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    Sorry for your loss man. 2016 I realised what's important and where I want my life to go. 2017 I need to start making solid moves to make that happen.
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    Truss Not her fault though. Black folk love giving out passes. They have been trying to dilute the panel for a minute.
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    one of the best tracks of the year.
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    How you coming with that kind of reply, you must have some severe personality disorder bruh / 2016 worst year of my life so far. One thing after another, 2017 will be much better
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    Most of Vip 2 listens to 67, Cbiz, what you on about lol.
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    Lol. Fuck me lads.
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    Oh them culture vultures. They love your culture and your black dick but they hate your mother and sisters.
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    Nope Would provide "competition" to Negredo
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    Them bullet club pimp Don's thatt came out with the Japanese hoes... The one in the bunny mask ? can't lie
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    yeh celebrating winning football games madting
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    If I were looking for sympathy I'd have posted that shit in the OP. 2016 was shit. My 2017 has already started amazing so I'm really not looking for sympathy.
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    Was these.two together. They work well
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    Nothing like a bit of british porn for the authenticity
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    LMAOOOOO pull the cheeks apart and sat down. the thought that went into the salt was amazing
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    what don crack and afghoon write is also hate crime. The Daily mail publishes hate crime and encourages hate crime in its comment section. The daily mail is probably illegal if someone was to look into it. The reason white supremacists view this isolated internet prank gone wrong as some vital proof to be rushed to the man in the high castle, is that they cannot distinguish between the acts of the other individual from the acts of the other as a whole. To them all black people planned this and this is what all black people do. If the crime is not white then it serves as confirmation bias. Before 9/11 this race supremacy, eugenics malarkey was viewed as one of the most pathetic mental illnesses a person could succumb to, and it truly is, but after only 15 years of psy ops it is a mainstream imperative. You are a libtard if you are not on stormfront reading some nostalgic pitchfork poetry at this time. The feverish supremacists who are mostly living exclusively on the state delude themselves into believing, as gambino does, that they are employed to do important political race work on the internet by the ghost of winston churchill, and are galvanised to their cause by items such as this, proof! Yet will completely avoid any items (case in point posted by vtec) that do not serve to reinforce the confirmation bias. I mean, if you look at the post above mine, time bomb has been adopted as official spokesman for non whites. But you wont see them setting up helplines to battle this illness, because unfortunately, it is a planned outcome.
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    Afternoon family. Been a minute. First session with Arsenal (U13 Development) tonight. We're out here working. Love.
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    @Gambino not nice is it? when sweeping generalisations are made... White supremacy/privelage/hegemony which is a reality of this world. Through the legacy of various leaders invasions under the banner of imperialism and colonialism Now flip it, for example this week the Asian guy shot dead up north by police, again you dont have to scatch the surface hard to see the seething hate and troubling comments from people who could be your next door neighbour spewing such venom and content of a nazi like tone Quote "Quite simple, good job done by the Police, no need for investigation or trial" Daily mail comments Not to mention the multiple profiled instanes of cop shootings during routine traffic stops. The general tone you easily see floating around is "he or she should have complied" or dig up some dirt on history and yeah it was deserved.. even though the stop was not in relation to the past. This is where the BLM movement started in protest out of genuine sentiment during Ferguson riots. What it's evolved too now and whos financing it and no leadership is way to dodge to hold any crediblilty as MSM and alt right/far right groups drag up for bait flaming as the new up coming terror group. (the Liberals... lol) the same far right groups also then blame a particular circle of jevvs power dynasty who control MSM/government/entertainment and federal banking institutions and also spit posion toward them.. (and they agree with hitler's agenda) which makes no sense, as last I checked those calling themselves jevvs identify as white caucasians too... (but thats another debate) Where was your outrage when a black disabled kid was reportedly racially abused and tortured and rape with coat hanger wire... didnt quite have the same effect of concern. did you see mass condemation of white people for the hate/race crimes of these two above? (no you condemn these two as individuals) and still don't condemn the bait racist well known and documented race hate groups who even have websites dedicated to there hate/fear of non white folk who openly support these actions. We know not all white people are not racist etc, But you wanna turn on the blinders to the obvious one that do exist.. what are you doing to fight that? other than blame liberals? and immigrants trying to escape what western countries have done to there land for the resources which they depend on? (to make america great.... Brexit... control sovereignty and European hegemony) I can go on. France next to join this wave. The fear is real.
