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    My body is if no concern to you Hopefully ur body is of a standard which justifies ur behaviour
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    This guy and his dead sarcastic posts. Give it a rest
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    Stockholm has the best premium tings out, getting into clubs is difficult and knowing where to go and when is also.. id say its like London if you're from out of town..if you dont know what you're doing its a struggle but if you do then its better then all the rest... just do a little research... email for guest list and it should be calm, can clean up during the day too... we just landed and went for a stroll ended up in mood shopping mall and was turning heads left and right had man feeling like Just look look around the stureplan to go out and stay, went soldermalm one night after it was being hyped as the shoerditch of stockholm, regretted it just when jumping the metro and seeing all the tings get off at my station in stureplan...was still a decent night... slim pickings but zero competition as the men are soft lol Already mentioned sunday nights and opera reminds me of faces a decade ago ***1/2 Gotenberg is my fav city in sweden tho, come like those northern cities here with all the main bars/clubs on one main street the 'avenyn'.. best ethnic tings out too... was a bit dead during the day(or maybe cos i slept all day fucked from night before) and sunday night was basically a myth... but friday and saturday night popped off, there was some huge techno festival happening too so was a bit young for my liking (18-21) but it meant loads of those young white tings were not out. Was in one bar/club on friday night and it was just full of lebanese/arab/iranian/black/mix tings and was playing all type of ethnic music but mainly rap...1 second they playing some arabic banger and then they start dropping kind of surreal. Not rich like stockholm, so the yard and location was a deal maker when that info was dropped. Actually was sitting for a meal in Miss sophie grill before cl final dressed like i just come out of training and all these wag types start turning up 20-30 plus and clocked that it was actually the bar from the night before https://www.instagram.com/loungesgbg/?hl=en in the terrace of that club too you can see all the other terraces and try move to a diff club see which ones popping best.. would defo reach again, actually will reach again. **** Helsinki was the hardest out for me, I dont know if its cos the form I was in or I was missing for months before that but it was prime pickings for me... was hitting cr7/messi numbers for the weekend, mad that both the clubs i was gnna link have now both shutdown but yeah fri/sat/sun all popped off...just be straight up sell dreams collect your winnings and bounce... cant even remember what area i stayed but it was a metro ride and 1st metro was at like 5am... mcds was the spot to pick them off while everyone waited for the metro... type of chicks @Da Luv Doc likes all over the city...actually in the end was too much for me man was hiding from tings on a sunday night all trying to lose them like a tail in the club just cos of the ground work i put in on a friday night and sure ive shared my bedrins last minute goal story which was from here(i think) females have no shame here... biggest regret getting shared rooms cos yh ****1/4 Oslo after recommendations from @TF S4DK and @Goddaz was expensive as fuck but man they so friendly out there so friendly i like to talk and chase and thats exactly what i got out there man was on roof tops moving from 1 group to another these Scandinavians aint really used to it but they love the confidence (not arrogance tho) told @Michel Kane about my experience and hes been there a bunch of times since, 1 club in the "hood" in the loosest of terms but where all the ethnics are really...god knows if its still about but its probably the only time since uni where i was looking at prices of drinks even tho we in the poor immigrant area....still cleaned up and banged out a max burger after... sunday was another myth here **** My advice would be buy bottles from duty free, pre drink but dont get obviously drunk as then getting into clubs wont happen especially stockholm as they dont like drunks... flights are dirt cheap and so can accommodation be as well if booked in advance and researched, spent no more then 3 bills on flights/accom 3 nights any of them places prob avg of 2 bills and i never stayed anywhere dead. Hope that answers all your questions fella.
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    Flinched like Colours the giggs freestyle vid
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    Who on here jumped and left his link/date because of some roadmans?
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    did you chop in the end i chopped mine down for my most recent job was heartbreaking it is what it is shit has grown back tho them guys cant say nothing now
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    Best average rapper in the game
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    Harry kane is the best striker in the world Was watching both games Better than lukaku,lewan,aubameyang,suarez,costa,morata etc His runs and.first touch is only rivalled by suarez and benzema. Crossing and passing is up there too 250m player
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    This is why you shouldn't have links until you have your own place. This way when she is being silly, you are in your warm bed scrolling through your phone looking for different options instead of being outside in the cold.
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    He's perfect for this era tbh. No one does anything out of love or passion anymore, it's all attention and followers which is fair play - whatever puts money in your pocket I suppose. Just slyly feel for the youngers growing up on this cynical shit.
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    Can't lie I haven't found not one of these Youtube/Insta Comedy dons funny. Its all cringe to me.
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    That's what happens when the means of production and financial backing are not in your hands. Sloth is there to keep and eye on and regulate the culture, he probably sounds like an Eton boy behind closed doors. People chat shit about Westwood, but you can tell he had genuine passion for it. The way he pushed for Giggs to be let in the industry while he was getting blackballed was mad.
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    I predict he'll be the first transgender grime artist in a few years
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    its incredible they are the only ones yet they go around the world policing niggas who prob onbly want to create them as an act of defence
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    Voting labour to bring some fairness in today's society for the country.
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    Somebody ban Gambino for spouting nonsense consistently
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    Welbeck run continues easily England's finest black striker of all time
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    LOL @ hesky even getting a mention the guy was a dog shit footballer
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    Out of Darkness is a full length three-part documentary by director Amadeuz Christ (+), examining the untold history of African people, the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world, and the events that have contributed to the condition of African people today. Out of Darkness will explore the Nubian/Kushitic origins of Nile Valley Civilization, contact between Africa and the Americas since the times of antiquity, as well as the influence of the Moors in Europe leading to Europe's intellectual Renaissance. In addition, the film will analyze the history of modern day racism, the concept of white supremacy, the impact of Hip Hop as a social movement, and the idea of nationhood. The film will be broken into 3 parts (Acts 1, II, & III): Act 1 - African Civilization (History) Act II - European Colonization (Psychology/Post-Trauma) Act III - African World Revolution (Hip Hop & Nationhood) Out of Darkness is narrated by Prof. Kaba Kamene and co-stars Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claud Anderson, Tim Wise, Prof. James Small, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Anthony Browder, Sabir Bey, Atlantis Browder, and Taj Tarik Bey.
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    To form a government, which they did.... The Democratic Unionist Party, who secured more than £1bn in funding for Northern Ireland in return for supporting Theresa May’s government in a “confidence and supply” arrangement that compels it to prevent the government from falling but not to support it on every measure, are not closely aligned with the Conservatives on spending plans. Under the “confidence and supply” deal, the DUP agreed to back the Conservatives only on finance bills, Brexit legislation and protecting “national security”. It said the party’s support on other issues would be decided on a “case-by-case basis” – making the agreement much weaker than a formal coalition. DUP MP Ian Paisley Junior told the Guardian before the vote: “We made clear to her majesty’s government on issues like this we reserve the right to vote on the basis of our own manifesto. This doesn’t threaten the deal at all.”
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    People over 20 listen to skepta?
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    Galatasaray, Dortmund, Chelsea and now Cologne taken over your stadium in a few years yikes
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    Yeah cause no novelty song has ever been number 1 on Xmas. Like I said with the right campaign it could happen easily.