" FFS Only thing saving the episode was the bars from the Hound and the Mountain ripping off that guys head.
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    If that's the end of the Many Face god storyline, the whole thing was pointless
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    this pic is nuts & funny as hell the 2 chairs in mid air don with asamoah shirt england flag in between ukrane's some fans just chilling so much randomness in one pic
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    Russians are fucked lol
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    Pmsl. Can'tstop.creasong at these videos. To think England fans where calling out ISIS a couple days ago, not knowing Vladimir and Dmitry had other plans
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    if this was in Germany none of this happens. French police are terrible at policing football
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    Gonna be long for the travelling aff supporters in 2018
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    At nearly every incident, French have been reported to have ambushed football fans. There was an incident in Nice last night. Northern Ireland and Poland fans mixing well, and a load of French attacked them both. Surely France should be 'warned' also.
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    Lol been tryna work this out since he news broke.
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    That's what I said if you go back enough, it all links back to American music and a common ancestor but that doesn't make it an offshoot of hiphop though. If hiphop didn't happen you can argue grime would still be here in some form. lyrically it would not have evolved much from simple garage lyrics though. Difference between taking influence and being a direct offshoot. Trap, crunk, g-funk, hyphy, boom bap are direct sub genres of hiphop, grime may be similar but it arrived via a very different route.
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    Do I need to attend pub games to want British kids to do well? Do I need to be a Football scout to want British talent to come through? I guess with this logic you should go live in Europe whilst you have your freedom of movement and bum off their leagues instead. I support my local team, which just so happens to be Manchester United. Unlike you Londoners who support Liverpool etc. Secondly I used to attend Old Trafford FC Games to watch them play, a lot of them being mates or family members who were at one time at Uniteds Academy. Ravel went to my high school, Blackett went to my high school. My mates son is currently at United. I'm happy to 'hear' and 'see' people like that coming through. I don't need to be in the mix scouting Footballers to know Brits are good enough to kick a ball around.