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    Lol @ pressing play on that
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    Yeah it's probably not ideal when bulking, but when cutting or maintaining it's fine Got loads of fucking free time too. Only prepare food once a day and it's fresh and hot A mad thing (which I don't often get the benefit of on shift work) is the improved focus in the deepest part of your fast. We're conditioned by cereal companies that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Healthcare professionals will tell you this, you must eat breakfast, xxx research shows people who eat breakfast are healthier/fitter/less disease etc. I think it's a myth, after 3 days of IF I've neer felt so energised in the morning. I wake up around 8.30, don't eat until 2pm, have a coffee around 10-11 and I'm just supremely productive and focused. I used to believe all this shit and research, but look at Southeast Asians, some of the healthiest, clear skinned and leanest region in the world. Cup of tea for breakfast and rice for lunch and dinner. A little big of veg and a tiny bit of protein. Granted they're not building muscle but if that's cool for a billion people then why not in the west? It's just sugar companies trying to sell us Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes
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    anyone can get touched. me personally I dont really find it funny
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    LOL is that who I think it is coz the face is mangled and dangled. Can someone formally ID the body plz?
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    and if this nex hype character knows u irl, obv knows u use the forum this potentially means dem gyal could see what uve been sayin about them in l+l, dno if thats important to u my first thought was that it was one of the 3 that wasnt on doin the polygamy ting no more refuse to believe it cud be her, she did act weird but she wudnt do this to me. whoever it is either goes to or knows somone who goes to the same college as the girl. that photo can only be got from the college network, she has no facebook/profilepic/hi5. obv the person has a different account on here and has clocked who i am from my posts. i fully regret posting things about my life on here, i came across as arrogant, set myself up for a fall and opened myself up to hate and jealousy. I think i will llow posting in future and probably llow this place in general, its been aggravating me more than entertaining me recently. @ brisco it was bait that was ur angle tbh gemma r u from south? is gemma ur name? loool topic inspired some deeper self-reflection
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    again with the audience ting jastroll sighs / its bait ur a youngin and ur probz not even from ldn most likely somewhere like weymouth or suttin
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    natty i know u know im not a stupid f*cking prick and that gives me comfort safe sorry bro but due to your latest antics I can't confirm
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    lol goin like u wudnt get bullied in reals dont go on like your from ends you little usher wannabe faggot What? Lol. You twerp. Shut up. lol who da f*ck sez twerp? you little r kelly trapped in da closet wanker
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    lol goin on like u wudnt get bullied in reals dont go on like your real you little usher wannabe faggot
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    "I WILL find you and I WILL kill you..."
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    DNT STEAL MY PHRASES YOU f*ck*ng SHITCUNT WILL PUNCH YOU ALL OVER THE GAFF, YOU WILL BE SHITTING TEETH FELLA lol at your phrases. Tryna take credit for your dad's bars, panache isn't hereditary you pussyhole.
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    boyyyjim might get run up on stage by elmz coming for the pees wiv his old moany 4 5
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    Toothache = Swig EnJ.Also who remembers when TottyGuy was in love with Ceazy on RWD?
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    lol , what i miss again from page 40 - now?
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    notice hw this idiot does not take offence to comments made towards that slutty thing he calls his wifehe knws wat it is with that one
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    PrincessSarah..You coming here is like bringing raw meat to the lions den.
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    LOLup your minge, quick ting